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All the people we have passions, for many it is to see sports battle as boxing or the “UFC”. For many of us there is nothing no better than to seat to us with something to drink and to eat to see a good fight. Nevertheless, there are occasions in which we were with certain impediments, as not counting on a near TV or not finding at home us, that they can cause that we lose ourselves of the event. It is by that today we bring options to you so that you can control to those misfortunes.

📌 What is the UFC?

The “Ultimate Fighting Championship” (UFC) or “Supreme Championship of Fight”, it is the company of “Martial Arts Mixed” greater of the world. It was created in 1990 by Art Davie, Rorion Gracie and Bob Meyrowitz with the purpose of to identify what is the more effective style of fight. Between the used disciplines they are the “Jiujitsu Brazilian”, “Muay Thai, “Judo”, “Boxing”, “Kick Boxing” “Karate”, “Sambo” and “Fight”. All the fights carry out in a platform closed octagonal.

Similar to boxing, the UFC has several categories dictated by the weight of the athletes, going from “weight straw”, 115 pounds, to “heavy weight”, 265 pounds. Also it is divided in 2 divisions, masculine and the feminine one, having both the same rules, with the only differences in the weight and clothes. This company is world-wide famous, since it consists with boxers of all the nationalities and their fights are seen by million of fans around the world.

📌 Events of the UFC

Unlike many sports there are no leagues here, each fighter is an own organization. The fights are chosen by means of the “ranking” of each boxer and by “matchmakers”, which reviews the performance of each boxer and determines that confrontations would be rightest and interesting.

These are extremely popular events, kneading a great amount of attention before, during and after the fights. An example of this is the great fight between “Connor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov”, that was event “UFC 229” and it carried out the 6 of October of 2018 in T-Mobile Sand in Paradise in Las Vegas, Nevada.

📺 How to enjoy the UFC online?

If we want to enjoy the events of the UFC, but we were in lack of a near TV, our exit is to see them by Internet. They exist a number of webpages and applications for our movable devices that allow to even see the live fights us or recordings of previous fights through Internet.

📲 UFC Fight Pass

UFC Fight Pass is a service by official subscription of company UFC. Here we can see all the events of live MMA and UFC, in addition to one long bookstore of around 16,000 fights and 24 hours continuous online. This service is available for almost all the countries of the world, including a Latin America and Europe.

Ufc online

The subscription of this service has a cost of 9.99USD per month, with the option of enjoying the events from any device, or one “smart TV”, a console of video games, a computer or a movable device, so that you can enjoy the service where it wants that you are.

📲 NBC Sports

The North American chain of television acquired the rights recently to transmit the events of the UFC, which means that we can use the services of NBC Sports to enjoy all the fights online and live. It does not demand to realise payments extra, the only thing that we needed for being able to use it is to have contracted channel NBC in our package of TV pays, reason why is a service available is almost all the countries of the world.

Also we must include that this service counts on an application for our movable devices, are already Android and iOS, to be able to enjoy the events of live UFC, although we are abroad.

📲 WatchESPN

This it is a service similar to that we mentioned previously. One is a platform of a television network, in this case is sport chain “ESPN”. This it offers cover to us of a great number of sport events as those of the UFC, giving the opportunity to see the live fights us and by Internet. This, like the previous one, requires that we have contracted to the channel of ESPN in our package of TV payment.

The service counts on an application for movable devices, as much Android as iOS, in the form of “ESPN Play”, through which we can enjoy the live events and enjoy a bookstore passed events, in addition to the sport news to maintain us to the day in the world of the sport.

📲 Sling TV

Sling TV is a created webpage in 2015 that in line offers a service by subscription of TV. This payment behaves as a service of TV, in which we contracted different television channels de as which they transmit the events of the UFC, with the difference of which Sling TV works through online, giving the option to enjoy these channels from the navigator of Internet or our movable devices his application for Android and iOS.

This service only is available for the United States.

The price of the package that contains the channels that transmit the fights is of some 40USD, but, although it can seem expensive, we must remember that we would be contracting other channels in addition to those, and so we will enjoy TV anywhere.

When one is to enjoy our passions we cannot leave nothing interposes and with this list we give the opportunity you to superpose you to a great amount of disadvantages and misfortunes. Nevertheless, we must always remember to do it and safely legal, to avoid to have problems later.