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Better pages to unload torrents

From his creation we have been able to see how Internet has been evolving over the years, giving rise to an increasing variety of possibilities in the network, as much through informative pages Webs as those destining to the unloading of data. And it is indeed of this type of platforms of which we are going to speak to you today. In particular, of the pages torrents, since they are much more fast means that any other type of unloadings by navigator. Or they are direct unloadings or any other type of managers; No is able to arrive at the speeds from the programs torrents. You want to know why? Accompany us in the reading by this article and discover how they are able to reach so fast speeds of unloading!

The birth of the first pages to unload torrent

The pages of torrents began to emerge between the year 2001 and final from 2002, since it was indeed the time of creation of the technology that gave rise to this type of Webs. His creator was Bram Cohen, an expert programmer in Python who thought about the beneficial thing that she would be for the community to be able to help some to others to each other harnessing his unloadings, using its same equipment and connections to establish points from which to be able to unload small packages of bits of great archives, all of them at the same time. This hierarchy allowing the simultaneous unloading from different sources was what indeed it accelerated the slope process, completing the data long before that with any other method.

2003 Were the year that everything began, and the one of greater apogee of unloading P2P

Since then, little by little they have been created as much focused platforms online in the ascent of this type of archives (with the help of the own community, by all means) as programs torrent that facilitate the unloading of the same. In fact, it was between the years 2003 and 2007 that this type of archives lived their particular height in the network. And although nowadays they continue being the faster method of unloading of all, the connections torrents no longer are as popular as before, mainly because of the existing services of streaming, which offer the possibility of enjoying material multimedia right away, being this type of main content for which they were used: or they would be films, series or music torrents. Even so, not even the fact to eliminate any delay and power to enjoy any audio-visual material at the moment is something that has been able with this type of archives and programs, still existing great amount of pages unloads torrent in active-duty (which we will enumerate next) and that offers all this and much more.

What type of content we can enjoy through the connections torrents

The archives are many that can be stored through this type of files, reason why it is a practically interminable list of possibilities, although among all this he is the type of content classified as “the best thing of torrent” than you will be able to find through the platforms online destined to his unloading and that still they continue working.

Electronic books: The platforms specialized in this type of content are many, but this does not clear that they also are a habitual component in this type of pages, being able to unload books in format epub, pdf and other so many variable formats. An alternative with the one than to be able to always enjoy a good reading thanks to the unloading of best books free online.

🎮 Video-games: The games torrents are one of the main elements that we can find in the search and unloads of this type of archives that have not been affected negatively by no other type on watch, reason why he is one of the great protagonists when we spoke to unload torrents and that has maintained this practice lives. You can find video-games of difrentes platforms (portable Ps4, XBOX One, WII, consoles, etc.) Although doubtless the computer is the asked for platform more, reason why to unload games PC via torrent will be what you are more in navigation by the Webs that we will show to you next.

🖥 Programs of TV: The TV shows are others of the habitual elements that we can find for his unloading, being these in addition a type to very useful content since he is quite atypical to find them available in another type of pages (mainly those older). A very good form to be able to find shows by Internet thanks to these eternal archives.

🍿 Films: We arrive at one from the points that, during years, have been the ship standard of these pages Webs and that still nowadays in spite of the height of the platforms of films via streaming continue enjoying a good demand on the part of the community. And it is that not always you are going to be able to have connection to constant Internet, as well as a high speed to visualize them in great quality, reason why either to unload films utorrent is not an option to consider very if you want to be foresighted avoiding possible falls in the network and any other type of similar situations.

In addition, with bittorrent films you will have the advantage of being able to count on the film stored in your computer for always, being able to give the uses him that you want: a second seen, or to be able to thus pass it to any other device for its sample in public, etc.

🎙Music: He is habitual also to find connections from which to lower whole discs of music, or concerts, remixes of professionals amateurs who want to share their subjects, etc. The music archives torrents that belong to songs unload in santiamén due to light that are and the fast thing that works this technology.

