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How to update your mobiles and tablets to the last version of Android

This is the route to directly update your Android device from the system: Configuration > System > About the device > Update of software. Thus, you will be able to force his update although the turn manufacturer not yet has sent the last version of this S.O of official form. And he is that besides this route, we can find other legal and perfectly effective forms with which to be able to update to the last version of Android all type of terminals as mobiles and tablets, mainly.

Therefore, you will have to choose between realising the update by means of the official form, or however to force the update of mobiles and tablets Android, available through the internal configuration of your device. Although also you will have to consider that not always you will have available this option, since not always there are new Android versions that to unload and that to update our telephone, or is possible that simply this update not yet is compatible with your model of smartphone. But you do not worry, because we will guide throughout all this process to you so that you are able to update the mobile or tablet Android correctly, and thus you avoid any typical failure of installation or compatibility and worries several.

Why it serves to update Android, and why it is so important? Many you will have become this question at some time of your lives, since every time it is more habitual than our telephone asks for periodic permissions with which to take to end this process. Then, one is something quite important, since when updating smartphone or tablet what we will obtain will be to install the last version of his operating system, and this brings with himself a great amount of benefits for your terminal.

In order to know all these advantages, you will have to know thorough Android Oreo, the last version of this operating system (and that is equivalent to the 8,0), being very interesting the series of extras, added and improvements that proposes. Here you have everything what you need to know on Android Oreo, although also you can move until the final part of the article, where we will enumerate the new features that this new update of Android 8.0 has incorporated.

It learns to how updating your mobile and tablet Android step by step

First, it verifies the version of your present software

To verify the version of your terminal is something vital to begin the update process yet which we are going to put under to him, since otherwise we will not know the starting point on which we began. In order to see the present version of Android of your telephone you must go to the menu “Configuration”, and later beat on “Information of software”. It is there when it will leave a screen to you as this, with the quite clear information about the software that has your device, as for example what version of UNDER Android you have, among others.

Taken care of! If by some accidental your mobile phone or tablet it is executed under Android Jelly Bean, you will have to consider that this manufacturer has stopped updating the terminals, reason why is improbable that you can update yours smartphone or tablet Android.

If after verifying the version of Android you see that this is totally out of date, we will have of coming with the following step to be able to update to Android 8,0 Oreo: to realise a backup copy of all data.

To make a backup copy, important before beginning with the update of UNDER.

Although at first this procedure would not have to affect to the archives that guards in your device (such as music, images, documents, private conversations, etc.) Always it is good for being cautious and to realise a backup copy with which to assure to us that, to happen any misfortune, always we will be able to recover the lost data.

Now already if it does not have nothing prevents us to follow with the process so that you learn to how updating Android to the last version. There are many forms to do it, but evidently most advisable always it is to do it by the official route. Besides the security that contributes its officiality, it is possible to emphasize that it is, in addition, a process fast, effective and much more mainly simple to take to end.

You remember you are connected to a network WiFi before realising any type of Android update, mobile or tablet, since a stable and gratuitous connection is necessary that, among other things, allows you to complete the operation without complications and that a great amount does not spend of data in the process.

To update Android of official form and via OTA (wireless method)

It is denominated as OTA or PHOTO (in its defect) to all that one update of software that for of wireless form, and which evidently with the type of networks and present connections, has been one of the most habitual forms with those than takes to end this process. The fact of knowing how can also help how to have Internet free.

The procedure is very simple, since we will only have to unload firmware from the own device, without needing connecting smartphone or tablet to the PC, a method something more troublesome (and than also we taught something to you more down in this same post) that makes use of the computer as intermediary for the unloading and installation of these archives in our terminal).

There are two forms to take to end method OTA. One is much more simple, but it depends on which the manufacturer has sent the mentioned update already. Otherwise, we will have to do it everything manually, which implies to rootear the mobile. Nevertheless, we go passage by step. We will enter, firstly, in the following route: Adjustments - > Information of the Telephone - > Updates of the System to verify it, and if indeed it has been sent or of official form, we will only have to accept certain conditions of use and or we will be able to unload the update and to begin with the installation of new firmware.

