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The best powerful and cheap antennas wifi of long reach

Several reasons exist by which the people decide to acquire antennas wifi. Mainly, they need to connect to Internet because the connection does not arrive to where they wish, or because router it is far from his room, the connection does not cover all the home or simply you need to connect itself to the network of another person.

It discovers which are the best antennas wifi for long distance

Independent of which it is the reason by which you wish to buy them one can be to connect from any place from house to Instagram jeje to you, in this entrance we will try to contribute the best options to you. In addition, we have including as “extra” the creation of some homemade antennas of wifi, which could be very useful to that really they need them and they do not count on the budget to realise that cost.

What aspects I must know to buy an antenna wifi?

It is necessary to consider several factors at the time of acquiring them, as the distance, obstacles, power, gain and more, which will allow us to make a correct election of the antenna.

  • The distance that will have the antenna of the connection (or router or repeating) is an aspect fundamental to know how what option to choose; reason why you must measure it before beginning the route to look for antennas for wifi of long reach.
  • The existing obstacles between the described distance previously also must be taken into account; since although you can receive the signal, these could interfere in the daily use of negative form.
  • The gain of an antenna also is important, because this one characteristic the one that will cause that wifi works correctly to receive the signal correctly and later to send it.
  • On the other hand, the power is that one that allows to send the signal more far or close. What means that while more power owns the antenna (its measurement is with the unit dBm or mW), major will be its reach.
  • In order to finalize, it remembers that the connection that receives the antenna must come a device that distributes it correctly, that is to say, this one also must be chosen with precaution and being of very good quality.

If you consider all the mentioned aspects, I assure to you that you will be able to choose the best option between the powerful antennas wifi that we have for you.

That Antennas of long reach to buy?

Ubiquiti LIBRA-M5-23 (Distance of 30KM)

Considered one of the best antennas wifi of long reach, because it owns the capacity to reach up to 30 kilometers of distance. But in addition, not only it offers that characteristic, but also we found in its specifications a gain of 23 dBi and 5 technology of GHz.

The antenna is ideal to place in exteriors, since it can support high temperatures and different types from climate. Nevertheless, also it can be used in interior. Its price is of 51,19€, which places it as most expensive of the list, but also the one that offers major distances.

N519 melon (Distance of 2KM)

Also including between the best antennas, although economic than the previous one (considering the range difference between both). This normally is used also for exteriors, since the distance is of 300 meters to 2 kilometers; but sometimes the objects that can have in the interior trim it, so it can work for greater houses.

The antenna counts on a chip Mediatek Ralink RT3072, speed of unloading of 300Mbps. In addition, it owns a gain of 36dbi and a 200 power of mW. Way with all the versions of Windows from XP.

Alpha AWUS036ACH Wifi USB

Considered one of the best USB antennas for long reach, with incredible specifications and a price of 56€. This machine is an adapter wifi USB 3,0 that is characterized by its power, stability and rapidity of connection, since 5GHz works with technology, is double band (2.4 Ghz) and is compatible with all the operating systems (Linux, Windows and Mac OS).

The gain is of 5dbi in both antennas (replacable SMA, that is to say,), allows a connection of 300 megabytes with 2.4 band Ghz and up to 850 megabytes of unloading with 5 technology GHz. Doubtlessly wifi for interiors is the best antenna.

TP-Link TL-WN822N

Within the brands of devices of connection to Internet (powerful antennas, to router and repeaters of quality) TP-Link always it has excelled, reason why if already you have used teams of this manufacturer, this option will enchant to you.

The TL-WN822N is a device that works as much with 2.4 bands of GHz, as of 5GHz. This means that also you will have a fast connection as the described antenna previously (of 300 to 850 megabytes according to what you use).

It works through an USB 3,0 and its gain allows a fast, stable connection and without interruption. Ideal to use in the interior. By his price of only 15€ really it is worth the pain.

♻️ Crea your own homemade antenna wifi with this tutorial

If you do not have money to buy cheap antennas as which we have shown to you, then wifi will serve this small guide to you to make the best homemade antenna.

  1. In order to construct you will only need it beer or a softdrink can, some scissors, a little tape and some rubber that allows to stick the device when router. It only follows the instructions:
  2. It turns around the tin (obvious it must be empty) and trims the circular part of down completely.
  3. Soon it realises a cut by means of the tin and trims partially the part of above (not everything), helps you with the shown image. We must remain with the part that has the hollow.
  4. The only thing that you must do now is to pass the antenna of wifi through the hole and to hold it with tape or rubber.

Ready, already you will have one of the homemade antennas of wifi more practices.