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To unload Fortnite for mobiles already is possible: It plays now in iPhone and Android!

The opening of Fortnite for mobiles is a reality finally and the opinion of the users could not on the matter be more positive in which doubtless he is one of the most surprising and effective movements in video game industry than we took of year.

And he is that the Fortnite phenomenon continues now also in iOS and Android, being able to unload Battle Royale both operating systems and to also continue with the diversion from the comfort of your smartphone. The fact that you can unload Fortnite in iOS and Android is not a chance, since with his launching in both Epic Games systems it looks for to continue the good numbers that the title for consoles and PC was offering. And it is that to day of today, it is possible to find simultaneously to than 3.5 million users playing Fortnite in PS4, PC more and XBOX One. Some numbers that are within reach of very few.

Almost four million simultaneous players, the number of record that shows Fortnite, the fashionable game.

A positive trend that has also continued its way with the opening of Fortnite in iOS, where app gratuitous more unloaded of app is already store, superficially even of Whatsapp, which is words majors. And the people who will still not have been able to prove the new mechanical jugables of the popular system Battle Royale in movable devices due to the recent thing of this news.

Nevertheless, For that we here are!  you will be able to unload Fortnite for iOS free, being able to initiate the application and to put to you directly to play online acceding the official servers.

This is very useful for all those that do not want to play Fortnite for iPhone or iPad.

Impressions of Fortnite for mobile

One of the questions that without a doubt your and all the users we were made era, How to adapt the modality Battle Royale to mobiles? Then, it is possible to say that after several hours of Epic Games game it has surpassed with note the passage from a system to another one, being able to also transfer the diversion of the game and its mechanical jugables to these devices. Now, everything what did interesting to this game moves to your telephone since also you can play Fortnite in iOS and Android.

Note: This is the only Web online that offers the possibility to you of being able to play online Fortnite in iOS of official form and without needing invitation.

The system that has followed is the same that in other platforms and consoles: to continues being a Free Play with micropayments, which includes all the daily challenges, as well as profits and rewards by season that we can find in other systems, that with some controls only adapted to the touch screen of the telephone.

In addition, from the company one makes sure that any newness implemented in the game for PC or consoles also will be sent in Fortnite for mobile with periodic updates, and simultaneously. Reason why it seems that through them we will be able to continue enjoying hours and more hours of diversion facing us other players, constructing and escaping of the storm. And it is that the possibility of playing online Fortnite from your mobile phone with your friendly is a unique experience, whose refugee could not have been more positive as much for the company as for the own players. Reason why it is to hope that this has so much or more support than its original version for PC and consoles, sharing all of them the same characteristics, independent of the system in which it is executed.

In fact, one of the most interesting characteristics is than you will be able to associate your game to any account that you have already created at the time of playing Fortnite in iOS, reason why will be able to happen what you obtain playing in a platform from a system to another one, since the compatibility is total. The same happens, evidently, with the realised purchases.

That, servers are yes not shared (still) since Epic Games still must realise several tests of compatibility until to the aim are able to make level the video-game for all the platforms, since considering how they are the things at the moment in the version for iPhone and iPad in this way Battle Royale would be unjust for a player of movable Fortnite to have to face another one of PC, since the handling much more is advanced and fluid in this last thanks to peripheral and great difference as far as timpo of development between both.

The game crossed between all the platforms and devices is confirmed!


That yes, from Epic Games promises game crossed for Fortnite between mobiles, PC and XBOX One. Reason why the diversion will be maximum, being able to play with all friendly, without mattering from where they do it.

To unload Fortnite for iOS

From you will be able here to unload an identical version of the game for mobiles thanks to the good one for were Epic Games, the creators of this mixture of styles as wild as funny. Which have put all the meat in the spit to be most faithful possible at the time of transferring the experience juiceable of Fortnite to the movable devices. That what is that experience of game? Then, for that not yet they have proven the game, or simply they have not heard speak of him (something quite improbable considering its success), we offer a brief summary to you so that you learn to how beginning to play Fortnite in your mobile phone, and of what goes the game.

