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Tricks for Fortnite: To obtain TURKEYS

The Fortnite phenomenon continues growing, and every time they are plus the players who send to the map in wing delta to try to stay within the eye of the storm, to lootear the best coffers and power thus to face the rest of participants in the fight thus to gain the game. Nevertheless, not even the most expert players secure this objective, since it is quite difficult to survive each round the one hundred opponents distributed by the map, as well as to their traps, strategies of game and ruses several.

Until today, since through this article, we will offer the possibility to you that you exponentially increase to your probability of survival and victory teaching to you the best tricks for Fortnite, as well as strategies of game that include the best alighting areas, the best coffers to lootear, etc.

You do not forget that this it is a way Battle Royale very peculiar, where the possibility has also been added at any time of realising diverse constructions and place of the map, as well as material of crafteo. Reason why to control this modality will be vital if you really want to raise itself with the victory in this way of game.

The turkeys of Fortnite

In the case of Fortnite, the currency of the game is called “turkeys”, or “V-Bucks” in English, and with her you can buy aesthetic elements to personalize your character. Since we have already mentioned, this currency can be obtained through payments with real money, but also it is possible to be obtained free. Nevertheless, he is not so simple nor fast, for that reason we will show no mercy the efficient methods the more for “farmear” turkeys.

Tricks to obtain turkeys in Fortnite free

Several forms exist to free obtain turkeys in Fortnite in the different ways from game that this offers. The majority of these methods is realised playing in the way “To save to the world”, that is a game way offline. Here in this listing we will put all the forms and we will tell you which is most efficient.

Daily prizes

The daily prizes are small rewards that the game grants to you to connect you in the way “To save daily to the world”. The turkeys are received every 11 days and, although they are few, can help in the long term.

To carry out the daily tasks

Of the same form, since we are connecting to us daily, we can be useful to carry out the daily tasks if we have already unblocked them through main history. These consist of small challenges that are realised in the way offline and that when completing them all awards to you with 50 turkeys.

The missions of Stonewood

In the game way “To save the world” there is a list of missions of Stonewood that go of rank 1 to the 19 and that we can realise without much difficulty. These are adminisering extreme unction to missions of, that consist of protecting a zone when eliminating several swelling of enemies. These are quite simple missions and are the best form to make turkeys by your account quickly since you begin the game until level 70 is reached.

The missions of Storm Shield

These are other missions available in the way “To save to the world” that they are unblocked through advancing in history. They are ten missions altogether by each zone that can be realised an indefinite number of times. These are missions of defense that, from first to the novena, award with 100 turkeys and 150 when completing the tenth mission.

The missions of Twine Peaks

These are also other missions of the way “To save the world”. We can begin to take part in these missions once we reached level 20, nevertheless, is necessary to unite us to a group in which is at least a player of level 70 to be able to activate them.

These are very simple missions that they only demand to eliminate the enemy forceses at a given time to complete them, but until the moment they turn out to be the most effective method in the game to obtain turkeys free.

It completes the collection book to obtain turkeys in Fornite free

In addition to the missions, in the way “To save the world” there is something called “Book of Collection”, that can be unblocked once level 10 is reached. This is book that tolerates as species of album of stickers in that we can place several items, that the book is to us indicating, and receive rewards for that reason.

The book counts on 29 pages that can be completed. Nevertheless, we must consider that the items that we place in the book are lost without being able to recover them, reason why must make sure that an object does not serve to us, we have it duplicate or simply we do not want it. If some article does not fulfill the conditions is better than you do not place it in the book, since it will disappear for always.

Secondary missions and challenges

A form to obtain to turkeys in the game way “Battle Royale”, that is the way online of player against player, is accomplishing the secondary missions that appear, because these give a great variety of prizes as cosmetic arms, articles for personalisation and, which is our approach, up to 150 turkeys free.

Also they are the challenges, which are unblocked as we are advancing in main history and can every time be completed a maximum of 10 times obtaining 50 turkeys. This is an effective way to obtain enough turkeys, because each defied grants 500, but is a limited form, because the challenges are not limitless.

The participation in the events

Once in a while a new event begins, which grant many prizes, between which there are turkeys. Only that we must make to obtain the gains of the events are to participate in them, reason why we must be always kind not to lose to us of an event.

The best strategies to play Fortnite (zones with better loot, better arms, etc.)

