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Better pages to unload subtitles in Spanish

It finds a list of Webs here to unload subtitles for your archives of audio and video. It with no need translates films from any language to another one without effort. We have reunited the best pages to unload subtitles in the Internet.

In addition, we left some recommendations, characteristics and tips advanced for those fanatics of the cinema and content multimedia.

📌 As You can Unload Subtitles

The great variety of oriented gratuitous webpages to this activity, is quite easy to use, the majority when detecting the file will come to load the subtitles automatically.

You must consider that the success of this depends exclusively on the correct name that you assign to him to your archives of video.

📌 Importante: After unloading the subtitles

Once unloaded a file of subtitles, you must exactly call it the same to the file that contains the film or series. Also, both archives must remain in the same location.

Both steps are indispensable for the majority of the digital reproducers and consoles of video.

You can use the formats of video MKV, MP4 and ABI and the formats of subtitles VTT, SRT, SCC, SUV.

Finally when initiating or reproducing the video file, your reproducer must load the subtitles automatically.

📌 Steps To add Subtitles

  1. Previous steps to the unloading: You must suitably form the options of your equipment so that they are compatible, as the formats of reproduction and formats of exit.

To group your films or videos in the same folder would facilitate the process to you to unload the subtitles to him and is advisable that you keep the subtitles in the same folder

It correctly names the archives of video and those of the subtitles so that they synchronize and they have compatibility.

The unloading form chooses that you wish to use, or automatic or manual.

  1. To load your videos: You must go to the main menu of the page that you have chosen and add the file. in some cases you can use the drag technique. You must make sure that the video format admits subtitles. In case of being thus you will not have to turn the video before adding the subtitles.

The formats that admit more common videos are:

  • Basic formats: SubRip (.srt), SubViewer (.sbv or .sub), MPsub (.mpsub), LRC (.lrc), Videotron Lambda (.cap).
  • Advanced formats: SAMI (.smi or .sami), Real Tex (.rt), WebVTT (.vtt), TTML (.ttml), DFXP (.dfxp)
  • Formats of Scenarist transmission (.scc), EBU-STL (.stl), Caption Center (.tds), Inc. Captions (.cin), Cheetah (.asc), Cheetah (binary) (.cap), NCI (.cap)
  1. It adds the subtitles: After which the video has been loaded, you must give edition options him in the section of subtitles. It will begin to load the file of subtitles.

Soon you can modify the source, size, color, style, transparency.

You can give seen him previous to be safe of how they will appear the subtitles in your video.

  1. It selects the format: You must choose the exit format in which your video will reproduce
  2. It turns your video: Finally you must give him to turn to begin to load the subtitles in the video.

📌 Pages To unload Subtitles

An enormous variety of sites exists to unload subtitles, the ideal is that you locate the one that adjust to your preferences, that in their majority talk about to the resources available, security and flexibility.

Here there are some options that can interest to you:

🗣 Addic7ed

  • It is designed only for series.
  • Subtitles in English Spanish unload and.
  • It uses format STR.
  • It has finder to on and off locate the series and schedules by countries.
  • It does not require registry to unload
  • It owns an indicator in case the subtitles have an update or correction.

🗣 Subdivx

  • It has caracterìsticas of forum, where one comments on pelìculas and series, but includes the subtitles.
  • Account with 420 thousand registered users.
  • You can unload subtitles without registering itself, after to see the publicity, that an average of 10 seconds lasts.
  • You can visualize the country of origin of the translator.
  • The subtitles presented there come generally from another Web and in some cases they improve them.

🗣 Easy Subtitles

  • Its more innovating characteristic is than you do not have to look for the subtitles, uses the technique of drag the video and the page looks for the coincidences.
  • Since its finder works with the name of the file, the tìtulos must be known so that the Web recognizes them.
  • You can look for several subtitles at the same time.
  • Account with the Spanish, English and Portuguese language.
  • As negative aspect is that it does not work if the videos have been famous.

🗣 SubtitleSeeker

  • It works as a finder.
  • This Web is very practical to find little well-known subtitles of pelìculas.
  • It is characterized to look for the subtitles that you wish in other webpages since it combines more than 20 different sources.
  • It owns a very simple interface, with bar search, cloud of ready used terms more and of the looked for subtitles more.
  • It only allows to make the searches by titles, reason why the election of the language and its availability you only can see it in the file of the subtitles.
  • Are subtitles in English, Rumanian, Turkish, French and Spanish

🗣 TvSubs

  • It owns an interface very friendly and easy to use.
  • It does not present much amount of commercials.
  • More it is recommended for the unloading of subtitles in English, since it counts little on material in Spanish.
  • It is designed for series of television.
  • Its newness is that it counts on a filter to show the language that you are looking for.
  • Rapidity in its finder.
  • It gives the option so that you can raise your own subtitles
  • It allows to think on the quality of the subtitles or to make complaints by quality.

🗣 Google

  • Through his Google finder it allows to find the sites you to unload subtitles.
  • “Str” can be added to him as format to your file and she is in charge to locate all the Web.
  • You can filter the language that you wish.

🗣 SubsWiki

  • It is a species of compilation of subtitles of different Webs.
  • It owns own so-called as well and it is updated with regularity.
  • Designed for films and series.
  • You can look for by titles or catalogues
  • He indicates that type of Spanish is the subtitles, if of Spain or Latin America.
  • He owns indicator of advance of the unloadings.
  • He indicates the dates of modification of the subtitles, which facilitates to know if they were published recently.
  • He allows to share subtitles of the users.