📲 Fortnite for IOS

This title bases its style of game on the famous way “Battle Royale” that so fashionable is lately, and that put fashionable PUBG (Playerunknown Battleground), another own name of the industry that has been everything a success, and of which Fortnite drinks directly as far as mechanical jugables, since the premise is the same: One is one hundred people who appear in a transport of which they can jump and land in an ample map type of very characteristic locations yet: from cities yet type of buildings to smaller constructions something in strategically important points of the map. Factories, houses… The idea is to be the last survivor, which will not be easy task, considering which you will have to face you the rest of players (or alone or by equipment) whereas you move by the map fleeing from the storm and in search of a safe zone.

One is a style of quite funny game, with dynamic games and that will put all abilities on approval, doing to want to you to arrive each new round more far something than the previous one. A very addictive formula that at the moment is the product stars in video game industry. That yes, this time in a totally novel experience since before one had never tried on to restore jugables mechanical happiness in smartphone.

And the result could not have been more satisfactory. The game has everything what they offer his original versions (the same map, the same arms, aspects, etc.) All this perfectly adapted to your mobile phone, with a yield flowed enough and optimal that does not accuse at any moment the “deficiencies” that theoretically they announced would have this new version of Fortnite for mobiles. It is more, including in the graphical section as soon as we are able to notice apparent differences, since it maintains an excellent visual quality, partly thanks to its self-assured style of graphs with a trowel of colors very animated and cheers.

And it is that all those hours of delay you can turn them into time of game and diversion if unloadings the version for mobiles from here.

Official APK of Fortnite for Android

As far as the version of Fortnite for Android, its development is finalized, so you already can begin to unload Fortnite for Android mobiles.

Apparently, something is a version more complicated to adapt, and from the company fear to that is had he is too simple to alter software on the part of the players to make traps and to take advantage of the tricks Fortnite to take advantage in the games. Reason why a process is being realised something deeper facing avoiding these situations in the future.

This version is being everything a phenomenon at world-wide level, since it is the first time that players pertaining to UNDER totally different can face to each other.

In order to begin with the unloading of Fortnite for Android we will have to accede to the webpage that we mentioned:

📲 Fortnite for Android

Excellent details, questions and characteristics about this new version of the game

The new masterpiece of Epic Games perfectly has been adapted to this platform, surprising so much own as to strangers, since the fluidity of the game is not affected at all, and that the quality of graphs practically stays intact, reason why have not had to sacrifice a section to harness to the other. This has much merit, but evidently wide-awake the curiosity of the community, which is on the matter made all type of questions.

How much it occupies the unloading of Fortnite in iOS?

App of Fortnite in iOS occupies only 2GB, and that include the same options, arms, mapping, mechanical jugables, etc. That in its versions for PC and consoles previously worn for the first time. Reason why it is necessary to congratulate to the work party that there is behind the conversion, since it is much more accessible thanks to little that it occupies.

With what devices I can play Fortnite Mobile?

iPad Mini 4
iPad PRO
iPhone 6S or the model.
iPhone 7, 8, X and Xr, Xs.
iPad Air 2
iPad 2017

How to begin to play Fortnite for mobiles?

  1. To be able to play Fortnite from your iPhone or iPad is something very simple: to only accede to the official connection that we provided to you.
  2. Once inside we followed the indicated steps and we will see how immediately Fortnite in our device of the Apple brand begins.
  3. Next, we will have to provide our data of user if or we have an account (it is worth anyone, even those created in other platforms) or otherwise to create one to us.
  4. Once fact this, you will be able to sail by the screen of beginning of the title, in which you will be able to select several options of configuration, as well as to see your statistics, gained experience, skins, etc.

In order to begin to play, you only must select to the game way “Battle Royale” and next, to establish the departure type, existing three versions:

  1. Alone: The classic way of “all against all” where there are teams of no no type.
  2. Pair: The servers automatically will match to you with another person, with whom you will form equipment to try to gain the game. Also you can invite a friend to avoid to play with strangers.
  3. Squad (Swarm): The most tactical modality of all, since you will form equipment with four people, or friendly (invited by same you) or at random is selected by the machine. You will face the rest of participants, all of them classified in teams of 4 people also.

Requirements to play it in iOS:

  • To have some of the devices previously listed.
  • To update these terminals to the 11 version iOS or later.

As you see, they are two requirements than more reasonable. And it is that from Epic Games juiceable of its ship has not been wanted to dim the experience standard adding any unnecessary impediment that can avoid the users to enjoy the mechanical jugables of the game that at the moment is being tendency: Fortnite Mobile.