☯It animates : The series animate comprise of all this material audio-visual from which we come speaking throughout the article, since this type of content also has an enormous amount of public (mainly young or young). Through one of these archives he is quite simple to unload whole seasons, and considering the difficulty of

to find routes nowadays where to be able to see it animates online this is the great news for the lovers of this sort. 📹 Documentary: The pages also unload torrent offer the possibility of being able to enjoy educative material as they are the documentary ones, being the best form of to find these news articles in the network since as we know, the great majority of the same is produced by the television, reason why

they have copyright and they do not last much raised in other platforms online. The best thing is to lower the complete file.🎥 Series : Like it happens with animates, also another something is possible to unload whole seasons pertaining to the series of the moment either the more old that never happen fashionable, and we not only spoke of the typical American overproductions: also torrentspain is possible to unload series and to enjoy that the best Spanish series for all time. An ample content that, added to its simplicity of access and speed of slope

they will allow you to enjoy in a short space of time of all the audio-visual material that you want. 🛠 variable Software: Programs and tools of all type also have capacity inthis type of pages of unloadings , being able to find us from virtual machines to disc backup copies, tools edition anti-virus and antimalware, programs, operating systems to the complete one, etc.

By general norm it is used for elements that are very heavy, thus taking advantage of to the maximum the condition that indeed has raised to the fame this method of unloading: the speed.

📢 torrents is the faster method of unloading at the present time 📢 As you see, this he is one of the celebrated methods more on the part of the internauts, mainly on the part of those more film fans. Surplus to mention that all these archives count on excellent information about their original language, quality of audio video and, etc. Therefore, you will be able to find so much the documentary ones as the programs, series and pelistorrents always in the language that you want,

and if one is not at least available you will be able to unload the file that contains the pertinent subtitles that allow to understand it you. In fact, this it is a very positive point since many people prefer to visualize the material in the original language but calld the Spanish, thus not to lose nor an apex of realism as far as the form to speak and to gestualizar of the characters she talks about.

💻 the recommended programs to unload this type of archives The clients bittorrent are the programs that, previous configuration, will allow you to realisethe unloading of all the archives previously mentioned from the pages Webs listed here

. For that reason a vital part of all the process is to know how to choose well which to use on the basis of the characteristics that these offer. The configuration of the same, nevertheless, we left it for another occasion since it is not envelope which treats the article and this has crumb enough also.

Utorrent, our personal recommendation Probably he is most popular of all, although we recommended it by their condition of free code from their creation in 2005. Its history is quite peculiar since after releasing the protocol of action of this type of technology enough alternatives were created, between whichuTorrent emphasized over the rest thanks to being a very slight program , of easy configuration and very intuitive to use. This it was bought later by the own Inc. Bittorrent company just the following year of its creation (in 2006) indeed due to this great popularity that showed, a quite logical movement considering that still and in spite of the liberation of the action methodology they still had the registered patent.

After this they created his own tool (on that we will speak next) and thus was since they became of blow with practically all the traffic pertaining to the interchange of this type of archives.

That yes, the company continues giving support to both versions, and in fact still it maintains the condition of “free code” that shows the application uTorrent, releasing even to some beta versions of the same from time to time which include very interesting new features.

Bittorrent, “the official” version This it is the program of privative code that the own company sent to the market, and of which qualities” on the part of the same are offered theoretically more stable versions and of “majors, although also more is regulated and, therefore, limited our opinion.  Even so she is perfect to look for torrent and to unload it

since we do not have to forget that it belongs to the same company that allows us to enjoy this type of archives. These two are the best clients than they exist at present, and although both belong to the same company are quite different as you can appreciate. It uses the one that better seems to you, since both are quality options,

reason why everything is relegated to a question of tastes at the time of choosing between programs torrents both.

📌 the best pages to unload torrent Now that already you meet the type archives that you will be able to unload at the time of lowering torrents we will happen to show to youthe best Webs in active-duty than provide these connections to you

. Thus you will only have to enter them and to realise a fast search through its new categories or uploads to know if they have the content that interests to you without needing having to explore all the network through the results of Google.Evidently, each of them has its own pros and cons (as for example concentrating in a type of content or another one) , reason why having several options between which to always choose is positive facing the user, and is indeed for that reason reason why we made a as ample listing as complete where you will be able

to always find best torrents of the network. If in some of them they do not offer the visual quality who you looked for, or simply it is the fallen connection, etc. you will only have to change any other and

to return to repeat the process search until finding the best thing of torrent than adjusts to your needs.

