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How to free secure to Internet in mobiles and tablets Android

To have Internet in the mobile and tablet Android free is easier that, since diverse methods with which exist to be able to connect to you to Internet safely from both devices and without needing spending money, and we are never going to teach to you how.

We begin with a simple method to free have Internet in the mobile (whenever this de Android is executed under UNDER) and with which you will see the simple thing that he is to be able to nowadays enjoy gratuitous connection in personal yours smartphone.

Before beginning, some advice who will help you to be able to follow the time that this tutorial marks:

  • One is a gratuitous method 100%, reason why you do not have to worry about the money.
  • He serves so much for mobiles as for tablets.
  • Cash in all the countries and with all the movable operators.
  • Necessary compatibility with networks 3G or 4G so that it works.
  • Speed of Internet than more acceptable, as much at the time of sending data as to receive them, having a somewhat smaller to the one of the networks wifi or habitual data, but equally viable yield for the use of apps of instantaneous mail and social networks.
  • Limitless megas with which to be able to sail online until your battery allows it to you.
  • Without needing rootear the mobile, and 100% legal one.

The best form to free have Internet in mobile and tablet Android 2018

We will begin by the most effective method of all with which to have always connection free to Internet WiFi.

First form to always have gratuitous connection to Internet

In order to take to end this method we will need to unload of Google Play app of WiFi Map. After his installation, we executed it and we will see how before us an extensive map is opened which will show our real location to us, as well as our environs on scale, as the Google Maps would do well-known. Nevertheless, this application has a small addition: and it is that he is able to show all the gratuitous WiFi networks by your zone, and not only gratuitous networks; But also those private ones whose password has been shared by somebody through the tool. Thus, the phantom of possibilities increases exponentially, since we will be able valernos of a great amount of type and joining points of connections.

Secondly method with which to obtain Internet free for the mobile or one tablet Android

Again, we will be able to connect itself to Internet thanks to the possibilities of an application. In this case, we will have to unload Instabridge- Wi-Fi Passwords to take to end our intention.

Operation of Instabridge

In the operation of this tool the social factor is key, since it will allow us to connect to private networks without needing adding a password to us, only pressing envelope she. Since app automatically will take the key from access of that has introduced this key previously. Reason why you will have a great amount of networks available, private as again as much public.

In addition, with the function of analysis of the networks that offers Instabridge, you will be able to evaluate also the quality of each joining point, being seen which is the faster connection to Internet to the one than you can be connected.

Thousands of possibilities that are updated and increasing on a daily basis thanks to the great community that there is behind, and that will allow you to free enjoy Internet in the mobile in all the countries and cities.

Third form with which to obtain gratuitous connection to Internet

This it is a method that will allow to decipher the WiFi key you of any connection, reason why will be no network that resists to you. You enter our article on robbing WiFi keys and test.

Any connection wifi prevailed will be your nearer joining point with the one than to be able to connect you to the network, without mattering which is the company Internet supplier.

Frequent questions exceed how to have Internet Android free (2018).

Hill money some of the methods explained here?

– All the processes explained here are ways to obtain wifi in Android free, reason why it is a gratuitous form 100%, without traps nor cardboard.

In what countries these methods are effective?

– You can benefit from all these forms with which to free obtain Internet anywhere of the world, without mattering what company is the supplier of Internet of this network. You only need a compatible device with the technology 3G and 4G so that it works.

Will the speed of Internet be the suitable one?

– Everything will depend on the network to which you connect yourself (it remembers to use the function to analyze the speed in each of them that offers Instabridge- Wi-Fi Passwords), but almost all will be within the natural standards, reason why the speed of connection will not be a problem. You will be able to sail online from any Android device and in addition to very fluid form, we guaranteed it to you.

There is a use limit? Run out are the megas with each connection?

– No, and no. You are absolutely going to be able to use these networks without limit, reason why you could be connected to Internet free whenever you want.

It is necessary to do root to the mobile?

– No, you will be able to do it with your smartphone personal in his common and current state. Easy, fast and effective.

Are legal these forms to obtain Internet in the mobile free?

– They are legal procedures totally all, reason why you will be able to use them whenever you want without fear to run risks or penalties of any type.

These usually are the most habitual doubts, already solved. If even so you have more questions, you can more down do them in the section of commentaries of the Web. Leave your opinion us!

Obtén WiFi free whenever you need it, In any place of the world!