If you are of that it prefers to play without help of no type, and to win or to lose but to always do it thanks to your own ability, you do not worry because this is going to you to interest.

Some of the best arms in Fortnite

The best form to obtain natural advantage in the combat is choosing wisely your equipment. For that reason, next we offer a comparative one to you between that, in our opinion, they are the best arms of the game (always within which they appear commonly, not special them).

  • DPS: 176
  • Damage: 32
  • Capacity bullets: 30
  • Peculiarity: Common


  • DPS: 181
  • Damage: 32
  • Capacity Bullets: 30
  • Peculiarity: Little common


To toss around
  • DPS: 48
  • Damage: 54
  • Capacity Bullets: 6
  • Peculiarity: Common


Semiautomatic pistol
  • DPS: 169
  • Damage: 25
  • Capacity Bullets: 16
  • Peculiarity: Rare weapon


Gun track
  • DPS: 63
  • Damage 90
  • Capacity Bullets: 5
  • Peculiarity: Common


Grenade launcher
  • DPS: 100
  • Damage: 100
  • Capacity Bullets: 6
  • Peculiarity: Rare weapon

The best sites to land

The best places to land usually are also the best zones to lootear, since in them you will be able to enjoy more time of immunity to look for arms without fear to be eliminated by the other players, since all you will appear in equality of conditions, only with the tip.

However, if you little land in a zone with or no loot, you will have to move you by the map in search of a more propitious place for it which probably or has been sacked by the other participants, which or will have taken in addition good positions also, reason why you will only be carnaza for them.

Fatal Fields: Little people send in wing delta to this zone to the south of the map, since judging by the presentation in the same they think that “she has not much” in her. Reason why in addition to offering good loot, as soon as and you will have to face to you enemies.

You will be able to lootear the different farms that you will be, some with quite interesting coffers and arms, and in addition you will be able to obtain great amount of materials for your constructions (metal in cars, wood in trees, etc.)

But the really interesting thing of this location is the bridge, since the coffer that there is in the same always contains very valuable items.

Moisity Mire: It is not either a zone that emphasizes by its great “loot”, but indeed for that reason he is interesting to glide to land in Mosity Mire, since it is in a zone of very little interest on the part of the players, being of calmest and safe of all the map. Reason why probably only you jump in this place, and have all the resources available in him exclusively for you. In addition, near you will find a prison there that has enough interesting things that to offer to you, reason why a good strategy is to obtain several initial arms in Moisity Mire and later to sack with them this prison.

Fortnite coffers

Lonely Dodge: To the east of the map, near Retail Row (you will recognize it since he is one of the favorite sites by the players to fall and to live games from the beginning battle).

The idea is indeed to take advantage of its proximity to this other place thus to be able to have several options, as for example to sack the zone (it has until more than ten coffers in Lonely Dodge, reason why you will come out rather well armed) and later to wait for the players who are mobilizing themselves outside Retail Row to eliminate them and to secure all resources.

Special mention for the cabin in the north, since in addition to being a place with several coffers it is quite good also at strategic level.

Wailing Woods: One is one of the sites with more hiding places, reason why it is a perfect alighting area for the players who prefer a style of much more stealthy game. In Wailing Woods you will find a little whole: coffers, shipments and also good zones of where removing materials.

Pleasant Park: This is perhaps the concurred zone more of all the listing, reason why you will have of being very fast when landing. The good thing is that you will find arms in practically all the buildings and houses, as well as in the near gas station, reason why you will have enough possibilities of surviving, although remembers that evidently the others also will have these facilities. It is a good place to land if the direct combat occurs you well.

Recommendations to obtain turkeys in Fornite free

If you are looking for a fast form to obtain turkeys or V-Bucks without having to pay micro-transactions constantly there are two things that you must consider. First it applies if you want to follow this list and one is that the way “To save the world” is a game modality that does not come when unloading Fornite, this must be bought to part, so in any case it is necessary to realise a cost of real money.

Fortnite tricks

Second it is that we must move away of the fraudulent forms to gain turkeys, as the traps. These forms can be detrimental since if you follow some of “traps” of some people you could cause that your account is blocked by the administrators.

Finally, we must we can say that there is a good reason by that Fortnite follows this model, and is that it is a gratuitous game, reason why the micro-transactions are the only form in which the creators of the game obtain money of him. So we hoped that this list helps you in your search of turkeys without spending money.