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As seeing Netflix in 2019 free

Update 22/12/2018

Netflix has become a “virtual electric home appliance” more of our life. As essential as to have toilet paper or food in the refrigerator, it is to have an account of own Netflix, in which to see the great amount of portfolio of series and films that it has available for his users.

The popularity of Netflix is made clearly notice in countless the social networks with tweets or mentions in instagram when they wear for the first time a new series or a film that promises that it is very going to be sounded. If, we spoke by openings of films, because the application not only has “American films” that arrive direct from the cinemas, but the Netflix producer creates series and films with the sonata mark “Original of Netflix”. This means that are productions created specifically for the application and will not see the light in another similar platform. For this reason, it is by that this service has gotten to be so popular in Internet to day of today.

End is not known him the popularity of Netflix, and is that this becoming “trending” in Internet at global level. The reasons by which this being so popular at world-wide level is due to the great amount of languages in which the platform works, and the good speed of translation which they take the chapters of each series.

Netflix is a payment platform, but you can free secure an account in test version.

As you know well, it is necessary to pay to enjoy the content online that offers the platform to us. Three possible plans exist:

  • Basic: The plan cheaper than offers the platform to us, also more cheap but it has enough limitations. If you are a lover of luxury of quality HD or if you have one novia/o addict to the series online, we did not recommend this plan to you.
    • Pros: Cheap, you can accede from any device.
    • The Contras: You only can do “login” from a device, nothing to connect to you simultaneously from another one. You cannot enjoy content in HD.
  • Standard: It is the plan that more contract people, since it allows to simultaneous screens and multi-login. The price is recommended, since by 9,99€ you have access to all the platform, and you can share the payment of this with an friend, and it will even leave to you economic.
    • Pros: You can accede simultaneously from 2 devices, enjoy quality HD.
    • The Contras: You do not have access to the highest quality (Extreme HD 4K).
  • Premium: It is the plan for most luxury-loving in quality HD. If really you are hooked to the world of the films and series we recommended this option to you, that by a little (2€ extra) adds enough new characteristics more to you.
    • Pros: Up to 4 simultaneous devices, and you will enjoy Extreme quality HD 4k (higher quality in the Earth face does not exist).
    • The Contras: All friendly will request the key to you of your account.

accounts netflix

Gratuitous option: Netflix Free during 30 days in version tries.

If you are of ours, from which they want to obtain the account of Netflix if or if, you can resort to this one option:

  1. To accede to the platforms to enjoy their gratuitous days, as much Wuaki as HBO, allows that their series are seen enjoying a gratuitous month. Reason why you must have an account of e-mail or of Gmail, Hotmail, that does not matter and that has not been registered previously in Netflix. You haven't understood it absolutely well? Bond, I will explain it in detail to you but.
    1. You create an account of Netflix with your email and your method of payment and enjoy the gratuitous month.
    2. Between the payment methods we can select between paypal and banking card.
    3. Thus you will have an account of Netflix free to enjoy during 30 days.