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Sony PS5: Date of launching and price

Each beginning of year the waited for events are carried out more during the later months, that were full of warnings, announcements, the news of launchings and many speculations, with respect to the new features, that the main brands that dominate the technological market offer to the clients and followers.

Sony, the great Japanese multinational, does not escape of this reality, on the contrary, is able to concentrate greater attention than the rest of its competitors, thanks to the ample focused product fan to different segments, that offers and to which already it has customary its users.

In this 2018, that as soon as it initiates, already has offered official launchings of some of its products, that hope to get to become horses of battle of the company, and its different divisions.

Between rumors of corridor and speculations of Sonyfans

However, since the end of the past year and in all along that has passed of this 2018, one has become more and more hard, the rumor of a possible official launching of the video game console Playstation 5. Nevertheless, to the date it is still more than a bet to the uncertain thing. And it is that from Sony nobody has left to deny or to ratify these rumors.

Although by all means, this has not prevented that stops the rumors, but on the contrary almost has untied a wave of the same, with futurist projections than it could be the new Sony video game console. And there are even some who assure that the representatives of the division of Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC, would within the framework make official their sale of the E3 fair that will take place in Los Angeles between 12 and 14 of June.

However, in spite of doubting the real possibility or not of this announcement, from already we can be preparing to us, not only discovering what it is presumed will gather this new video game console, but also crossing the past of its previous versions and this form to be able to evaluate its possible evolution in different aspects.

Of Playstation 1 to the 5: a way of twenty-four years

Although all or almost all know the launching the first video game console of Sony beginnings of the decade of years 90, which very few people know is that from long before already Sony venia studying and working in this market.

In order to know this history, it would be necessary to go back to year 1988, when an alliance remembers work between Sony and Nintendo not it wise chance? Then, this pact consisted of which Nintendo would be in charge of the project Entertainment Super Nintendo System (SNES), whereas Sony would have to develop the Super Disc. Super Disc, as complementary accessory so that the SNES of Nintendo, could read CD-ROM under the format of games.

What happened then, is common between the alliances of great corporations, diverse discords arose and the same finally it is broken when Nintendo replaces Sony by Panasonic, and cancels then the project of Super Disc 5. It is then, when in 1990, that Sony, becomes creditor of the rights of the project Playstation X, then under the direction of Ken Kutaragi.

It would be during the year 1993 that would constitute the Sony Computer Entertainment company, subdivision of this multinational, that would have the responsibility to be in charge of the area or segment of video-games of this technological emporium. And it is thus, as from year 1994, with the launching of the first console of Playstation, well-known as the original one, a development passage has been crossed and I devise in the matter of consoles and accessories destined to respond to the needs of the assiduous clients to the video-games.

In order to handle the adventure of Sony in the development of video-games. From the successful launching of the original Playstation console in 1994, the company has been developing since then to the Playstation line of consoles and accessories of homemade video-games. Until arriving at the uncertainty with respect to a possible console PS5.

The great bet of the 2018: PS5

As it mentioned previously, there is nothing no accurate with respect to the launching of a new console of Playstation to replace version 4. Without I engage the clutch, have been let strain by the networks, some loose data, that compacted with the analyses and studies of previous proposals, would allow to glimpse, which could bring the PS5, if Sony really dares to baptize this year to him. So he is not others to investigate a little on the matter.

What it is known until now

It is important to continue emphasizing that here exposed it does not correspond to line or official communication of Sony, but part of supposed and analyses that specialistic in the matter have realised. Nevertheless, the experience tells us that when arises a rumor, it is because something is cooking towards internal it of the brand.

Technical characteristics

For the lovers of the video-games and fans to table consoles of Sony, an important and for that reason extremely delicate aspect, is the power of the same. On the matter it is little what it has come to the public light, nevertheless, evaluating the power of the present console and the reception of the televisions 4K, is very probable, that games in format UHD with HDR and a rate of 60 photograms per second are in the market (fps).

However, this would not be than a level very limited, or basic, because the bet would be in the processor to use, the unit of graphical processing more and logically the ram memory, and whereas clause that already the previous model told on a memory GDDR 5, is to consider that a new version would have to be over the 16 GB.

Whereas it is spoken of a CPU RYZEN eight nuclei and the GPU Radeon Fertile valley, giving a vote of confidence again to AMD. The present base of the CPU x86 could stay. Without I engage other opinions emphasize that finally it could appear I jump towards the profit of the independent CPU and GPU. It is speculated on that his bandwidth, would position superior to the 500 Gb per second, with a connection HDMI 2,1 and a surrounding sound of 7.1.

