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As Installing and Unloading Whatsapp Extra APK for Android (last version)

The technology advances to exaggerated steps, and in the communicational area, this long ago more evident evolution. Every day they appear new equipment, mobiles, accessories and applications or systems, that they look for to facilitate the lifestyle of the people and to make agile the communications, surpassing all type of barriers.

In this occasion, we will leave of side the subject of Smartphone, because we want is to concentrate in an application that can be used indiscriminately in almost the totality of them, and that at the moment enjoys much fame, in spite of being rather a MOD instead of an original application, Extra is WhatsApp.

🤔How it is Whatsapp Extra?

For those who did not know it, the traditional WhatsApp exists, but also a MOD (extension of software that modifies the original version) that logically nothing has to do with the original application but that it is winning adept constantly.

It is for this reason, that now I want that we speak of WhatsApp Extra, so that you know as is the moved one, that it difference of the traditional one and which you make the decision that you consider more suitable. Either in the 2015, a well-known very popular version under the name of Premium Reborn existed, but of that or has spent 3 years, and or is a new update.

In this 2018, the WhatsApp Extra that is marking difference is WhatsApp JiMODs Extra, characterized for being, trustworthy and much more surely powerful that all the previous versions.

In principle, it is necessary to emphasize that this MOD is exclusive for Android devices, and offers many more advantages than the original application.

🔐 Cierre de WhatsApp Extra

Perhaps, since until the today sun, you continue listening to speak of WhatsApp Extra, believe that one is that the one that already some years ago back invented the Rafelense developer. However, this is not more than a truth by halves.

And it is that the original version of this MOD, during year 2015, was seen seriously affected by the creators of the original App of WhatsApp, where became all the possible one to prevent his operation. And it is that clearly, it is possible to be shelp that is an alternating version (we do not call pirate to him) of a App with permissions.

It is thus, as the users of the MOD began to receive banneos of official WhatsApp, that is to say, I inquire to them that its suspended serious account, alleging security reasons.

All this situation, caused that the MOD announced its definitive retirement for its unloading and use. Subsequent to it, has arisen new versions from WhatsApp Extra, as the one of that same 2015: Reborn and many others. That is to say, that at the moment, any MOD that arises as alternative to the original App, is known him as Extra. Most well-known and reliable of this 2018, it is well-known as WhatsApp the JiMODs Extra, and is for that reason that we will deepen a little in its content more.

✅ Advantages to update to WhatsApp JiMODs Extra

First of all, it allows to change the subjects that visualize, including a very good and ample gallery of images that can be used as bottom for the application. Reason why it is possible to personalize the application. Next, it allows to accede to numerous emoticones of different varieties, and to even accede to many presents in Google Hangout.

Regarding the source, that is to say the style, size and color of the letters, also it can modify.

In addition, it is possible to share images, and videos in his original quality and without restrictions of time of duration and mainly without obstacles because of his weight. The device does not need to be rooteado to be able to enjoy this MOD and although it seems lie, always his updates are a step further on, of the officials. In edition 2018, already the problem of the banneo has been corrected.

It also allows, to see one preview of the videos that they send to you, it details the statistics of the groups, offers the possibility of hiding name, state and the date and hour to even show. And these are only some of the advantages that at the moment offer, because the experience to only prove it, will allow that you discover many more new features.

In addition to all this, the possibility exists of seeing the profile image of those who is within the conversations; it allows to in line hide to the state, the last connection, and even the double check that is placed to him to the messages, indicating that it was received and read.

🔴 Disadvantages of WhatsApp JiMODs Extra

The great one beats of this APK is that it seems not to run the same well in all the devices, nevertheless, the majority own simple alternatives of solution. It is necessary to emphasize, that since is not an official application, is possible that one is with certain errors, for this reason, most prudent than it is possible to be done, it is to realise a backup copy, to desinstalar and soon to install the application again.

⏬ As unloading WhatsApp Extra in 2018

First of all, it is necessary to desinstalar the original version of WhatsApp, or otherwise this MOD will not work correctly. For it, move you to the menu of adjustments of your device, it looks for Applications, and it marks Manager of Applications, and it already selects there for being eliminated the original App of WhatsApp.

Now, before initiating the unloading, you must remember that by factory configurations, it is possible that the unloadings of external servers to the Google store are blocked, for this reason, you will have to move until the security menu, once inside, it looks for the option of Not known Origins and activates it. Now if your device is ready to unload the APK of WhatsApp JiMODs Extra in its last version, (it is lodged in sites of third parties, not in the Play Store) lower it to the Android device.

Now, once completed the unloading, it accedes to card SD and it looks for the file with completion “.apk”, it brands on beginning the installation, and beginning to enjoy his multiple advantages.

🕵️El trick of “That it sees my profile”

Clear that in the original application you will be able to know who observes your temporary states of WhatsApp, but not your profile as so. Then in the MOD, between the multiple advantages that are offered, she is this one, that by the way, she is one by that ask more.

Then, first that you must know it is that it is not necessary to unload additional content to obtain that this works, are great tricks in this either. You only must move in line until “Contact”, thence, will appear, two alternatives, focuses attention in first, that takes by name: “Toast sample Contact”, you select it and soon you add a warning tone to him. And ready, already it is formed.

How it works? Then, when some person snoops in your profile, automatically, you will receive a notification on the matter. It tell me if he is not something that you hoped long ago? He is something similar to which happens to the MOD of Hackear Whatsapp.

💬 Other options of WhatsApp Extra

Of course, this although it is the most popular and effective version of MOD of WhatsApp, is not the unique one, for this reason, would want now to show as they are the other possible options that can be considered.