If it is not the case, we will have to make it by the route manual. He is something more difficult and you will take more in being able to do it, but we will try to explain it all good passage by step and to simplify it the possible maximum so that it is not done to you tedious.

How to update your mobile or tablet Android of form manual

To unload the last version of Android in your devices can be different following the model from smartphone or tablet which you have. Although usually it does not defer much, reason why supporting you in this guide more likely you reach this objective in the same way.

  1. Firstly, you will have to begin by Rootear the mobile.
  2. A posteriori, recovery will be due to install modified (a tool that will allow you to modify any part of the system, and that is the one that will allow to install versions of this operating system which they are not officials).
  3. Also it is necessary to install ROM for Android versions nonofficials (as it is the case).

If you do not have nor idea about how to do all this you do not worry, since only we were giving you you rule to follow of the tutorial, next comes the explanation where we will teach how to keep to end each and every one of the step to you.

1. We unload ROM Installer from Google Play (if you beat here takes directly to this application). You install it and you execute it, beats on skip to jump all the information that leaves at the outset explaining everything what you can do with this app.

Now that or you are inside, you will be able to see a series of options such as the one to do backup or to install a flash recovery besides the main one: to install a ROM.

2. Since already there are saying, he is recommendable to make a Backup, being able take advantage of the tool that provides app to you, although is better if it beams manually.

3. Later, you will need to select to the advisable flash recovery creais. After unloading it, its installation will begin automatically also. As véis, everything very simple and intuitive.

4. Now already you will have your device totally preparation to realise the installation of the ROM, and is indeed what we are going to do. We needed to beat on ROM Installer, and only we selected again the option that agrees to us. We advised the one of IT CHROME, although this already depends on everyone.

Your device will be reinitiated and after the ignition the update already will be available. It remembers to install apps that needs again to you, as well as own store of Android.

Finalized this explanation, we passed to other variants and methods of update of software.

Other methods to update Android to its last version (Oreo)

A great diversity of forms by means of which exists to be able to install the version Oreo in the mobile phones and tablets besides the officials or previously shown. We taught to you how next:

To use apps to update Android

Firstly we will teach a small trick to you with which to force that the new update appears to you. For it, we will have to accede to Adjustments - > Applications - > Marcos de Servicios de Google. There we will come to force its halting, not without first to eliminate all the data (important) of shelp app. We reinitiate the terminal and you will see appear a notification that will ask to you to accede to the information of your location, which we will have to accept and automatically already we will see appear in screen another notification with the update to Android Oreo.

This trick to update Android is useful also for new coming versions, reason why it agrees to have it in account very. The only requirement so that it works is that already firmware in your country has been published this.

Kingroot, another form to update to the last version of Android.

We have already mentioned previously the importance of rootear your mobile to update Android. Then, app of Kingroot will to a great extent help in this process facilitating to you the things you, since she is very simple to use. After unloading it and executing it, we will see how a suite of security in the form of additional software will settle whose function will be the one to allow us to execute processes in background, mainly the accomplishment of analysis and diagnoses several.

The only problem that presents this app is its main language: Chinese being in a priori is not most comfortable, but it does not suppose a problem since we will have to only beat in a button so that the tool confers superuser permissions to us, and easily enter thus a state of “root” on ours smartphone or tablet.

Kingroot is available for practically all the models of mobiles and Android versions, reason why you will not have compatibility problem some. Just in case, and if still there are doubts on the matter, next we left an explanatory video you where you will be able to see how to unload Kingroot and to install it step by step. And, in case estábais asking to you: yes, also it leaves how to obtain the superuser powers. Although since already there are saying, it is simply to press a button.

If you have some doubt about how installing Kingroot in your mobile phone, leave it to us in commentaries and it will be solved to you more soon possible.

How to update Android from a computer

This it is another method with which you will be able to install the new version of Android through PC. You will yes need that to install SDK de Android (Software Development Kit) in your computer, as well as the controllers corresponding to the device and model at issue. Thus, already you will be able to update your Android with the help of a PC.

The first that you will have to make to take to end this process is to unload the version of firmware which you want to install (in this case, Android 8,0 also Oreo call), and to keep file ZIP within SDK de Android previously installed. More concretely, within the Platform-tools folder.

