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Tricks of Parchis Star to obtain to currencies and gems

A great variety of games in the store of operative system applications as iOS and Android exists, which can be gratuitous or of payment and different sorts. In this occasion, we have brought to the blog some tricks for the Parchis Star, which is a movable version (also it works in tablets) of the recognized game of the Parchís that so is recognized in Spain to comprise of the entertainment culture and leisure, that stops the unaware ones of this, is a version of the game “I rub extremely” similar.

The basic characteristics of this game is the possibility of playing with people around the world and in real time, in games of two or four players; also having to the reach a chat, levels, profile, among others functionalities that match of the application quite complete. Nevertheless, as it happens in the great majority of gratuitous games, purchases “within the application” exist that they will allow to obtain to gems and currencies you within the game. For this reason, next we will present some interesting options to you to be able with no need to acquire these objects of real value the money which at the moment you have.

How to gain the game and to obtain currencies? 💰

One of the most effective tricks to simultaneously also obtain currencies and to practically gain any game, it is to take advantage of an existing error at the time of initiating the game. This he is quite easy and simple to do, without needing no program or external application.

  • First that you must do it is to initiate a game against another opponent (not to choose more users).
  • Once you are within the room you must hope to that the other sends the dices.
  • In your turn you will not have to touch nothing, but to hope to that the time of delay (is worth the redundancy) finalizes. Then “car” will appear a called box, which you will have to unmark.
  • When unmarking this the “car” will put a short time of hope that will finish and return to show the window, which you will have to unmark again.

The method to gain currencies in Parchis Star consists of staying absents and not to initiate the game. This will cause that the opponent gets tired to hope and leaves the game. Moment in that you will have to send the dices and of automatic form you will gain the game, taking to you the prize of coins.

It discovers how to obtain gems in Parchis Star 💎

In order to gain gems in this game diverse alternative methods exist that can helpful be. Some are through the options that the same game offers; whereas others are tricks designed by the same players of Parchis Star.


Within the application you will find underneath your gem balance a button that allows you to obtain prizes according to the combination of numbers obtained when sending the dices. As well, these dices are obtained through friendly that send them to you.

  • The idea is that you send dices to your known friendly or that you have aggregates so that these can also send to you. Of this form you will count on more possibility of gaining prizes.
  • The trick in this section would consist of counting on several accounts of Facebook from which to be able to make the shipment of dices. You can use those of your relatives or friendly, but to create a new one is not too complicated.

The prizes can be of 10, 20, 40, 100 and 1000 gems. Being this last something quite difficult (a trio must leave you six). Nevertheless, they continue being gems gratuitous and very easy to obtain.

Completing the league

In the Parchis Star also it is possible to acquire gems through the leagues existing, where according to since you are and the league at issue, you will obtain a different prize.

Within the initial screen of game, in the low part you will find a section of “League” who has a certain period of time. When finalizing this period, according to the position in which you are following the currencies that you have managed to obtain (you can use the trick of currencies) you will gain a good amount of gems.

Due to the difficulty that owns the leagues majors, the objective in this case is to stay in the Bronze league. In case they raise to you of league, you can hope to that they lower to you to return to repeat the process. Nevertheless, if you wish to continue playing you can apply to the trick of currencies a great amount of times to obtain to gems in Parchis Star.