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Better pages to unload series

The industry of the cinema and the television has improved so much, that every day the film fans and the addict ones to the series multiply, this by the interesting and surrounding plots, the so realistic scenes of action, the good special effects or the different types from comedy among others factors who do of each somewhat incredible production.

Here we exhibit the best pages to unload films and also to see series online without unloading.

He is better to unload series and films or to see them live?

Many people become this question, but the truth is that a concise answer cannot occur since every one has its preferences, nevertheless, is possible to stand out that seeing a live series allows you to save time, nevertheless, if Internet falls, will interrupt the transmission, which is annoying. On the other hand, to unload series clears time to you but it assures a whole benefit to you the chapter of the series or the film.

What sites are the best ones to unload or to see series online?

In Internet you can find sites where you can unload complete series in Spanish, some in fact are quite popular.

📌 Top 5 better sites to see series online or to unload series and films

3 📌 Clear that it is worth the trouble to contract a service of payment

📺 Netflix

It has the reputation of being a site where they receive a monthly instalment from 7,99€, nevertheless, netflix provides 30 days to you of test, the only thing that you must do is to register to you and you will be able to enjoy, once within Netflix you will have the possibility of unloading series and films. Its main advantage is that you will be able to see online or to unload series in Spanish and of great quality. Once surpassed the time of test of 30 days you are going to be able to form between the different packages that the platform has, is possible to emphasize that they allow the visualization in 4K.

📺 Amazon Prime

Working similarly to Netflix, Amazon Prime it is another great option, it allows that you can see films comfortably or that you can unload series of TV by 19,95€ to the year. It has a great variety and he is simple to use, separate all the content that you can find is available in quality HD and 4K.


Yes, the great televising chain has been united to the tendency to count on an application available for SmarTv, Computers, Tablets and Smartphones, arrange online its better series there, as Game of Thrones, among others. The best thing of everything is than you will be able to enjoy all the content in Spanish and the best possible quality. The price is quite competent since they are in the middle of a war by users with Netflix, its price is of 7.99 Euros.

📺 Movistar Play or Movistar+

In countries of South America as Colombia is called Movistar Play, although in Spain they changed the denomination to him by Movistar+.

Where I can unload complete series? That is the question that many become without only realizing of which already they have the solution, that has not used it. Movistar, as well as different companies from television, Internet and telephony, allow that with the acquisition of a service you have access to series of TV, even allow to see TV channels you that surely interest to you, everything by which surely payments as the Internet or the telephone. It allows the possibility of seeing from the PC, and SmartTv if you have them at home connected and you can take it where you want since they have apps to see it from Android, Iphone, Ipad and portable. To the hour to be able to put a price he is complicated here since you must be forming the package in function to your needs. For example the best cinema you can have it from 10€/mes.

📺 YouTube

We finalize this top with an application that many telephones and tablets even bring installed of factory, that in addition also is a well-known website practically by everybody, easy to use. Thus it is, YouTube has in its vast collection different series and films from free transmission, which do not break the law, separate account with different classic, everything totally free for you.

📌 Clear that it is worth the trouble to contract a service of payment

Since you will have been able to see, the best sites or applications than we mentioned, are those that give a month you of test. We recommended to prove the 30 days of gratuitous test that they allow to remove all the benefit you to the platform and as soon as you realise the hiring of which but he adjusts to your needs.