Next, it connects the Android device that you want to update so that your PC recognizes and extinguishes it.

Ignite it, but this time beating the ascent bellboys and slope of volume altogether with the button of ignition thus to initiate the terminal in way to bootloader.

Later, you will have to enter the way recovery selecting this option. You will be able to do it through the bellboys of volume, since they are the controls of handling for this way. Also, he will be the one of ignition with that you will be able to select it, doing the times of button of “OK”. After to have come to it, hopes to that it appears in screen the symbol of an exclamation and returns to press the combination of the three bellboys previously mentioned, later to return to select with the ignition button the option of Apply update from adb.

Now it is called on to work with the computer. It sees “Home”, “To execute” and writes the following commando: cmd. A screen by commandos will be opened, in whom you will have to write the following thing: “adb sideload” + the name of the unloaded file that contains the version of Android updated. You press intro to send it, you disconnect the device of the PC and you will already be able to initiate it normally. If you have followed these steps exactly, after the ignition already you will be able to enjoy the new version of Android 8,0 in your terminal.

To realise the update process from a card SD

Also it is possible to realise this “update” through a card SD or MicroSD, although evidently it implies the impossibility of the method for all that one device that does not have this type of grooves available. Even so, one is a group reduced the enough, reason why great majority yes that you will be able to update android by means of card SD. It pays special attention to the explanation, since it is a somewhat complicated process. Luckily, we will show all the steps to you to follow so that you do not have any kind of problem installing the new version of Android from a MicroSD.

And of the version of Android Oreo, we happened to speak of Kit Kat (Android 4,4), since it is necessary to explain the great change that implemented as far as the behavior of cards SD of our movable devices, and how these affected our telephones.

The main problems were that any app or tool that had access to the memory card, could also modify and/or sobrewrite any important element within the same, as for example the archives within folder DCIM, which returned it a joining point that promoted the vulnerability of the telephone or tablet, making very simple the subtraction of private information such as images or videos. It is for this reason that since then, and although still it is possible to install apps in memory SD, if these need to keep information and/or to have access to her, this will go everything to a specific folder within the internal storage of the terminal.

This promotion of security that brought Android KitKat 4,4 to cards SD also complicated the process of update of firmware from the same, although this does not mean that it is impossible: still it can be updated.

In order to install the new version of Android from your card SD you will first need to unload PhoenixCard, the own memory card and image ISO of Android (or also denominated as file of Android image).

We will begin to explain what is PhoenixCard and how to install it.

This tool is the one that will allow us to execute firmware updated within the memory card, reason why without her we will not be able to initiate the update process. Its function is the one to make of these equipment a starting unit being allowed engraving ISO in them. Thus, you will be able to connect them to the device later that you want to update and to start directly from them to initiate the process that will give rise to the update of firmware.

You can unload PhoenixCard to update Android from a card SD.

The image file: Image ISO of Android 8,0 is the container of each and every one of the archives of which this update is made up, and the main form to do them effective in your tablet or smartphone. Unload it here:

And, finally, the memory card SD. Anyone can merit, you only must fulfill a requirement: that it has 1GB of storage at least, since otherwise you will not be able to record in her image ISO and to turn it into a starting unit with which to update Android to his last version.

Complete guide, how to return to install Android step by step.


  1. First of all, we come to unload from our computer software PhoenixCard. It remembers to decompress the file.
  2. It unloads file ISO from the connection that we have provided to you previously, and connects card S.A. PC.
  3. It executes the tool of PhoenixCard through PhoenixCard.exe file within his folder.
  4. Next, a menu will be opened where you will have to select the unit where you have connected the memory card, and to load in her the file of Android image.
  5. It records image ISO in card SD (at least 1GB of size). Assure to you that reading is in way before recording.
  6. It removes the card from the computer and connects it to your tablet or telephone so that the installation of Android updated in this device begins.
  7. It returns to disconnect the card and it enjoys your terminal updated already to the 100%, since the process will have finalized successfully.

These are the most habitual forms with those than to be able to install the last version of Android in our devices. Nevertheless, and although we have explained them step by step, they are general processes that evidently are not used for all the models and brands as mobiles the same. It is hour of which we show to you how to update mobiles and tablets Android according to its brands.