The Pirate Bay ✅ Possibly it is the most well-known page of all, mainly at international level. And it is that monthly more than one hundred million users films, video-games, series visit it in search of best torrent,

e-books, documentary, programming of TV and a long list of others of archives raised the same. Since TPB works as a index where to look for all type of content online, reason why their functions doubly make it be useful. In her you will be able to also find I connect magnetic besides the music connections torrents and the rest of content previously mentioned,

doing it one of the most complete Webs in which to the archives to peer to peer talks about (shared unloading PTP). In addition,coding SSL will allow you to sail by her with total security

, and to unload films free utorrent without registering itself with the security of which are free 100% of virus, Trojans or any other type of malicious software. Something that, unfortunately, all the pages not to unload torrent can say.

TodoTorrent ✅

Todotorrent Everything torrent is one of the best pages of Hispanic speech as far as the unloading of this type of archives talks about, offering a great amount of magnetic connections that, in addition, are reviewed constantly by the administrators of the site

in order to thus warn any type with malicious software in them, and to assure certain security in the same as well.In the ample catalogue of everything torrent you will be able to mainly find series and films of opening

, although also more variable containing. Our recomedación is that you prove it by same you and serves your own conclusions, but for us is of the best Webs of torrents.

Better Torrent ✅ One is one of the best centered Webs of Hispanic speech in the unloading of this type of archives, reason whyin her you will be able to find your better torrent in Spanish

, or calld to this language. Being the content in Spanish its main characteristic, something to be thankful since at the moment it seems to be something that it is scarce between the platforms online of this type.In her you will be able to find games, documentary, series, music and much more , but what doubtless it emphasizes it is its great variety of films: in the better section of torrent films you will be able to find at the movies from openings just left (to a somewhat low quality, evidently) even

other older films something with much better quality (Bluray, Full HD, etc.) It is updated enough with regularity, being this other of his more representative characteristics, reason why as soon as it exists one better version of this film this she will be one of the first Webs that to you its unloading in better quality will offer,

since the card of the same with its corresponding connection will be updated right away. All this turns it into one of the best pages torrent.

TorrentSpain ✅ For many users the best page of torrents in our language, and we could not be more in agreement with it. At least, he reunites all the characteristics to be it: a very intuitive and taken care of platform, updated of constant form with the whole torrentspain filmsand series of the moment , a part of her dedicated to the interaction of the community (variable opinions and commentaries), great visual impact of the quality and the possibilities of each connection torrent of fast and concise form and what is better of everything:

an active verification of the same to be able to know if still they work or no, if the security of the link has been able turns it jeopardize, etc. Also you will be able to unload music torrentspain and other classic elements in this type of sites online such as documentary and the series it animates, televising programs (many of Spanish them), etc. Reason why it agrees to investigate the rest of sections beyond the one of TorrentSpain openings

that it leaves in the cover thus to find always the best content. So that you become an idea: million users visit this Web monthly and

more than ten thousand daily ascents, as well as other so many tens of thousands of unloadings guarantee it.

MasTorrents ✅ A very complete Web that always serves as alternative if in your main pages of searches you do not find the type of content that you looked for. In her you will have a good variety of connections and different qualities from sound and image in them on who to choose. Therefore, andin spite of not emphasizing in no field in particular, always it fulfills note in all of them

, being this the quality that we more like of this Web. It contains the same connections and basic files of categories:to unload music by torrent, video-games, animates, series films

, etc. Reason why does not restrict any category either.

KickAssTorents ✅ This is one of the older pages of torrents of the network, which has had to change of domain in several occasions since we do not have to forget that this type of Webs of is persecuted (therefore, if someday it fails the connection that we provided here lets to us know it in the box of commentaries in order to update it with the new one). Nevertheless, the one that returns time and time again to the load with the same desire of the principle is indeed what it turns them into the best options to unload torrents, since you make sure an active maintenance in the same, as well as a constant activity as far as the content ascent talks about, updating with new films and series free, improving the quality

of that already they had been raised previously, etc.

Your Bittorrent ✅ Almost ten million of torrent raised the page and more than twenty-five thousand daily unloadings would have of being sufficient endorsement so that it interests this Web to you, but still is more: and it is that it has very little publicity, and in addition it offers an interface of very friendly navigation, being able to establish quite ample filters of unloading,

inclusively you will find in “home” a section with the listing of torrents more unloaded, something and so they count very few of the other platforms.As you can deduce by his name concentrates in the Bittorrent unloadings

, as much musical series as documentary films and, videos, books, sleeve and animate… all type of archives, including those of greater capacity.

