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Tricks for PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Ground)

Player Uknow Battle Gorund has been everything a success, since this one has been the year of launching and has been able to gain thousands of affection (more than 800,000 registries according to the last published data); thanks also to the popularity generated by the phenomena of Youtube that play the title of Bluehole Studios and receive million visits. But in addition, the game in fact is quite interesting, since it is shooter of survival, where the players will have to survive in an island whom will arrive without no resource.

Due to the difficulty of the game, the people are many who look for chetos for PUBG, which are not more than programs than we run simultaneously with the game to improve the abilities in the same. Although we are not in favor of its use, we have wanted to make this informative entrance and good, every one will be responsible for its account in the game.

It discovers which are the best chetos tricks and for PUBG

Before beginning to speak on programs, we wanted to give some tricks you of PUBG so that you can improve the score in your games, apart from which with these you will not be violating the terms and conditions, reason why must not have no disadvantage with your account.

  • If you use the configuration for suitable FPS, you will be able to play with much more fluidity. The idea, like in the majority of shooter, is to manage to increase the FPS when we are playing, which if they are higher than those of the enemies, will give a considerable advantage us.
  • A trick of PUBG of interest is that as usually we reduce the graphs to improve the FPS, we can use applications as ReShade that is not prohibited to improve the image.
  • Learn the memory map to you, in Internet you will among others find guides with the places of spawns, where they appear resources or vehicles.

Although they are not chetos for PUBG, these tricks are a very good way (and legal) to secure advantage in front of the other players and to manage to have one better score at the end of the game. Nevertheless, as we know that you are not looking for basic tricks, next we will speak about the chetos.

It is possible to secure a great amount of programs, with different functions and different developers; but all with a same objective function or, to improve your abilities of game in different aspects (visibility, to point, to shoot, to obtain resources, among others).

To the being a modality video-game to shooter, the chetos always are similar to the other games of the same modality, that is to say, you will be able to obtain Aimbot, TriggerBot and Magic Bullets.

Aimbot, Trigger Bot and Magic Bullets

  • Aimbot for PUBG on the other hand, is the program that allows us to aim of automatic form at any part of the body which we choose. Of that form you will manage to shoot to him in the head quickly, for example.
  • With the Trigger bot you will be able to shoot of automatic form with only aiming at the enemy, so that any that is sent on you of insurance will end its life.
  • In order to finalize the Magic Bullets also bot works similarly when trigger, only that this point and shoot to any objective that is within its reach.

Anyone of these chetos for PUBG can be you of utility to gain your enemies to him, but you must have well-taken care of so that the people do not know that you are making trap; since if no, they could suspend your account.