How to update Android in devices of the Samsung brand

As in the rest of brands, you will have always available the official option (update OTA), and that you will find well explained in the initial part of this same post. Also, also you can update mobiles Samsung from the KingRoot, card SD and others apps already mentioned.

Where they begin to change the things are in the last method with which to update Samsung from the PC, since you will need a type specific software to take to end this procedure. In particular, you will need to unload the programs Kies (from you will be able here to do it) and Samsung Smart Switch (to unload here).

Both are necessary to take to end the installation of the new Android version in Samsung devices.

It updates mobiles and tablets of the Sony brand to the last Android version with these methods

To update Android in Sony is quite similar in the majority of occasions for the user, being able to decide on official forms, or to update by means of KingRoot, card SD, etc. Nothing that we have not offered to you already.

Also you will be able to update tablets and Sony mobiles from the PC following you rule previously general dictated, but also you will need another type more specific programs, as it is the case of Xperia Companion (for the operating system Windows) and Sony Bridge for MAC. Tablet or Sony mobile is the only form to manage the one archives from the PC, and in both cases you will be able to unload it from here.

To update Android in mobiles and tablets LG

It is possible to update Android in devices of brand LG of different ways: or by means of route OTA, with a card SD or apps and the Kingroot tool. All this you will perfectly find it explained more above in the beginning of this extensive guide.

Although the best option doubtless (and that personally we recommended) is the one to update Android by means of a computer or PC.

As always, we will need the program with which to be able to administer the archives of our device from the computer; LG PC Suite for UNDER de Windows and LG the Bridge for MAC.

We taught to you to update the devices Android HTC

At the time of updating Android in THC also we will be able to decide on the methods OTA, apps, Kingroot and MicroSD. Again, which changes slightly is the form to do it by means of the computer. In order to update Android in mobiles HTC from the PC it is necessary to count on software HTC Sync Manager (here), that is used for both operating systems: as much Windows as MAC.

This tool presents practically the same functions that previously mentioned for other systems, only that this time focused in the brand, reason why are the only form to handle the archives of your terminal THC within the computer.

To install the last version of Android in Mobiles and tablets Xiaomi

The majority of people prefers to update the terminals Android de Xiaomi with method OTA, since it is the fastest and effective form to do it when being an official method. Nevertheless, this does not mean that it is not possible to update Android in Xiaomi from Kingroot or a memory card.

Also, by all means, you will have the option of the PC to update Android in Xiaomi from the computer, being this quite safe form to do it, mainly because you will be able to realise backup copies of all archives. The program necessary to update Xiaomi from the computer is My PC Suite, and you will be able to unload it from the following connection.

To update Android in mobiles and tablets Lenovo

To update the Lenovo devices to the last Android version is not complicated, and in fact it is possible to be done in the same line that the other mobiles and tablets pertaining to other brands: from official form OTA to by means of a starting card SD, or however by means of Kingroot or other applications.

Again, we found the difference in software necessary to carry out the update from the computer.  Where it will be necessary to again unload a type of specific software in being able to take to end the update of Android in mobiles and tablets Lenovo. Nevertheless, a great difference with respect to the rest of brands exists, and is that this program only is available for computers executed under UNDER de Windows. Unload it from his official Web.

How you can update a mobile or tablet Motorola to the last Android version?

To update Android in Motorola devices is not much of the rest of updates that already we have seen. We have official OTA, via Kingroot, others apps and by all means creating a unit of starting through a memory card USB.

Also he is very recommendable to update Android in a Motorola from the computer due to the security that provides the power to realise backups of your archives. For it, you will have to unload Motorola Device Manager from the official Web and to thus be able to manage all the archives of smartphone or tablet of the brand.

Methods with which to update Android in tablets and Alcatel mobiles

If you have come here looking for the form to be able to update Android in Alcatel devices, Congratulations! since you have arrived indeed at the indicated place. We informed to you that you will be able to do it of different forms. The most habitual, as it is the case of updating Android via OTA, or with applications several, a card MicroSD and Kingroot already have been explained in the part superior of the post, reason why this time we will concentrate in how updating a terminal alcatel from the computer.