🗣 OpenSubtitles

  • One of the best pages is considered to unload subtitles for films and series, by the great amount of subtitles on which it counts and the diversity of languages.
  • It allows to look for not only by titles, but also by sort, year, country or languages.
  • It allows several unloadings at the same time.
  • It sends notifications of coincidence of searches by email electronic of the user.
  • It is not necessary to register to you.
  • It does not present great amount of commercials.
  • It has the quality to show all the subtitles available for a same film.
  • It allows you to send commentaries or complaints as far as the quality or synchronization of the subtitles.
  • You can offer ideas or requests of films or series that are not in the page.
  • It offers more than 820 thousand subtitles for DivX films.
  • As negative aspect presents an interface friendly little and difficult to sail, apart from which it redirects you to a reproducer whenever DAS to unload to him.
  • The majority of their users comes from Brazil or India.

🗣 MovieSubtitles

  • It owns diversity of languages to unload.
  • Its finder allows you to leak by language, the last raised subtitles, the most unloaded and including you can do it by the popularity of the films.
  • The unloadings are gratuitous.
  • They own WinZip format.

🗣 Subscene

  • Opciòn for subtitles of films is excellent because she is extremely fast and it receives constant update of new material.
  • It owns a finder quite easy to use and a simple interface
  • It allows to raise your own subtitles or to describe the raised ones by other users.
  • Account with subtitles in Arab, Indonesian, Korean, English and Spanish language.

🗣 Subtitles

  • It asks for registry to load or to unload subtitles.
  • The subtitles estan not alphabetically ordered with numerical characters and.

🗣 Anysubs

  • Its interface is very ordinate.
  • Sample images in miniature of the lists of films.
  • As negative aspect has cannot be known the language available of the subtitle before giving click him.

🗣 SubtitleSource

  • It owns a platform nice and simple to use.
  • Its finder is quite friendly and it unfolds in a quite visible icon.
  • It allows to share own subtitles.

🗣 DivXSubtitles

  • It is a detailed good platform with information of the last raised subtitles.
  • They place the date of the publication of the subtitles so that you can see that so recent they are.

🗣 All4Divx

  • It provides connections to other pages of subtitles or it redirects according to the title of the film or series to you that you are looking for.
  • It does not own data base of subtitles

🗣 SubsMax

  • It exists more than 1 million subtitles in its data base.
  • You can filter the search by language and name.
  • It allows to raise own subtitles

🗣 ISubtitles

  • Count with more than 30 languages.
  • The subtitles are organized by sort of the film, date, language and location.

🗣 DownSub

  • It is a website that works as unloader of subtitles of third parties.
  • Connection URL of the video file is copied and begins the unloading.
  • It works with Viki, Kcon, YouTube, Viu and Vlive.

🗣 YiffySubtitles

  • It handles several languages as Persian, English, French and Spanish Arab.
  • It owns great amount of commercials
  • Account with web search engine of titles

📌 Reproductive Automatic

  • Are platforms integrated for the automatic unloading of subtitles.
  • You can use Average Player.Net,  BSPlayer,  Media Player Classic,VLCPlayer, PotPlayer  and to 5KPlayer.
  • They are available free and in version Pro.
  • Subtitles and coincidences by name within the reproducer can locate.
  • They have the capacity in accordance with to include and to synchronize the subtitles that reproduce the video.

📌 Tools To publish Subtitles

  • Factory of subtitles: It serves to publish subtitles, he is compatible with different formats and he is gratuitous.

It has an interface very easy to use and you can personalize it to your pleasure.

It can also turn text.

  • Jubler: It works with the subtitles based on the text. Ideal for the creation and conversion of new subtitles, also allows to correct the existing ones already.

Bond of orthographic correctors and is counted on reproducer to visualize the subtitles.

  • SubtitleCreator : Specialized in the creation of subtitles for DVD. It owns an interface very nice and easy to use.

Its newness is the publisher WYSIWYG, who counts on previous view of the videos.

    • OpenSubtitleEditor : Specialized in the edition of subtitles, tasks as eliminating, translating, to include and to synchronize subtitles. Also it allows to create new archives of subtitles
  • SubMagic: It is possible to be used for edition, conversion, translation and creation of new subtitles. It owns ample variety of compatible formats.
  • VisualSubSync: This publisher is ideal to realise corrections, to modify subtitles already existing and to transform content. Its basic characteristics is that it shows sound waves, very important tool at the time of combining subtitles with voices.


It only admits formats SRT, ASS and SSA.

  • Subtitulador of DivXLand means: It is designed for the creation of new subtitles. but it admits as well to publish and to turn subtitles already created.

Count with great amount of languages and admits formats WMV, ABI, MPG.

You can call several videos simultaneously, has previous views, edition and application to form texts.

📌 Tools To eliminate Subtitles


  • VirtualDub MSU Subtitle Remover: It is a software to extract the subtitles during the reproduction of videos guaranteeing as well that the quality of the video stays.
  • MKVExtractGUI-2: Account with line of commando, you can see the language, eliminate the subtitles by chapters and see the progress while it is eliminating the subtitles. It admits formats of WEBM and MKV.
  • iDealshare VideoGo: It has the capacity to admit variety of formats of audio video and. He is very friendly to turn archives or to publish films.
  • Podnapisi: You can use it for series or films, count on variety of languages and additionally you can use it as translator.

To unload subtitles for films, videos or series of television has become quite common, inclusively if the file is in your language you can want to put subtitles to understand better the dialogues to him.