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Pages to see formulate 1 online

The adrenalin, the speed, the motors, the tracks, everything in formula 1 is exciting and addictive, by something he is one of the sports of motoring more popular than it has anywhere in the world. The sad thing is that in recent years, due to its popularity and demands, the televising channels have bought the rights to transmit these races and is necessary to pay for being able to enjoy them.

They aren't options to enjoy Formula 1 without paying live? Clear that yes! The problem is that they are not very easy to find, nevertheless, to this we will dedicate this article, we will show to you free which are the best means by which you can see Formula 1 in direct and.

📌Why they aren't easy to find the sites to see Formula 1 free?

Then this is easy to respond and we mentioned it at the beginning of the article, is because different companies have bought the rights to transmit the races of Formula 1 in their devices, an example of this could among others be DirecTV and Movistar televising chains.

As you must know, he is illegal to rob content of these television transmitters and to reproduce it without their authorization, in spite of this, many websites use one's wits them to do it, although of fast form and usually they are suspended by this. In the same way it is possible to emphasize that he is not recommendable to use these websites.

Why not to use clandestine websites to see Formula 1?

It is important to emphasize this point because many people think that using these sites do not bring a risk with himself, which is a mistaken idea, this for two important reasons is not recommended that we clarified next:

  1. When using these webpages you are collaborating and promoting this illicit activity, which can be punished with the law by means of a fine.
  2. Many of these sites assure to you to be able to enjoy the races without trouble, nevertheless is not more than false publicity, which several of these pages do is to deceive you to put virus in your computer and to damage it or to rob your information.

🏎 Top 5 better means to see Formula 1 online

For your tranquillity, still they are some reliable options so that you can enjoy this wonderful sport without no disadvantage and everything without needing paying nothing. Clearly, they ten present that the experience can defer from which you can enjoy in your television by means of a service payment, nevertheless that does not clear that the following are good options, reads envelope here they.

📺 Kodi

Being quite popular, Kodi has been the solution for many of which not only wish to see Formula 1 live, but also other programs free, this at the rate of that from its installation, turns your device into a “Average one to center”. Kodi counts on different advantages and functionalities, using the IPTV tool, you are able to accede to channels payments without infringing the law. It looks at other characteristics of this application:

  • He is available for computers Windows, Mac OS and smartphones Android and iOS.
  • You can have different lists from channels to enjoy, thematic different.
  • It owns different accessories, obtaining that you have access to new functions and advantages.
  • You can connect your device to your television by means of a cable HDMI and see the content in complete screen.
Developer: XBMC Foundation
Price: Free

It is an excellent option, nevertheless, ten present that you must count on a good service of Internet, unload app and change the IPTV to have access to the channels, soon you must maintain the updated lists, thus you will be able to see Formula 1 when you want.

📺 Wiseplay

This application is not very well-known, nevertheless has turned out to be one from the best options to see Formula 1 in direct. Being an application for Android, he is only available in the terminals that have this operating system and counts on certain interesting characteristics as which we mentioned next:

  • In the same way that the previous application, Wiseplay allows to tell on different accessories and lists you, nevertheless, to count on these you must install other applications or look for connections in Internet pages.
  • He is compatible with a SmarTv, therefore, by means of WiFi you can connect your Android telephone to your television and reproduce Formula 1 without needing using cables.
  • Perhaps you need to install another application to reproduce the video correctly, nevertheless such application stabilizes to Wiseplay and allows that its yield improves.

App will not request data nor accounts to you, which does the more safe and reliable.

Developer: Mulgoi
Price: Free

Although he is available for Android mobiles, you can enjoy Wiseplay in your computer, simply must install an emulator of Android and unload the application, which is not a very complicated process.

📺 YouTVPlayer

We follow in this top 5 with an application that is not known for many, nevertheless has a good operation and yield, as much so the users that are had experience with her have been satisfied. YouTVPlayer is somewhat similar to the application of the position number 2, nevertheless, its differences cause that it emphasizes, reads about these:

  • One is not in any store of apps of smartphones, on the contrary, he is available in different webpages, you can unload it for example of
  • It does not require to unload lists, accessories either other applications, or incorporates different lists from channels of different countries, some payments and another no.
  • You must be registered with an account of Facebook or Correo.

Present Ten that stops to unload YouTVPlayer, you must go to adjustments in your Android mobile and to allow the access of applications of unknown origin, thus you will be able to unload and only to use the application to see the F1 from your Smartphone.

📺 RaiPlay

This it is the only reliable website in what you can enjoy the Formula 1 live, this at the rate of which RAI bought the rights of transmission of Formula 1, clearly, as surely you know, RAI is a television channel, but it counts on his own website, where they transmit his live programming, looks at his strength here:

  • The website transmits all the programming of the live channel and in good quality, including the F1.
  • RAI not only counts on the website, also has an application for mobiles in which you can see the transmission from your Smartphone.
  • If you connect your device to the television, you can reproduce the races without problems.
  • The website and the application are entirely in Italian.

Without a doubt, one of the best options than you can choose, if it does not bother the language to you of course.

📺 YouTube

All the smartphones count on this application, in addition it is most popular than it has, it is of easy use and it reproduces the videos well, the detail is that, due to the subject of the illegality, the races of F1 that reproduce in direct they are cleared quickly, but you obtain one of them, you can enjoy it, YouTube allows you:

  • To see live videos with good quality.
  • Connection to your television, is available for PC and telephones.
  • You have the option to put subtitles.

Assure to tell to you on a good service of Internet, thus you will only be able to reproduce the videos in good quality.

Ready, these are the 5 options that you have for being able to see Formula 1 in direct free, now you have the information, It sees and it enjoys the races!