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Legal warning

Legal warning and policies of privacy.

The present LEGAL WARNING has as an aim to inform of the user the conditions for the use of the website and all the pages that conform it, including its profiles in social networks.


The present website,, are ownership of Indar Talentu, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY with C.I.F: B-72355662, with Head office in Avenue Blas Infante 2, 11201 – Algeciras (Spain).

The website puts at the disposal of the user the following channels of contact to exercise the rights that attend to him or for any consultation. These channels of contact are:

Direction of postal contact: Avenue Blas Infante 2 Entreplanta I1, 11201 – Algeciras (Spain).

Email address: [email protected]

Indar Talentu, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY is holder of a file of PRIVATE OWNERSHIP denominated “INDAR FILE”, that is enrolled in the SPANISH AGENCY OF PROTECTION OF DATA according to right. It can at any time consult it by means of the Web of the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data.


In the present section of the technical and legal aspects inquires to the user of the website into the data processing contributed by means of any means, in the present website.


In accordance with article 5 of Statutory law 15/1999 of 13 of December of Protection of personal character data, one inquires to him into which their data will be including in a file of data processing of deprived ownership of which it is responsible Indar Talentu, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY.

The purpose of this file is:

  1. To be able to present information to the users who in touch put with the website
  2. Creation of own campaigns of information to our users by means of e-mail or newsletters with informative content.
  3. Creation of own advertising campaigns and third parties associated to


When the user registers in the website, of automatic way, our system sends an email confirming to the user the discharge in the platform.

Once confirmed the user account, the website generates, of automatic way, notifications on the state of the account of the user. For it we used the system “Acumbamail”, in addition to own resources. Here it can verify the conditions of these services:


. - sends commercial communications or newsletters to the users who conform their data base by means of the systems “Acumbamail”, in addition to own resources. Here it can verify the conditions of these services:

. -

In any case if it has received the email by error we requested to him is put in touch with our support by means of the e-mail: [email protected] will obtain permission of the user by means of the program of shipment of e-mail that considers opportune by means of a denominated e-mail “SUBSCRIPTION TO OUR DATA BASE”.

In any case the user has the option of desuscribir itself of any notification received by means of e-mail., in the scope of its campaigns of e-mail marketing, will facilitate to the user the option DESUSCRIBIRSE in each one of the shipments that realises.

If by any circumstance, the user could not do it by means of this option, will be able to put himself in touch, by means of anyone of means specified in point 1 of the present LEGAL WARNING, to drop from rolls his data. is committed to conduct this battle in the smaller possible time. is highly sensitized with the fight anti Spam and PHISHING. In case you are receiving commercial shipments of the platform or that she receives constants requests for changes of nonauthorized account, we requested immediately communicates it by means of our email address: [email protected]

2.1.2 – Specifications with respect to the contact form. puts at the disposal of its users a form of contact in the URL

This form of contact intends to take care of the requests of information of the users. The only purpose of these data is to be able to manage of an efficient way its request of information.

In no case the use of this form of contact supposes the subscription to news bulletins or campaigns of e-mail marketing. will obtain express consent of the user to realise these campaigns by means of the opportune mail of subscription in every moment.



Their personal character data, in no case, will be yielded to used third parties nor with another purpose that specified in the present LEGAL AND POLITICAL WARNING OF PRIVACY without its consent and advance warning.


The user of the website, can exert his rights of ACCESS, RECTIFICATION, CANCELLATION AND OPPOSITION, going in writing to the email address: [email protected]

Indar Talentu, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY is committed to manage rights “A.R.C.O” as soon as possible and to maintain informed the user at any moment into the state of its request.


The website, counts on social profiles in the following social networks: Twitter. The holder of this social network is

The holder of the Web commits himself to realise a management is transparent at any moment and according to the policies of use of these social networks.


The content of the site, except for express indication, is property of its holder Indar Talentu, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY This content includes texts, images, data and logo. The logo and the brand “Indar Talentu”, of present website, is registered in the OEPM and therefore attended by the opportune legal protection.

The exclusive exercise of the rights of operation in any form corresponds to the holder of the website and in particular the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation.

The consultation and unloads on the part of the user of some of the elements of the website, it will not imply the cession of any right of intellectual or industrial property on these elements.

The site, allows the temporary use and by means of copy deprived of some of the previous set out elements, whenever they do not have as purpose the commercial or professional use.


The website can contain articles of opinion, commentaries of users and other publications. The opinions spilled by the users of the website could not be imputable to the holder of the Web. These opinions are exclusive responsibility of the user who realises them.

In case any opinion or material can be in opposition to the effective legality, this it will be retired immediately by the administrator of the Web. If it wishes to previously communicate any aspect related to the exposed thing, it can be put in touch by means of the e-mail: [email protected]


The present legal warning and political of privacy is in force by the Spanish Law. The holder of the website and the user, are put under express form, whenever he is available for the parts, to the Courts and Courts of the city of Algeciras (Spain), for any controversy that can arise between the parts derived from the access or use from the website and the benefit from services realised.