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You do not allow to rob your WiFi or to decipher password 2019

In world of today, Internet is part essential of our lives, because all our devices are connected to the same and many of the things that we do, as reviewing the news or to conduct banking operations, they also are through Internet. Reason why much of our information is in the networks.

In its majority, the form in which we connected ourselves to Internet is through our movable devices thanks to networks wifi. These networks can be vulnerable and, although we behind protect them with a password, we run the risk of which somebody can accede to our signal of wifi without our consent. It is by that we will give some recommendations you to avoid that happens.

📌What is a network wifi?

Before initiating with the subject, it is necessary to know and so we are trying, thus to understand better than we will speak.

It is possible to be defined to wifi as a system with radio waveses that allow to connect and to interlace of wireless form to the electronicses that are sensible and able to issue these types of waves.

This network is transmitted by called devices “routers”, or routers, which serve as joining points, or “hot spots” that emit the waves of the network wifi, allowing different devices, as computers, mobile phones or televisions, connecting itself to this. The signal can be expanded with the use of other joining points or with placed repeaters to distant distances of the main one with the purpose of to fortify the signal.

The network wifi can be used as a transmission medium of data between two devices to interchange information or to connect one several devices with others, to control them of remote form as in the case of a radio network, of which we can control the volume and transmit the waves of sound through wifi.

The radio waveses of wifi can be caught by several types of devices, but they also can be studied and be read, allowing to extract information that is being transmitted through these.

📌Which are the risks of which they rob your wifi?

In order to begin, we must understand what is the problem that this brings to us and why we want to avoid it. First of all, we must indicate that this is an illegal practice, for that reason takes the name of “robbery”, and in many places it is suffered by the law, because it consists in acceding and using without permission another people's service by which one is not being pleased.

Secondly, this can harm to us of several ways following which the thief, or hacker, is looking for. With this we talked about to that in best of the cases the person it only looks for to connect itself free to Internet, which would cause that the speed of our connection is slower because there is somebody more using it.

The worse one of the cases is somebody that it investigates and it looks for to us to harm to us and when entering to ours wifi this person can accede to all the information which we transmitted through Internet, being able to know the pages that we frequented or to even obtain our accounts of social networks and the information of our bank accounts.

Another risk can be presented yes we own other connected devices to Internet, as cameras, televisions or tablets, because they could be controlled remotely by that has managed to obtain access to our network wifi.

📌How do the hackers obtain access to ours wifi?

Several forms exist to obtain the passwords of wifi of a person and that depends on, partly on which method that this chooses to protect its network wifi. For reasons of security, we will not deepen of detailed form in these methods, but we will speak superficially on them with the aim of informing.

🔐 Trial-and-error method

Usually it is the first a to be applied, is the one to try with introducing some of the common passwords, that they are used by many people with the purpose of to be able to remember them or with so obvious a devises of which “to the being” nobody would guess them. Also usually they try with dates of birthday, names of mascots and that type de dato if they are already known.

🔐 the use of programs

Another form is to use one of several applications and programs that provide the passwords of factory of certain routers to try to introduce them. Even there are some they evaluate the networks available in the neighborhoods and detect as they are protected by the factory password.

Also there are many programs that are able to rob the present passwords of several types of routers and to show them the user of the program, giving them the key of our connection of Internet.

🔐 To traverse of virus in the computer

Finally, many hackers can send messages or post office in the form of connections to webpages, false certificates of prizes, images or archives of audio, infected with virus that, to the being unloaded or opened, allows them to directly inspect the data of our network, as the password of this, giving total access to our information

📌How to know if somebody already wifi is robbing us?

The possibility that exists somebody or has collected the data of our network and or wifi is robbing ours.

🔐 Verificar the speed of connection

A form that we must to give account to us of this is verifying the speeds of ascent and slope of our Internet, because if there is somebody more using there will be it more congestion and the speeds will be smaller of the habitual thing.

These measurements we can realise them with several applications, or through finder or unloading an application. We can recommend the application “Speedtest”, by Ookla, that is available as much for ordeandores as for movable devices.