This it is the program that you will need to take to end the installation. It remembers that one of the great advantages to update firmware from the PC is that you will be able to realise backup copies. If by some accidental one one has forgotten to you to do it and are lost your data during the update you do not worry, since the form also exists to recover the erased images and documents.

Benefits To update your Android device to the last version

  • The new versions of the operating system Android serve to improve the yield of our equipment, since the software of the same with quite interesting added extras is updated and, reason why could say that our mobile or tablet undergoes a gratuitous improvement through the same.
  • The reconstruction that suppose to install the last Android version in our mobile and/or tablet allow in addition to harness the system. To do it quicker, to solve faults and errors of factory, etc.
  • Another one of the most common options that usually they include the new versions of the operating system Android is the one to improve the battery of the terminal. Or by means of the optimization of its cost (with the consequent saving of energy), or simply reducing the cost of resources necessary to maintain the active device. With the consequent of life useful extension of the same to traverse to save battery again.
  • To update Android also improves the compatibility of ours smartphone or tablet with apps.
  • To new functions and characteristics to the terminal are added.
  • The security of the device through all its joining points is reinforced, as much concerning hardware as of software.

New features of the new Android update: Oreo.

Android 8, also denominated as Oreo, is the new version of this operating system. We showed everything to you what includes and what is able to offer to your mobiles and tablets that works under this system.

Image on image (PIP): This function already took control public of the launching of Android TV, although it is worth the trouble to comment it since many not yet know it, and now thanks to her they will be able turns videos, images and/or videoconferences while beams other things in background, which help to make agile the tasks and promotes the multifunction of the terminal. The operation is very simple: the audio-visual material will reproduce in a floating window whereas while you will be able to continue using your mobile or tablet with normality, and inclusively to execute others apps.

The adaptive icons enter scene: These new icons designed in two layers adapt to any interface and improve the experience of the user.

The notifications also leave very well stops this new version 8.1 Android. You will be able to personalize notifications, and to manage it as we want. Or blocking some, or selecting which we want to see and which no, to postpone them…

It emphasizes the power to now classify them by colors, and the new hierarchy of notifications that have been created:

  • The first level for telephone notifications of the navigator, calls or music. In the second level the notifications of Whatsapp and others will be classified apps of instantaneous mail, as well as the lost calls or the messages (SMS).
  • The third level of notifications understands the typical updates of apps, as well as events several, notifications of the calendar, etc.
  • In the quarter and last level the less important notifications will go, as the suggestions or the climate, etc.

The autocompletado one of the searches in Google Android: Like it happens with Chrome and other navigators of computer, now in each search suggestions will be offered to you of autocompletado.

Improvement of the menu of adjustments and the bars of navigation, improving them mainly aesthetically.

Another improvement of the notifications: Now, the sound will be able to be personalized that does the same with our own songs and sounds.

The option of “applications of unknown origin” is remodeled whose function is the one to install apps not known. Now, you will have to authorize manually that one app installs another new tool. An improvement clearly focused in the security of our mobiles and tablets Android.

It is allowed to copy and to stick text without format, a characteristic also taken directly from the computers.

Intelligent text selector: To the aim! , this characteristic of which or the users could be benefitted from iOS, or has been implemented with Android Oreo.

Connection wifi in automatic: A place will be able to be selected to determine it as predetermined site of connection, so that if we disconnected WiFi on the street to save battery, when we arrive at house this becomes to activate automatically, being this very practical option.

The emoticons return to a design something more classic.

Now the applications you can request different permissions, as for example still continuing executing itself and within the way “not to bother” via previous authorization.

It includes WebView for a much more safe navigation. Again one looks for to resemble the experience with Chrome navigator for PC.

Project Treble is added to make agile the process to update Android in our devices avoiding the fragmentation of the data.

Concerning connectivity, Android 8,1 Oreo includes:

  • Technology WiFi Aware.
  • 1,4 Bluetooth AVRCP and Low-Energy (BLE) 5.0
  • Codec Wireless LDAC of Sony.

Greater control of the execution of apps in background, with views to save battery in the mobile or tablet.

Compatibility with external screens, which allows the connection of the device at issue the same.

You remember that just down, in the box of commentaries, you can leave any doubt or recommendation about this guide exceeds how to update Android to their last version.