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Better anti-virus gratuitous

It is nature of the human being to want to be safe and protégé, or at home, at work by the economic aspect and in the social and familiar aspect, but in recent years a new preoccupation has been added, is the security in the technological scope, but Why? By the information that we kept in our devices.

For tranquillity of all, the advances in technology not only have been used to bring dangers, but also to resist these so that you can leave the preoccupations to a side, to that anti-virus we dedicated this article.

🤖 What is a anti-virus?

A anti-virus is a program that settles in computers, telephones and tablets to protect these devices of different computer science attacks that they can occur, which usually arrives by means of websites or unloadings. These dangers usually are virus, Trojans and others, of which a anti-virus protects your devices, something that money costs, although in this best case we will speak to you free of the anti-virus for PC and Android also.

🤖 Top 3 better anti-virus for PC free

So that you feel comfortable and you are either informed at the time of choosing a gratuitous anti-virus for your computer, we will give a top you 3, that is to say, we will mention different programs next to a brief description and emphasizing his showy qualities the more, thus you will be able to easily choose the more one that adapts to which you need or that maintains protégé to you of the virus.


☂ESET Mobile Security & Anti-virus

  • 3.2
  • ☂Avast Free Mobile Security
  • 3.3
  • ☂Malwarebytes: Anti-virus & Anti-Malware

☂Avast Free Anti-virus

Being pioneering in the field of the computer science security, Avast has consolidated as a reference and a symbol of confidence, something that makes be in the best podium of the anti-virus free for Windows 10, although also is available for Windows 7 and 8 in addition to Vista and XP, in the case of computers Mac, Avast Free Anti-virus are available also. This anti-virus counts on different characteristics that emphasize it, as the following:

  • It protects in real time your archives and documents.
  • Alert of post office that can have virus or any other danger.
  • It assures your navigation in websites and it warns in case of detecting a suspicious page to you.
  • It also detects a suspicious behavior in case of a program or site.
  • It scans all folders and devices that you connect of periodic form.
  • ☂AVG Anti-virus Free 2018

Another one of best the Anti-virus free than you can find he is this one, although this secondly in this one top, continues being a very reliable anti-virus, in fact, it obtained a good score in tests and turns out to be very effective against virus, Trojans, spyware, worms and all type of malware, thus managing to have complete functions to maintain your computer out of danger. Account with the following characteristics:

Account quickly of detection and elimination of virus.

  • It can scan the devices connected to the computer in search of threats.
  • It warns to you in case of sailing in an uncertain webpage.
  • It has a good Antiphishing function, that it serves to detect false connections that they rob your data.
  • It blocks all type of dangerous archives that arrive at your e-mail.
  • Account with a very useful function of crushing machine of archives.

Finally, it allows to optimize your computer of fast form. 

☂BitDefender Anti-virus free edition

better anti-virus 2018 android

Like others in this top, count on a payment version that is superior, nevertheless, in spite of being simple, this anti-virus does not have much to envy to him to others, of something it is in favor in this top of best the anti-virus free of this year. Since you do of knowing well, like the others that we mentioned, its flagranter quality is than you do not have to pay nor a Euro by him, even so, BitDefender he is very complete, it looks at his strength:

Its web search engine is the same that the one of the payment version, which causes that their effectiveness in the detection of virus is optimal.

  • It realises automatic searches of virus in your computer.
  • It provides all the basic security, that is to say, against all type of malware, virus, spyware and others.
  • It protects your computer of all those dangerous sites that suppose a threat for your equipment.
  • When unloading this Anti-virus, always you will count on the most recent version of the same, which always is an extra.


Top 3 better anti-virus for Android

  • As we shelp well in the beginning, the technology advances to exaggerated steps, therefore, it is necessary to stay on a par with respect to the protection, but this not only surrounds our computers, also to ours tablets and telephones. Luckily for you, in this best article also we will mention which are the anti-virus free for Android, so that your portable device also is out of danger.
  • ☂ESET Mobile Security & Anti-virus
  • Being one of the most prominent companies as far as security and computer science protection, ESET has worked a great reputation, however, from this company have not been limited to also develop anti-virus for computers only, for smartphones, doing it of the most modern form. It looks at his main characteristics:

It offers complete protection with respect to malware, virus, spyware and sites that are a threat for the device.

He is one of the first anti-virus for mobiles in being equipped with detection antiphishing, that is a method of impersonation of identity and robbery of data.

  • Account with one extended data base, which causes that it detects of almost immediate form the virus and malwares that enters your device, reducing the damages to the minimum.
  • It provides 30 days to you of Premium operation, after this term you continue counting on the anti-virus and its basic functions, which carry out as well as possible.
  • ☂Avast Free Mobile Security

In this best list to know which are the anti-virus free for your Smartphone it could not lack the anti-virus of Avast, that although have been in Play Store by a time, been has always updated against the most recent threats. It counts on different characteristics that do it equal of reliable which the one of your computer, looks at its characteristics here: