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Which is the best amplifier wifi? — Guide of purchase to choose the one that you need

Of course, few things less we like than knowledge than our network wifi goes slow. For any reason, neither in your movable Android or iPhone, nor in your Smart TV, nor in room the more moved away device the signal is arriving well mannered.

And if it arrives, it does with a slowness like causes that navigation by Internet becomes a torture.

Yes. Of course, you need a repeater wifi.

But not anyone, since some are not of universal and cross-sectional operation. You will have, therefore, to look for that amplifier wifi that better it goes with your precise needs.

The good thing of all that is that here you have a complete listing, version 2018, and that we are updating as we found models of repeaters wifi that they adapt to the specific needs of the common Spanish. As you. As I.

All the repeaters of this listing work of wonder with the main operators of the country (Movistar, Vodafone, Orange, Ono, Jazztel, among others). As well, all have similar operations and the majority works to double band, reason why never you will have compatibility problems.

And, in case outside little, we have occurred to the task of looking for the best amplifiers of wifi whereas clause all the important factors. Whereas clause the price, by all means. It is for that reason that you will obtain in this guide repeating wifi which they do not surpass the 30 €, and so you will have a solution for the slowness of your network of Internet by a price of taking bread and dunks.

We begin.

What is and what is not an amplifier of wifi?

Before beginning, we must define what is an amplifier of wifi. And in addition, we must clarify what wifi is not an amplifier of network, since similarities exist equipment of names very, but of very diverse operation.

Defining: Amplifier of wifi

Some names by which you can obtain to this equipment:

  • Amplifier wifi
  • Repeater wifi
  • Extensor wifi

It is equipment that is in charge to establish a bridge between the network wifi that arrives from router, until a site where, by itself, it could not arrive.

But, as its name indicates it, its function is the one to repeat and to amplify. That is to say, that takes the signal that comes from router, catches it and it amplifies it in the room where the amplifier is placed.

Better, we explained it with an example:

You must router located in the room, that transmit a distance that the same includes, the kitchen and the first room of the house, but that from begins there to fail or to be unstable due to the little signal that arrives. In that case, which we must do is to add an amplifier in a point where the signal arrives correctly and this one will be in charge to transmit it to the wished distance, which will depend on equipment which we have chosen.

Clarifying: other quick terms to confusion

Now that you know what is an amplifier, we must also indicate the terms that are lent to confusion.

Most common wifi and adapters are those of antennas wifi.

In this case, one is equipment in charge to catch the originating signal of router main. The difference is in which these two equipment cannot repeat it nor amplify it. Simply they catch it.

As much the antennas as the network adapters wifi are used to receive WiFi in devices that in case single they do not admit it, as desktop computers connectionless wireless.

Operation of an amplifier of wifi

The main objective of an amplifier of wifi is to share network beyond the limits that router it would have.

Thus, although some routers are very good and manage to cover ample spaces, sacrifices much the speed of connection almost always. It is there where an amplifier comes to fulfill its work.

Because, although router by itself had arrived at that point from the house, office or the premises, the amplifier allows that the speed of connection is the same being next to router, or to 10 meters of him.

In the meantime, we must speak on the ways to operate of the network repeaters wifi, that all do not operate in the same way.

We have, then:

  • Those that operate of spherical form, repeating the network of wifi that arrives to them from router to several meters to the round one. The majority of the network amplifiers works this way.
  • Those that operate of focused form, denominated technology SmartBeam. These allow to direct all the amplified signal to a certain point.

These last ones are ideal to send signal of high speed to a concrete point. As the table of the computer that you have in a distant room, for example.

The way to operate of SmartBeam it is resembled the form in which we reflected the light with a mirror. Redirige and extends.

Finally, and before beginning to speak on the advice to choose the best amplifier wifi of 2018 or the best ones of the present market, we must insist on the yield in distance.

Normally, although it is not law, the amplifiers can improve the distance of router in a 100%. This means that if router wifi to 4 meters of diameter emits signal of Internet, with the help of the amplifier that signal will arrive until the 8 meters. Some, exceptional cases, can even improve this registry.

Recommendations to choose amplifiers of wifi

The cover and distances of the device are fundamental aspects, since we needed a good cover and one long distance to fulfill our objective in the majority of the cases. For this reason, we must review these factors in the antennas that we visualize before realising the purchase.

On the other hand, also we have the speed, that is to say, data transmission or rapidity with which they will be transmitted. The idea is to transmit the signal by greater reach, but not to lose the speed of the main signal. Reason why the ideal is to look for a repeater wifi that Mbps of data transmission has supported as minimum the 300; as well as a standard wifi that allows to enjoy a fast connection to Internet, which is recommended is Wifi AC.

The security on the other hand yes is something fundamental, since we needed a signal that cannot be taken part by external people with bad intentions. For it you need that the best amplifier wifi 2017 than you choose has protocol WPA2-PSK, but you do not worry too much, since almost all they have it.

The installation or configuration also is an aspect important, although nondecisive to make a final decision, since we always can contract somebody or that a friend with knowhows helps us. Briefly, it tries to find equipment that can settle and be formed easily.

To consider these factors will allow you to choose with more facility a repeater of wifi that really works to replace your necessity. Nevertheless, in case of being usuary advancing or to look for a more flexible device, you will be able to look for models with functions outposts, electrical consumption and ports or sizes.

Which is the best amplifier wifi 2018?

Many models of amplifiers made by a great variety of brands exist, reason why to choose a signal repeater wifi can be a difficult election if we are not expert of the subject. Nevertheless, as our objective it is to facilitate the task of which you can choose a good device, we have compiled five of them who are similarity really good in relation quality-price to us (as we commented previously). In addition, also we have including a homemade amplifier for wifi for the end of the article, in case you have money to spend and you want to prove a nonpermanent alternative.

Repeating Netgear EX7500 WiFi

However, entering the amplifiers wifi of high performance, we ran into with a model just left on sale.

One is the Ex7500 de Netgear, a brand of which already we have commented an amplifier.

In this case, we ran into with an equipment easy to install (only you connect it to your mains) and that will detect up to 2 simultaneous networks wifi, offering an automatic roaming.

What means this? That if a network goes very slow, one will change the other automatically. And vice versa. This, without you must form nothing.

But, in addition, Mbps offers a general connection of three bands of up to 2,200 (a registry 7 times superior to the average of the market), reason why is an optimal amplifier to see videos online, in 4K, for which they walk in the world to gamer, as well as for the enterprise sector.

It is possible to be obtained by a price that divides equally the 135 €.

Ubiquiti LBE-M5-23

We cannot let pass the opportunity without mentioning to one of the brands leaders in the sector of the wireless telecommunications.

Ubiquiti is, without a doubt, one of the best companies in making equipment of last generation for Internet networks wifi. And in the case of Ubiquiti LBE-M5-23 we were with a directional repeater. That is to say, that focuses all their network in a concrete direction.

But, in addition to emitting, also he is able to receive, as if a receiving antenna one was.

The best configuration is to combine two antennas of this same model. One emitting the signal of wifi, and another one receiving to him.

Of course, its use is dedicated for the outside, being able to reach connections of up to 18 kilometers of distance, as long as physical obstructions do not exist.

For that reason, if what you want it is to connect the patio of your great house so that it has Internet in all sides, or to share the network wifi with the neighbor, or the near premises, this can be the ideal solution.

To solve the most frequent problem of router and amplifier wifi

Although or we have reviewed the best amplifiers or repeaters wifi of the market, on the basis of the valuation of the 2018, we have wanted to leave a quite important point for the end.

And it is that, as happens in other sections of the technology, some conditions are better given when works as much with identical brands in the equipment of emission of network of Internet (to router) as in the amplifiers or repeaters of this network.

This, by the perfect synchronization that exists when the devices own software patented by the same signature.

For such reason, we have wanted to speak to you of the best ones stands for casks of router and amplifiers wifi of the 2018, so that they choose a solution ready to use that it assures not only the amplification to them, but a pick up of signal without losses, and computer science lagoons that could jeopardize the security of their network.

Repeater TP-Link AC1200 RE305 + Router TP-LINK TD-W8960N

First of all, we will speak of two equipment of brand TP Link, one of the best ones of the branch.

In the case of repeater AC1200 RE305 (41 €) we were with a repeater of high performance that is able to transmit, to double band, until 1200 Mbps, with an optimal yield in radio networks, but also in networks of Ethernet, in case you want to place to him next to router and that is this equipment the one that is in charge of the distribution of the network by all the house.