Everything will depend from the country to which trips, as well as your form to do it. Finding majors facilities in a way or another one at the time of connecting you to a gratuitous network WiFi following both factors. At the moment, and besides these apps for Android mobiles, exists several quite effective opportunities with which to obtain a good WiFi connection there where you go. For example, he is quite habitual to find in the hotels or some restaurants open and gratuitous networks to which to be able to connect your telephone and to free enjoy Internet without majors problems. Nevertheless, and as we do not know the problems that can arise or the impediments that we are going to find during our displacements, never exceed some advice more about how being able to connect to you and to sail by Internet free and surely when you travel to other countries. Next, the best advice to free find WiFi in any country to which we travel.

Alternatives with which to have Internet free abroad

The use of apps that to you the location and connection to gratuitous WiFi networks facilitate.

It remembers to have always these applications already unloaded, installed and updated, so that thus only you must execute them and begin to look for. Wefi is a very complete tool whose operation very similar to is previously mentioned WiFi Map, since it will show of dynamic form in the map of your environs the best joining points to you. That yes, has more than one hundred million networks to world-wide level, reason why she is rather more complete, being able to get to find free and gratuitous networks until in rural surroundings.

You will be able to accede to her by means of the Android market from Google Play and of gratuitous form 100%. You do not forget our recommendation, and prepares some tools more in case some fault, or one includes a network in its archives that the others have still not registered. Other good alternatives to consider would be to unload Free Zone Scanner WiFi, or Shareair.

In this last one also you will be able to open Google Maps to verify the points of connection to gratuitous networks wifi, like it happens with the other. But we have the particularitity of which we will be able to see, in addition, the total reach of each network. Also, also we will be able to add a location manually to be able to review if in this point in particular wifi is some gratuitous network to which to connect itself available surrounds. A great advantage with respect to the rest of options, doubtless.

Also use it in the neighborhood of your home

Move you by the environs of your residential zone and review the existing networks. Without a doubt you will be very pleasing surprises when raking the WiFi of the zone, since many will not have protected properly the access to their connections, reason why will be able to take advantage of those that do not have the key of WiFi activated and to accede to its networking.

Possibility of access to Webs also free of charge

He is not something common, but occasions exist in which certain companies offer as courtesy the possibility to us of acceding free to popular Webs, as is casode the Delta Airlines airline, that allows its passengers to connect itself to Internet free and to visit Amazon. It accedes to the network and it investigates, or it asks on the matter to know all the gratuitous possibilities that each supplier makes your available.

Roaming, Internet abroad

Also he is interesting to consult about a good service of roaming with which to be able to call and to use Internet from abroad, since sometimes by a quite concise monthly tariff we can have both covered needs good without needing having to pay of more.

Consultation to your company of movable telephony about the use of the gratuitous service of roaming, as well as the possibilities that can offer you to improve the contracted plan present if you have thought to spend one long season abroad living.

More applications to have WiFi free

We have already offered you sufficient forms with which to be able to obtain connection to a stable and gratuitous Internet, as the method to decipher WiFi keys. Nevertheless, you have more variety in case any type arises from incompatibility problem, errors several, etc. here.


This is a little usual tool, since its key function is not the one to rob wifi or to find gratuitous networks, but rather to put to you in touch with people who exactly look for the same objective that you: to obtain Internet free. It is necessary to register itself, as in any other social network, and can be very interesting his use.


This tool bases its operation on the Wifislax method, with which to be able to secure WiFi keys easily taking advantage of the vulnerabilities each network, reason why you will not have problems in quickly finding access to any connection to near Internet. It has two differentiated ways good, to one of which you will need to have your mobile in way root, but the other is you will be able to use it perfectly to decipher Wifi keys and to free obtain Internet and without needing arriving at this point.

Incorrect forms with which you will not obtain good results

There is multitude of guides, videos of youtube and tutorials in the network who supposedly teach to you to obtain wifi free but that really they do not work, reason why you must have much taken care of with the type of information which you consult mainly and where you do it. Always resist it. For example, the method “VPN in for Touch Android” is one of the most extended, and I do not understand very well why since as you will verify next, IT DOES NOT WORK.

  1. Verify it you yourself:
  2. To unload the VPN application in for Touch Android.
  3. You press on the button orange that will appear to you in screen.
  4. You confirm the verification.
  5. It hopes to that the screen changes to green color, and you will already be connected to Internet.

For which this method does not work

The reason for why applications as TigerVPNS, VPNOneClick or own VPN in for Touch Android do not work is because simply they offer a small amount to you of free data through a VPN servant (normally 100MEGABYTE), allowing us to send this amount of data through the safe connection offered by VPN, but nothing else. The true and free limitless Internet for your smartphone offers apps and tools previously mentioned, that do not deceive to you.