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Pages where to see American soccer or nfl live

As much the society as the technology is in constant advance and development. In the times of today we are always in a constant movement and things as to seat to see the TV to us they have been left of side. Or by certain responsibilities, being realising a trip or not to have direct access to a TV they can cause that we lose of our favorite programs or sport events, as they are the parties of the NFL.

🏉 What is the NFL?

The “National League Football” or “National league of American football” (NFL), is the greater professional league of american football in the most important United States and one of, but most important, worldwide. This was formed in 1920 and at the moment it consists of a group of 32 professional equipment that plays every year to find out who will obtain the trophy “Vince-Lombardi”.

🗓 Season of the sport

The regular season is an event of 17 weeks in which each team plays 6 parties and have 1 week of rest, followed of 5 the additional weeks of the “Play - offs” or eliminatory in that the 4 teams victorious, more 2 “wild cards” or invited, fight to arrive at the end, that is celebrated in the world-wide famous event that takes the name of “Super Bowl”.

This he is one of the most popular events around the world and is transmitted by several televising chains of sport. Nevertheless, not always we are at home or we have a television to be able to enjoy the parties in time.

🏉How to enjoy the season of NFL online?

The alternative for when we were outside reach of some TV or if we lost one of the parties and we wished to see them, is the services by Internet. These can be webpages or applications for our movable devices that allow to see the parties us in Spain, or live or recordings of the previous parties.

🎟 NFL Pass Game

Game pass NFL

This is the option number one for the great fanatics of the NFL. One is an official service of the live NFL, that is available for Europe, North America and some parts of Latin America, to enjoy the season.

3 types of packages offer themselves. First it is the “Season Extra”, that offers the 256 parties of the season plus those of play - offs and the Super Bowl, with a 124.99 price of USD. The second is the “Season Catch Up”, that offers all the 256 games of the regular season, with a cost of 104,99 USD. The last one is the “Follow Your Team”, that is a package with 20 parties of season and pre-season of a team of your election by 79.99 USD.

All the packages offer 24 hours continuous of transmission of the “NFL Network”, transmission of the live parties with the option to slow down and to back down the transmission; archives of parties previous until the year 2009 and access to “NFL Network Zone”. In addition, it counts on a movable version for Android devices and iOS, so that you do not lose the parties without mattering where you are.

🎟 NFL Sunday Ticket

One is a service of the chain of TV “DirecTV” in the United States and Latin America, “SKY Mexico” for Mexico and Central America and “DAZN” in Canada. This service offers the transmission of the parties of the season all the Sundays in direct. Account with 3 packages with different costs.

The first package is “NFL Sunday basic Ticket”, that offers the count of all the parties of the week by a cost of 293,94USD by season. The second is “NFL Sunday Ticket Max”, that adds the capacity to see online by Internet your computer or movable device to him, or Android or iOS through the application and the services “NFL Redzone” and “DirecTV Fantasy Zone” by 395,94USD by season. The last package is for the people who do not own a subscription to DirecTV, call “NFL Sunday Ticket To Go”, that adds 50USD to the basic price.

📌 Sunday Night All Football Access

This it is a service similar to that we discussed previously, but with the difference of which this it offers is the transmission of the parties of Sunday at night and, in addition, it does not require any extra payment, only needing tests that these subscribed to some service of satellite that includes channel “NBC”.

One is a service that gives televising chain North American “NBC”, in that transmits the parties through the webpage. It very offers live transmission of the parties in high resolution, 4 different angles and with the option to slow down and to back down the transmission.

This type of services also is offered by different companies from payment TV, a called example is of ESPN “WatchESPN”, that at night transmits the parties of Monday for which they are subscribed to the channel. He is possible to emphasize that this last this only available one in the United States.

📌 ESPN Play

The televising chain of sports also counts on an application for movable devices, are Android or iOS, that offers to us to enjoy online and in any place of all the programming of its channel, this includes the live transmission of sport events as the season of the NFL. The only thing that we needed to enjoy this app is to have contracted channel ESPN in our subscription of TV by cable.

📌 Sling

Sling is a webpage created in 2015. This consists of a service by subscription online of TV channels that can be used so much in the navigating Web in your computer, as in video game consoles, “smart TVs”, and movable devices through his app. It is important to emphasize that this it is not an illicit service as which we can find in Internet which they show recordings of TV channels, since this page has treatments with many channels.

Nevertheless, this service normally is only available for the United States and Puerto Rico, but there is a way to accede if we are in any other region. In order to enter we will require the use of a “VPN” and to own an account of “Paypal”. VPN is to mask our network and to cause that it seems that we are in the United States. The account in Paypal will be for the payment of the service, since if it is not controlled a American credit card we will be able to pay through gift cards.

The service of this page, to obtain the channels necessary to see the NFL, has a monthly cost of some 40USD, with which we will contract, in addition, a great amount of extra channels to be able to train to us enters parties and everything with the capacity to enjoy it in any place at any time and.


When one is to enjoy our favorite sport always we found a way to obtain it and, for this case, there is one long list of forms to obtain it, the important thing is to investigate and to discover which is the one that we like more and she adapts to our needs, thus to enjoy a comfortable and constant form of our great passion.