Its design, with two antennas, is easy to take and to install. In addition, it has TP software Link, which makes us anticipate quality in the connections.

And, in this case, we have integrated it with router TP Link TD-W8960N (20 €), of the best ones in its branch.

With a futurist design, it is designed to receive connections of Ethernet ADSL, and at home to transmit them of wireless form under the 300 standard of Mbps, doing it ideal for the connections.

Thus, we were with an option of low cost to install an optimal connection of Internet at home.



Repeater Xiaomi WiFi To extend + Router Xiaomi XIROUTER3

The second stand for casks of router and repeater it has as protagonist to the Chinese brand Xiaomi. The technological brand of greater growth at world-wide level.

The repeater, denominated WiFi To extend, has an original and quite attractive design. It emphasizes by his connection of 360 degrees, and by only weighing 30 grams.

14 Mbps comes with the standard of 300 and only costs €.

In the case of router, we have chosen the XiRouter3, an equipment of highest benefits and major speed, with 4 antennas and 128 GB of internal memory (to share between all the equipment that is connected to the network, in way cloud storage).

GHz works in 2.4 and 5 GHz, reason why he is compatible with the majority of the equipment. Its cost, 37 €. Its weight, less than half kilo.



Repeater Netgear EX8000-100EUS + Router Netgear Nighthawk R6800-100PES

We do not want to finalize the listing without speaking of the best equipment of the moment. The best duo to have a connection that is used for everything. So it is happened to you, and at the speed that always you have wanted.

We make reference to the repeater of last generation of Netgear, with a cost of 178 €. Gbps emphasizes by being able to support three-phase connections of up to 3. Yes, 3,072 Mbps.

It amplifies the signal of wifi with a yield of until 200% of distance with respect to the original signal, and comes available in a quite elegant tablecloth design.

Aside from the connectivity wifi, can be connected by means of Ethernet with up to 4 equipment.

Altogether, we have placed to him with router of highest speed R6800-100PES, dedicated to the sector of gaming (by the speed that offers). But, you can use it to see films, parties online, sail simultaneously in 10 devices, without decreasing the speed.

In this equipment of 118 €, Netgear puts all their technology of manifesto. That is to say, QoS, Beamforming+, Gigabit AC1900, dual band, and patented his Nighthawk.



Netgear EX6200-100PES

This it can consider the best amplifier wifi of the Netgear brand, although it has as against the price (110€), since one is a device of high range. Nevertheless, their specifications and characteristics are quite interesting:

One is a device with the standard WiFi AC (the one that we mentioned that you had to choose), with the capacity to transmit a speed of 1200 Mbits/sec (1200 Mbps), two antennas that both are of 5dbi, a processor of double nucleus that works to 800 MHz and 700 amplifier of mW. In addition, it includes five bodies gigabit and switch with which you will be able to change the network interface.


ASUS is a brand recognized enough in the world of the technology and this amplifier wifi also is between the best ones to choose, since it owns functions of interest as the capacity to hide to the IP adding a great amount of proxies.

On the other hand, in his specifications prune to find the capacity to you to transmit data to 1167 Mbps with his dual bands, wireless compatibility 802,11 a/b/g/c/ac, technology of 2,4 bands GHz and 5 GHz and a super design simple, able to be able to install it in any place. Compatible with Windows and Mac OS. Its price is of approximately 65€.


The best economic amplifier wifi comes from the TP-LINK hand, already recognized by its products of connections and signals of network (modem, to router, amplifiers, PLC and antennas).

One is a device of only 29€ Euros, with capacity to use networks 2.4GHz and of 5GHz thanks to the two bands that work simultaneously; which allows him to transmit up to 750 mbps. In addition it includes an Ethernet port in case you wish to place it near some equipment.

For us, those are the best amplifiers wifi, which we have placed in ranks of prices of 90, 60 and 30 Euros; so there is no excuse about the budget, since there are options for all the pockets.

Homemade amplifier

Finally, a homemade amplifier of wifi that you can do you will find it in our article on antennas wifi; since there also we explained at the end of the entrance how to create one and to use it upon our router, although it is recommended that this one has at least one antenna.