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You do not let spy on conversations in WhatsApp easily

The human beings we are a species that is based on the communication, in being in touch constant with which they surround to us and with that is far. One of the best forms than we were able to obtain this is through the application of mail by called Internet “WhatsApp”. The unloading can be done free of WhatsApp in your mobile phone, or from iOS or Android.

Nevertheless, as it happens to other mass media, this application can be victim of spies whom they look for to know that we spoke and with who we do it. It is why next we will give some tips you so that this does not happen.

For which reasons spy on your WhatApp?

In order to begin, we will speak a little on so that somebody wanted to look around in another people's WhatsApp, because every one can have a “justification” to do it.

First we can speak on “the worried parents” that they look for in the messages of his children to verify that they are not being related to bad meetings or that are making things that they do not approve. In a similar note, are the “jealous pairs”, which have suspicions that his unfaithful grooms, brides, spouses or spouses they are siéndoles and they look for in his messages to know if is certain.

A case to part, we are the one of which look for to obtain data exceeds. These cases can be detrimental and they do not take any “good intention” related them.

It is possible to emphasize that when saying this we are not justifying nor defending this type of violation to the privacy, we only mentioned some reasons of so that they happen.

How somebody spy your WhatsApp?

The following thing is to explain as is that somebody can obtain this, thus to think as we can avoid it. In addition, we must to stress that this is invasion to privacy other people's and therefore is illegal, so we will not make much emphasis in the methods that we will mention then only we looked for to inform, not teach to others to do it.

Taking our device

The form simpler than somebody must to spy on our WhatsApp is taking our cell phone when we are not kind and reading our conversations directly from the same.

Through WhatsApp Web

A way to spy on the WhatsApp of somebody is through “WhatsApp Web”, which is an extension of the application that serves to review the content of WhatsApp online through navigator of your computer. Nevertheless, if you want it to use to spy on the WhatsApp of somebody, this requires that you have direct bonding with the mobile of the person.

Robbing our account

This is method that it requires that spy has direct access with our cellular, because needs to observe or to listen to the confirmation code that WhatsApp sends by message or call when initiating session with our phone number, to be able to introduce it in its own WhatsApp.

With the use of a Keylogger

This is a form “to hackear” our WhatsApp. Application consists of to install Keylogger in our device, which will make a registry of all the messages that they send to you and you receive through his WhatsApp, reason why is necessary to very consider updated always having the anti-virus.

Through applications

Also there is a great amount of applications, available as much in computers as in cell phones, designed specifically to spy on WhatsApp online, reason why our conversations and calls without needing having our movable device allow the hackers spying avoiding so we know them.

How to know if they are spying on your WhatsApp?

If there is somebody already is spying on our WhatsApp and we suspected it is something we can make to verify it. If we have activated the function of extreme coding to end, that is the function of own security of WhatsApp, we can use it to monitor if the coding of the messages is being realised correctly, we only must enter to “Adjustments”, soon to “Account”, “Security” and finally “To show notifications of security”.

Also, if less useful methods were used, as the one to rob our account, we can notice it if of a little while to another our session in WhatsApp it were closed. Finally, if somebody spies on through WhatsApp Web we can know it if, of a little while to another one, the notifications of messages they stop arriving at our mobile, because it means that somebody already is reviewing them from the computer.

How not to leave they spy on your WhatsApp?

If we suspected that somebody looks for to spy on our WhatsApp, or simply by pure precaution, there are several measures that we can take to avoid that they do it.

To avoid to give your mobile to others

Since or we have seen, many of the methods that the hackers use to spy on our WhatsApp require that they have direct access to our device, reason why good she devises avoiding to give it to other people or to avoid that they take it without our permission.

To use passwords

If it happens that somebody already has taken possession from our mobile phone, protecting as much the same as the application of WhatsApp with the use of a password is one of the best defenses than we can take.

To avoid nets them wifi free

Also we saw that there are methods that can accede to our cellular one if we are connected to the same network wifi that the hacker that tries to spy to us, reason why is recommendable maintaining to us outside networks wifi that they are not protected.

Taken care of with the malicious connections or archives

If we received a connection to a page that we do not know or a file that we do not recognize or we solicitd, is better than we prepare ourselves to open them or to unload them, because they could be malicious forms to install software in our device to spy on our WhatsApp or any other information.

To obtain a anti-virus

A good option of defense is the one to unload a anti-virus in our cellular one, because this it can scan our device by suspicious programs and inclusively to avoid that the same are installed without we realize.

To activate the extreme coding to end

As we already commented previously, this is the own option of security that owns WhatsApp. After to unload WhatsApp, we activated it this function, will base all the archives, messages and calls that we realised and we received, protecting them and avoiding that these can be intercepted.

To avoid to try to spy on another WhatsApps

Ironically, many of the applications or methods that are able in Internet to spy on the WhatsApp of somebody more, can end up installing software malicious in our device that ends up extracting the information of our own WhatsApp.

The reason of so that one has become the best form than we must to communicate to us very instantaneously with the people through Internet, is because we can realise the unloading of WhatsApp free. By this means it is where we shared personal information and we interacted with our loved ones without needing paying to do it, and is for that reason for which we must protect it at all costs.