EliteTorrent ✅ Another one of the recommendations that could not lack in this article on pages unloads torrent and that always comes well to have by hand for its use. Still and at the moment being blocked, we can to easily resolve this problem or through certain tools of the navigating Web or proxy, etc.

It is worth the trouble much and, although you must have well-taken care of since due indeed to this factor their archives torrent every time are less safe. Even so, it is of the platforms where greater variety and quality you will find of all. You will be able to find, in addition, contained national since the page is Spanish, reason why you will be able to unload torrent (anyone of its versions) as well as other films and series that are a classic one

of the audio-visual world whenever you want.

Monova ✅ Another one of the best pages torrents, in which you will not need to create an account for his unloading

although yes if what you want it is to raise archives and to share your own connections. Perhaps their main defect is the excess of publicity, although if you are able to support it you will be able to benefit without trouble from its ample content, as they do it almost eight million monthly users.

Its style is minimalist, reason why you will not have problem when using it or to explore its content (bittorrent films, music, series animates and normal, concerts, TV shows, etc.)

Demonoid ✅ This is a page of Torrent that exists from year 2003, reason why it is one of the best options at the time of looking for any type of file. In addition, when being a closed community the platform is of most complete than it exists, and you will also find help in the rest of users. The only disadvantage is that you will need an invitation to be able to register you in her, reason why if you want to be able to unload films free utorrent without registering itself

this is not your Web. That yes, if you know ahead which already this inside and can send an invitation to you. Also special days exist in which the process of registry per limited time is opened, reason why if you are kindin the end you will obtain access to one of the best pages unloads torrent .

You will be able to accede to her from or If what you prioritize at the time of realising unloadings in the network are the security, probably this is the best option for you, since the private Webs so are not persecuted on the part of the authorities and as wellusually they are very taken care of by the rest of the users registered in her


Torrent Project ✅ We were before another one of the own names within the sector, with more than ten million files in this format at the disposal of the internauts and a great trajectory that they make it be of the best options when looking for any type of content, or for the unloading music torrent, as of video-games, documentary, series and films

and really all the content previously listed. In addition, it not only realises a search of the magnetic connection at issue from his data base, also in those of other pages of means reason why you will be able to unload series torrentspain through her, or films from The Pirate Bay, etc.

It reunites therefore some of the best qualities of this type of Webs in one.

RARBG ✅ This platform is unmarked of the rest sinceit prefers quality before amount in his connections, offering a premium membership for it

. Which you will be able to free obtain through his site in the drawings and events with this purpose that are realised in her.

Thanks to this you will be able to unload everything in a very high quality, 100% guaranteed. This has turned to RARBG in one of the first platforms into being tracked on the part of the indices search enumerated here, and it is not for less.

SeedPeer ✅ This is one of those pages that still within means to that they belong and the type of content that touches is able to innovate. In particular, you can use it as a data base since in her you will be able

to find more than three million archives, including best torrents of each field (games, pelis, series and variable software).

Such amount of possibilities gives as turn out a somewhat complex platform to use, but to once you pillage “tranquillo him” your searches will be more and more fluid.

Through the filters that incorporate the Web you will be able to limit your searches still more, being a complete very precise finder in which you will only have to put the name of what you want to unload to accede to all the content that is envelope it. Also it has connections to other pages of torrents with which to be able to complete your search in

strange case that it does not appear to you any result, or simply does not convince those listings after looking for torrent to you.

Torrent Funk ✅ Is another great platform online of whose functions you will be able to be benefitted, in which you will be able to find million archives of this type but in addition it tells on a great advantage against the rest, and is that the great majority of these is verified. This means that the unloading torrents will have his verification process that will classify it as a free file 100% of virus

or any type of malware by you. Security for the users who although we will not be able to find in the totality of his archives, if in its majority, which always is better than nothing.

Also you will be able to realise an ample search either to throw a fast look to the popular content the more according to the unloadings of the own users of the page if you do not have any concrete idea in the head.

Torlock ✅ This is another one of those pages so interesting Webs that we like to include in our listing, with qualities that make emphasize over the rest at the same time as a at least peculiar option. In this case, one isa site online that pays you by each connection that is not valid within the platform

. In particular a dollar is the amount that offers by each of them who you find and reports to the equipment of administration of the site, reason why is a quite important amount if we consider the so simple task by which they pay to you: to find false or expired connections. This form leaves from its political intern to make safer the platform, and to stimulate to that those are the own users registered in her that take care of it, thus avoiding possible connections torrents that they contain virus or are suspicious.