🔐 Revisar the consumption

If we own plan of type “post-payment”, in that we phelp according to the amount of data that we have used, we can verify if there has been some rise in the consumption of data of which we did not create to be the people in charge. Also we can review those of the invoice to see if there are some page or pages that we have not visited.

🔐 Chequear the list of connected devices

Another form to know if there is somebody using our network without our consent is through the list of connected devices. Pair to accede to this list we must go to the page of configuration of our router, what is accessible through a code, which varies according to the brand of our equipment, that must be entered the bar search of our seeking Web.

When entering the page we will see all the data of our router and the connection of the Internet, including all the devices, as mobiles, portable consoles or, that are bound to our network, in that we will review if some that we do not recognize.

📌What we can make to avoid that they hackeen ours wifi?

Basing us on the methods that we discussed previously that the users must to obtain access to our network wifi, we can take certain measures so that these are not effective or to avoid that they continue having effect.

🔐 Cambiar the factory passwords

First it is to change the factory key with which our equipment comes to router. Perhaps this seems to us as something unnecessary puttings passwords are quite good, but since already we have seen, they are not very difficult to decipher because they are not unique and is ye in different data bases.

🔐 Elegir the correct type of password

The second a to take into account, is to choose the correct type of security our to router. When placing a key, we can choose between two types, WPA and WPA2. We always must choose the second option, because they are systems very difficult to decipher comparing them with the first option, apart from which it is better at the time of administering the signal.

🔐 Elegir a strong password

The following advice, who is plus a requirement, is the one to devise a good password. We must avoid to use simple passwords or common, as “password” or “1234567890”, because these are first in being proven and they do not present difficulties at the time of being deciphered. Also we must abstain to place names, dates of birthday or similars, because these can also be found out easily.

A good password, or a strong password, is one that includes a minimum of 8 characters, which must of being a combination of uppercase letters and to small letters, numbers and symbols, since the programs that decipher the passwords have great problems to detect these landlords.

🔐 Ignorar unknown or suspicious messages

As or we mentioned, common tactics are to send post office or messages with virus to enter to our information of which always we must be in favor kind than we opened. If they send to us some connection to a strange page or sends messages to us that read “beats here to demand their prize”, must think it very well before doing what they indicate to us, because these can be contaminated.

The best form to act before these messages is ignoring them, because the simple act to open them can put in danger the integrity of our security.

🔐 Utilizar a VPN when sailing

It is possible that somebody already has obtained the password to our network wifi without us to give account us, reason why to use a VPN is a good idea. VPN (Virtual Private Network), or “virtual private network”, they are virtual private networks, that they disguise our direction IP, or the direction of your Internet, and avoid that somebody can know that pages we visited or the data that we sent through these.

This practice we applied it with the purpose of to protect our personal information, which could be the objective of the person who is robbing ours wifi.

Some VPNs that we can recommend is the “Hot Shield Spot” for your PC and “Bear Tunnel” for your cell phone. These programs count on a system on watch payment, but they also own a version free that imposes a daily limit of Megabyte available.

🔐 Cambiar regularly our password

A practice that can sound a little tedious is to change constantly our password, because that would mean to have to remember totally new and having to change it in all the devices that we have connected to the network.

Nevertheless, this can be very useful, because if somebody is trying to obtain our password would lose its progress, and if it had already been able to decipher it will lose it the access that had obtained and will have to again try to obtain our password.

📌 final Recommendations

This it is a subject of extreme importance with the type of lives that we took in the world of nowadays, being this digital space. Although we know that our personal data transmission through Internet and networks is almost impossible moving away wifi, is recommendable to follow our advice to use a VPN servant, to be able to protect our data of interest.

Also we must be kind of a who we give our password and, we wrote down it in some place to remember it, that is not to total view for whatever it can happen. The best thing is, if it has guests, to introduce the one same password in the devices of these without pronouncing it aloud and avoiding as far as possible writing down this type of information

Finally, we can add that robbing wifi is an illicit practice that does not have to be carried out and, if we got to be victims of this one, the best thing than we can do is to change to all the data of our network wifi, as much the password as its name, to try to confuse and to make difficult the activity of the hackers.

We hope that this small informative article can serve to them as help and it has given sufficient instruction them in case they are crossing this problem.