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GTA 6: Date of opening, Consoles and Price

The saga of Grand Theft Auto video-games has a great route in the industry, and for that reason each new delivery is surrounded by great sense of expectancy, with an enormous amount of followers of brand GTA whom they look for to know the new features this new title. A clear example we have it with the last delivery of the saga: GTA V, which was able to collect more than eight hundred million dollars only the first day that left the game on sale, demonstrating that he is one of the great names within the sector of the video-games, and that counts with an enormous amount of followers.

The same fanatics who nowadays wait for the launching of their new delivery: GTA 6 for PS4, and what we know about his launching, as well as of the system in which finally it will see the light (probably Playstation 5).

In what city it will take place GTA 6? Where placed this new is delivery?

The scene of the game is one of the main incognitos with each new delivery of the saga, since one of its main characteristics is the change of scene with each new delivery, and it is hoped that game GTA 6 is placed in places as Japan, the United Kingdom or inclusively Berlin, although not yet is nothing 100% confirmed.

Possible locations of GTA I SAW

What yes we know, is that this new delivery will leave the city of Los Santos (Los Angeles) where the history of the villa took place gives, and where we could see the adventures of Michael, Franklin and Trevor.

In fact, one of the rumors that more force has received in the last months has been the fact that it is not only the one main city where the video-game is developed, but two. As it happened in “History of two cities” of Charles Dickens, being also an aspect of innovating character, since this had never happened before in the saga.

And it is that as we know, Rockstar tries to innovate with each new delivery of the game, reason why is hoped that GTA 6 breaks again with all the pre-established molds, and offers to the player a novel experience juiceable with great amount of jugables options, and many surprising factors with respect to the gameplay, the graphs, etc.

Another one of the rumors that has sounded in the last days more has been the one of the inclusion of climatic cataclysms, such as volcano hurricanes, eruption, tsunamis… All this, clearly, are not more than speculations until we know to the aim the date of launching of GTA 6.

GTA 6, a much more realistic game

Of all these additions, improvements and extras we can remove in clear that the sixth delivery of the saga grand theft car looks for to be a much more realistic game. But still there are more indications of this, and are that apparently, the city in which has the events of the protagonist of GTA 6 will be more alive than ever, since everything what we do will have its echo in the same.

Thus, if for example we realised flaws in the city, these will stay, and inclusively we will see sometimes how the workers fix it. The same happens with the buildings: if we hit or we demolished some, we will see how the workers reconstruct it. Thus, we will have an interactive scene 100% where in addition we will be who we personalize it based on our form of game.

New protagonist and characters

In the fifth chapter of this saga they surprised us all with the possibility of handling until a three characters simultaneously, reason why surprises at the time of playing GTA 6 are also expected, and although the fact to return to control a single protagonist, is speculated on with the possibility that this she is woman. It would be, therefore, the first time that we would see a woman carrying out a delivery of Grand Theft Auto.

Also he is probable that the possibility is included of personalizing to your own character as protagonist, adapting history to the same, reason why this will be 100% adapted the character that we have created. Finally, also famous actors have been mentioned, as Eva Mendez and Ryan Gosling, who of some form would take part in happening of the game.

The possibility of handling to two protagonists, a boy and a girl who are even, is also another one of the theories with more force in the network as a result of this announcement, although this is less probable that it happens.

A compatible game with the virtual reality

The virtual reality has entered with force video game industry, and facing the future it will be harnessed still more, reason why it is logical to again think that this new delivery of saga GTA will count, at least, on the possibility of implementing it of some form, retaking the characteristic added in consoles of new generation with which to be able to play GTA I SAW in first person.

Platforms in which its launching is predicted

Everything will depend than they make the companies for these dates, and if they have really sent or his consoles of new generation (5 Playstation and Xbox Two) to the market or no. But, it thinks that we will be able to find it available for PC, Ps4, Ps5, Xbox One and Xbox 2 at least.

Platforms available
PC – PS4 – PS5 – Xbox One – Xbox 2

Evidently, 3 Playstation and Xbox 360 would be outside the equation, since the companies and video game developers are stopping their support to the same, and more likely when it is worn for the first time this new delivery of the saga no longer is continued matching for both consoles, and inclusively it estimates that they have left the new versions consoles at the moment considered as “of new generation” as much on the part of Sony as of Microsoft. That yes, Rockstar would maintain the development for 4 Playstation and XBOX One as they did previously with part V of GTA.

Date official launching GTA 6, Playstation 5?

Not yet there is official confirmation, but according to the tracks that are giving from the own Rockstar and workers within the company, we could locate the next delivery of Grand Theft Auto (number six) in 2020. And it is by that it is speculated on that by then, we will already have also new console generation in the market, for which it will leave, mainly, this new game of the saga.

Another one of the reasons that make see quite distant the opening us of this new delivery is the fact that its present game stars, GTA V, it in active-duty continues being one of the games with more users, and whom in addition an enormous number as far as sales has reached. The amounts surpass trillions both, and this is only speaking of the sales of the copy of the game in itself, since within him micropayments exist, additional content, etc. That the people also acquire, and whose amounts also we would have to add.

Its delayed launching in PC also makes think that still it is GTA 5 for short while, reason why until we see how they continue implementing contained his present version, the hen of gold eggs, until seeing the aim some real news about developing GTA I SAW.

Price. How much it will cost to buy GTA 6?

The introductory price will not be of the habitual cost of other last video-games TOP much sales, reason why more likely we find it between 59,99€ or 69,99€. Nevertheless, also we will have to consider the different routes that there are to acquire it besides habitual the physical copy, reason why more likely can find more reduced it if we make use of the digital market or the platforms in the cloud, so fashionable in the present console generation.