A very attractive form to maintain safe and well-taken care of its Web at the same time as to promote the confidence of the users.

Not only you will be able to find what you look for, but also will obtain small income extra for that reason. The user leaves winning you look it at where you look it.

YTS.AG ✅ Perhaps one of less the most known the listing, but this indeed allows him to be as well another one of the safest Webs of all. That yes, is specialized in cinema reason why best torrent films you will find it here.

Old as much classic as new openings of billboard, of a whole little.

It has a great advantage and it is that it allows you to accede free also to content in 3D, reason why if your television has this function you will be able to be useful to unload free films in 3D and to see them.

Torrent Downloads ✅ One of the pages to unload torrent that are reference and that we put within our particular TOP 5. To being one of the veterans, you will find as much amount as quality as far as content talks about, offering therefore guarantees for any type of content.Including in the unloading music torrent

, since usually they are “the more dangerous” connections of all, so to speak.

Between his other kindness also we can find a very clean design and care, at the same time as intuitive in which they emphasize the graphical details, beginning by the own logo of the same. It is probable that the original link does not work sometimes reason why the best thing will be to accede through the finders orany other connection that redirects to you through proxy

, as that we add to you here.

IsoHunt ✅ Another one of those Webs that were born in 2003 along with the “boom” of this type of archives, which had to happen to “an inactive” state because of the law and that from 2013 has returned stronger than ever. Since you can appreciate by his name,

it is specialized in the unloading of video-games, although also you can find in her music mp3, documentary, electronic books and much more.

It emphasizes for being a platform that incorporates a client torrent within her and to be free of publicity (something only nowadays), being another great option within this list and that by all means agrees to maintain in the markers of your navigating Web

1337X ✅ Another finder multi to tracker in which to be able to find all the archives and connections that you want, being able to lower torrents free easily.

Although the “bad thing” is that neither your nor other users can leave commentaries in them, reason why you will not have a negative or positive reference or at the time of making the unloading. Its traffic is rather more certainly long ago, and the index of users every time is greater also,

reason why one is a page in constant growth that at the moment lives one on its better moments, reason why its use is very interesting.

Torrentz ✅ This it is a thought index only and exclusively to redirect you to other Webs for the content unloading, reason why it does not lodge any type of file nor I connect either magnetic. Even so, its use is quite interesting since in comparative terms torrent would come to be the Google of the connections, being ableto find more than 27 million archives through him

. Reason why if you need to know how the best pages to unload series utorrent or those specialized in unloading series bittorrent, this platform will offer the answer to you.

LimeTorrents ✅ One of the most active sites of all, with connections that are unloaded several times to the day and a great amount of content being raised simultaneously at the same time. In its corresponding zone you will have space to comment or to read reviews and opinions of the rest of users whom they have had to good to think on a connection in particular, being able to respond to them and to interact with them.

Happen to torrent and you discover a great amount to you of archives online that to be able to unload for its use and enjoys.

Things that you must very consider for your Bittorrent unloadings and uTorrent Since we have been warning throughout the article, at the time of using the technology of unloading P2P the security is very important: to accede to confidence sites as listed here it does not assure you that all the content that rises the same daily is trustworthy, still and when the administrators of the site strive in verifying them.

For this reason, we will have to also count on our own arms of analysis and prevention of risk: the anti-virus.

🛡 uses a good Anti-virus To unload a good anti-virus will help you to prevent the infection with malware of any type. As you can see in our best list of the anti-virus gratuitous,

not even it is necessary to pay a license to be protégés well, reason why you do not have excuse.

This will avoid the evils in the future to you majors, and is that malicious software is able of everything: not only to remove information internal of your PC or about your acts in Internet, can also to use your equipment for mining of criptomonedas (causing that goes very slow), to spy on private conversations, the robbery of accounts and social networks, total control of your computer, etc. When installing a good anti-virus, you will be able to before analyze the file, during and after his unloading

in order to assure so he is 100% free one of virus. IMPORTANT!

Legal warning for torrent From ShockV2 Games the illegal unloading of content protected by rights of author of any type does not lean. This means thatwe promote the use of technology P2P since this is totally legal

, but not the one of certain type of archives and content who masks himself within the same, promoting enter it the users.