With respect to the memory, given the amount of space that occupies the great majority of the present games, is probable that TV is decided by a hard disk of 2. And we do not forget a Blu-Ray reproducer 4K.

Main aspects that also would be in the PS5

Other additional characteristics exist that are rumored can be including in a new version of the Sony video game consoles, as for example:

Aesthetic design and

It is possible that one is a polished, black, shining and retro design illuminated and an aesthetic one characterized by curved and smooth lines.

Storage in the Cloud

The storage of games in formats discs, is possibly thing of the past, and is that the PS5 is anticipated that, obtains so yearned for dream to store the games in the cloud, through a system similar to the Steam. That in addition to keeping the advances from each player in the cloud, it also allows to unload the games from the same.

The advantage that this supposes, is significant, not only in terms of production and distribution of discs, but also with regard to the price of the games, that stops the end users, it can get to be very significant.

Incorporated virtual reality

One recent tendency exists, to think that with the launching of the Ps4, it has been arrived at the aim of video-game consoles, at least from Sony. And he is that special, that the novel proposal is to use accessory of virtual reality to interact in games that are lodged in the cloud.


Some fans, suppose that a new video game console, would have to come accompanied from changes that allow to manage through her social applications, networks, and services online.


Here also great changes would project from Sony, thus for example, the most important accessories for this new console serian:

Dual Shock 5

Desarticulable, that allows to transform to him into two pads, which they are reconciled to a device of virtual reality, the other accessory star, for this new generation of video consoles.

Playstation VR

This it would be an independent accessory, perhaps although it is possible to acquire it, on a par built-in with the video game console. One is a helmet of virtual reality, that receives by name Playstation VR, and that would be connected directly with a servant, under a format similar to the online one, thus the necessity of connection through the console would be eliminated.

Date of PS5 launching

In this point, it is where the greater amount arises from discrepancies, and is that the versions between analysts and fanatics seem not to put themselves in agreement. Thus for example, for Damian Thong, who was able to consider the date of launching of the PS4 Pro, serious at the end of this same year, when Sony of good the new one. The great majority of other analysts, maintains that in fact there is no possibility of establishing an exact date.

Possibly it oscillates in the period between 2019-2023.

So it is the case, for example of the page, leader in subjects of USgamer video-games, maintains that the safest bet, would be to establish the date of launching in 2020. Thus agreeing, in year with the announced thing by the analyst Mat Piscatella, of the NPD Group company, like previous months Michael Patcher also indicated it. And even, the last one in making its bets is the analyst Lewis Ward, of IDC, that as much props up the opening for the world-wide market of the PS5 as of new the Xbox, in 2021.

And it is that it is argued that even Sony has the possibility of removing greater benefit to the PS4, and that at the moment does not have necessity to reduce the time of this generation, being that still produces so good dividends to him. This according to, would be the thesis that maintains the person in charge of Sony, Shuhei Yoshida in relation to the exit to the market of a PS5, offering indirectly year 2020, as a possibility.

Who bet to a next date, they do it on the base of the announcements of the main brands of competition, to seize in the short term of the sector, with projected innovations. So it is the case of Ubisoft, of the hand of its Representative Yves Guillemot, who locates to him in the market, during year 2019, like new the Xbox.

In which yes the great majority of the consulted sources agrees, it is that it would be a global launching, in the main world-wide markets, that is to say Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina or the USA.

Price that it will have

Without an official version of Sony, and on the basis of speculations with respect to its design and functionalities, the price would not be more than a theoretical approach. Nevertheless, it is almost certainly is more expensive, than the previous console.

Some analysts, take as scale, an initial price of sale located between the 600 or 700 Euros. Nevertheless, for many others, it is possible that the line is to follow the strategy of Microsoft with their Xbox One X, to locate video game console PS5, in about 499 dollars for his official launching.

And what has of the games for PS5?

Although, the official launching of PS5 on the part of Sony, for this or next year is still a rumor of corridor, this has not been obstacle so that the immersed analysts and people in the world of the video-games, would also begin to plan, to speculate and to even work on the basis of which they would be the compatible games with this console (if finally it gets it to be).