📌 WhatsApp Reborn Extra

One already is by version 6.72. Brilliant whichever advance from the 2015! It continues counting on the characteristics of the previous version, that is to say the 6,70, such as verification of the activities of the contact, allow to only visualize the name, instead of the contact number (Telegram, will be threatened), the options of security and privacy that allow to hide to the double check and if it is in line.

In addition, it maintains hidden the tipeo visualization (while you write a message), as well as the moment at which you record an audio one). They appear new languages to be translated, such as German, Italian, Portuguese (Of Brazil), Dutch, Turkish and Azerbaijanian.

Also, the new features, that appear in this MOD, are improvements to the problems which subjects appeared when unloading, as well as some other corrections of errors.

📌 WhatsApp Extra GB 3.8

It is also known him as GBWhatsApp Plus or GBWaplus, and also offers many attractiveness over the original version. Between which, they emphasize: capacity to support to called, statistical calls and video for the groups, many options of privacy, possibility of blocking Chats. In addition, to see multiaverage archives without needing being unloaded, it is that until you will be able to change the icon of WhatsApp.

Also, the tonalities of many notifications can be changed, histories or temporary states will be able to be kept from new WhatsApp and appear emojis. The groups can count on names that count on 35 characters and the State in 255 characters.

This MOD, allows to maintain 24 hours in line to you, it interacts in parallel with the official version of the App, and you do not worry about banneos, since it counts on protection for it. More than 100 languages they support to him, you can send simultaneously up to 90 photos.

And if it seems little to you, everything what already it mentions to you, then you will like what I left for the end: you will be able to block your WhatsApp without needing unloading some other program and in addition you can maintain two telephone numbers for WhatsApp in the same device.


Also known as Wamod 2,0 Dark Alpha 15//Modo 2018. The tempting advantage to send videos and images without restrictions, and the numerous possibility of acceding to emoticones, turns to him into an equal option of feasible for many people. But in addition and as already you will be able to imagine, its name is due to the possibility of placing the bottom of the application in black, instead of the traditional target.

📌 Blue WhatsApp

It is an option, between many that offer within the MOD of WhatsApp Extra. In this case, the operation is very similar to the original Application, except for some additions that they equip to him with great attractive for the users. For example, the name and logo, change traditional the green one by blue (of there its name).

New emoticones, similars to those of the mail of Google and new icons, are also built-in this alternating version of WhatsApp.

❓ As updating WhatsApp Extra

The majority of the MOD available actu7almente for WhatsApp Extra, has as fundamental feature, in which their updates are but periodic, that in the original version, but this happens thus to be able to assure the security and operation its utilities.

It is necessary that you know in addition, that two possible options exist to update your WhatsApp Extra, independent of the version with which you count. In the first place from the same application it is possible that it is possible to be done (although this alternative does not work the same for all). In order to verify, move to you until Menu - > EXTRA - > Updates, and there it would have to appear if it has the option or no.

If, this option is not allowed to you, then you will have to unload the last version available of your respective MOD, in the form of APK and behavior to install of form manual. In this case, you do not have to erase nor to desinstalar, nothing, because when installing the new version, this one will be sobrescribirá.  It remembers that not to be the original version of WhatsApp, you will not find the updates from the Play Store.

📱 WhatsApp Extra for iPhone, Windows Phone and Blackberry

This is one of the questions that with more frequency are repeated between those who wishes to take control of a version of WhatsApp Extra.  For this reason, it is necessary that you know, that in the first versions if he were possible being installed for these platforms. However, subsequent to the restrictions of the original App, only exist the WhatsApp Extra for Android.

The reasons for this, are that as much Windows Phone as Blackberry, have a period of life utility, already counted, then it does not have sense to develop a MOD for these operating systems. The case of the devices of the Manzanita, yes that would be a great alternative, only that very hardly will appear, since Apple, could enter feud with Facebook/WhatsApp.

Nevertheless, an alternative for iPhone exists, although in this case she is not very recommendable, since it is an old version, out of date that was hanging by the networks. Therefore, it is not that it turns out very attractive to use to him, in addition that entails the risk of being banneado by the original version.

Nevertheless, if even so, you wish to come to install to him, although it is to try to him, the steps to follow serian: in the first place to have installed the Cydia application, in addition to have realised the Jailbreak of your iPhone (this MOD only works for the models of iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, 6 or 7). Already then, before initiating the unloading, you must desinstalar WhatsApp original version.

🤬 false Versions of WhatsApp MOD

Finally and not less important, you must know that people exist who are taking advantage the popularity of these MOD, to create versions of Whatsapp Extra of Android that contain virus or programs spy, reason why we recommended to you warmly that you install only applications of this type that you see that the other users recommend, not it unloadings of any place without references because you can have problems, as for example which they have access to all photos and passwords.

🤷 traditional WhatsApp or MOD, by which to be decided?

This is plus a personal decision. Logically, always whereas clause the security of the Android devices, we will choose to prevail before the applications available in the Play Store, for being more reliable, safe, and free of errors and virus that the lodged ones in external servers. Nevertheless, versions MOD previously mentioned, are safe and reliable. Of many others that exist we cannot give that guarantee.

The qualities are many that do of WhatsApp, a truly useful and popular tool in our days, without different from social ages nor segments. Although clearly, as everything has its pros and cons. For this reason, it would want to culminate this analysis showing both aspects, because this way, you will be able to be made an idea and to be decided if this tool adapts to your requirements, and to be known on what you will count. Already then, if he manages to wake up your interest you can more on the matter continue investigating through this reading, and if no, because also this guest to culminate it, because he is a really interesting content, although is as general culture and subject of conversation in meetings.