In speculative terms, from to be certain the exit to the PS5 market, it is very probable that or a built-in pack or addition from in average 2 comes with to 4 games AAA, that or there are observed in the previous versions of PS3 and PS4. Also, when it is spoken of the characteristic of retrocompatibilidad of the PS5 of Sony, there are some who they give by fact that this new version will assume this quality with its previous pairs or versions, thus allowing to play past edition console video-games.  

This thesis, is maintained still more, as soon as in the past month of February, Sony renewed the retrocompatibilidad permissions, under the name of the creator of the PS4, although sometimes happened, had rejected that option, as much thus, that this console, does not allow to interact with past versions.

Nevertheless, also a current exists that maintains that the games will become more realistic and will have to adjust to the PS5, under this conception, analysts of the size of Marcus Sellars, that for the understood ones in the atmosphere, are right many of its technological predictions, maintain that already kits are in preparation to elaborate specific video-games for this console.

Necessary attributes

As mention was made previously, since every time the games technify and make more realists, consequently need more space in the memory the devices, is highly probable that the games for PS5, are lodged in the Cloud, not only for its unloading, but also to keep the advances within the same there.

As well, another aspect, that is due to consider in relation to the subject of the video-games is that of to be certain the persistent rumor that PS5 will not be in if a console, but rather a helmet of virtual reality, this without a doubt, will transform the approach and fits within the games, mainly regarding vision 360


The games that already are mentioned

From the house of Playstation, Sony or even comes working since the end of the 2017 and in which it goes of year 2018, in some games that or come available for PS4 Pro and probably they can be used in a hypothetical version PS5, thanks to the happy retrocompatibilidad. Between these games they are The Last of U.S. 2:

one is a video-game of action-adventure and survival with mixture of horror, developed by Naughty Dog and as it were already shelp, under the Sony Interactive Entertainment auspice. Bond to stand out in addition, that is a sequel of the worn for the first time game in the year 2013 The Last of U.S. God of War:

in previous years, we have seen other chapters of this saga, for previous versions of Playstation. Nevertheless, now this series of video-games in third person, who takes as central axis thematic from Sparta, with her Gods and figures mythological, brings a version 2018, whose fundamental characteristic, is that he will only be feasible in PS4 in future, thus, if a PS5 appears, doubtlessly, is almost certainly this game is between its main titles. Detroit Become Human:

Not yet it has been worn for the first time, hopes that its launching takes place in the month of May of 2018. This game of action and graphical adventure, based on a history of a futurist world with androids that humanize causing problems. Perhaps again one is a game that appears for console PS4, but locks up a trick to adjust to the possible PS5. Death Stranding:

This it is another video-game that will be published in this 2018, by Sony Interactive Entertainment, to exclusive way for the console Playstation 4. The novel thing is that actor Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead). Without a doubt, that a game of this category, would not be let pass through high for an attempt version PS5. Cyberpunk 2077:

This game, based on the board game Cyberpunk 2013, based on a futurist universe, although it is not produced by Sony, but by CD Projekt NETWORK, is thought to adapt to the new technologies of video game consoles perhaps it isn't it a possible PS5? Dangerous Golf: It is not much what it is known of this first video-game of

Paul Ross with its new study, but this developer, assures that he has begun to work in the same, with a view to that is worn for the first time under the format of a PS5. GTA 6:

Grand Theft Auto 6, is a chapter of the saga of video-games who will be worn for the first time for new consoles, even though they are not absolutely real at the moment, for example the PS5 of Sony and Xbox Two de Microsoft. it is for this reason, that it is estimated that this game sees light in 2020, to give time to that they leave to the market respective consoles, and thus to analyze how to cause that the games run in them.

Other options that without a doubt, did not ignore serian FIFA and PES.

4,5 Playstation or Playstation 5?

Finally, a last rumor with respect to the possible exit to the market of a new console of video Sony games, is that this one good could not be so yearned for and waited for PS5, but of an intermediate version between her and PS4, something as well as a PS4.5.

The reasons would be sustained, in the necessity that has Sony to create more lasting consoles in the time, and that is not necessary to replace every two or three years, since it implies a great creative effort, monetary and industrial. Then, the serious proposal, to extend the most possible life utility of the console generations.

What yes he is undeniable, is that the rumors exist and that Sony this conscious one that it needs to renew as far as the video game consoles, of the way that is, mainly to the salary as much competition in the market. It is for that reason possible, that much than here saying, it overcomes the barrier of the speculations.  It only is to be patient and to elevate the bets to the option that is created more feasible to obtain.