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It is possible to pocket a ball Gmail: It avoids that your mail suffers damages

No. This is not a holder sensationalist. As it has happened with other services of e-mail such as Yahoo or the old Hotmail (now known as Outlook), there are shortage forms of to rob Gmail and some circulate freely around Internet through specialized forums.

Of that way it has let know it one of the greatest companies of digital security, Symantec, reason why we have taken the audacity to write up this guide to avoid that those that try to pocket a ball Gmail end up arriving at your mail. Anyway, we will explain how the trick works, step by step, so that you know how to resist it in case you observe “something rare” within your e-mail client. We go to it!

To pocket a ball Gmail: Step by step of how the professionals of computer science do it

One of the functionalities of security of the Gmail mail is its verification by telephone route, thanks to a message of text or SMS. Nevertheless, as it has stayed demonstrated by the company of mentioned security previously, this has turned out to be a weapon of double edge, since have been cases of people who obtained to pocket a ball Gmail being worth of the verification codes that Gmail (Google) sends to its clients so that they recover the security of his e-mails.

When registering itself in Gmail, normally this supplier of e-mail will ask to him that it points a number of mobile so that Gmail can send a unique code to him of verification in case it forgets his password. Of that form, the person will be able to reestablish her account and to place a new password.

Up to here, all good.

A person who wants to pocket a ball Gmail would use a technique as the following one.

We imagine that the computer science one is a person that we know, and that therefore, can also meet our email address and our number of mobile. That is to say, the only information that Gmail solicits to reestablish the password.

What one becomes is to enter the page of beginning of session of Gmail, where is due to place the e-mail and the password. But, as this person does not know the password, it places only the email direction and it clicks in the connection to obtain help in case of to have forgotten the password.

Next, Google sends through a text message (SMS) a verification code to recover the password. This is totally normal and, in fact, it is the form to come in case the legitimate user of that account has forgotten the password.

Nevertheless, minutes later you will receive from Google a code of verification of 6 digits, that you would have to introduce in the corresponding field (as it shows the image of above), in case you have been the one that forgot the password.

But, moments later, once you have received the message of Google with the 6 digits, the computer science one sends a text message from its personal mobile, being made happen through Google, and writing something similar to the following thing:

“Google (or Gmail) has detected unusual activities as far as the use of its account. We asked to him that it responds to this message with the verification code that has been sent him by error to its cellular mobile. Of that way we will stop the suspicious activity in its account”.

Of course, before a message of such characteristics, and concerning a situation that has not been brought about by us (but by who tries to pocket a ball Gmail), the normal thing is that we respond to that message with the verification code, so what indicates it to us.

What we do not know is that, at that precise moment, we are sending him our code of verification to the person who tried to pocket a ball Gmail and to accede to our account, reason why will be able to place a new password, to rob our information, and to leave without access the e-mail.

The form in which they avoid that you suspect

Most trivial of the fact to pocket a ball Gmail this way it is that often the computer science ones will not leave without access your account, but will do quite the opposite.

That is to say, that once you have sent the verification code to that mobile that was made happen through Google, the computer science one will send a message to you saying something as the following thing.

“Google is thankful by to have made the verification of its account of e-mail. Its new temporary password of access is the following one (here the temporary password)”.

Why happened has this? Simply because he has formed his e-mail of Gmail so that he resends all the incoming post office to an alternative direction. And, to the being an option that is not so at sight in its tray of e-mail, is not many the people who notice themselves of the fact.

Of this form, although we change our password, although we created that already nobody will enter, the certain thing is that all the information that happens through our tray of e-mail of Gmail is being resent to a direction of a third party, reason why the privacy and the security is had completely lost.

In these cases, the only way is to deprive of authority manually I resend automatic of the information to alternative directions.

How to avoid that their e-mail is robbed?

In order to avoid that this method of to pocket a ball Gmail it reaches your account of e-mail, the only thing that you must do is to distrust of all those text messages which they are made happen through companies and that ask that you resend information to him.

First of all, Google never will ask that you send information to him under no circumstance, since most logical it is than they have that information.

Secondly, very few companies will request the shipment of information by means of text messages.

These advice are valid also for other accounts of e-mail and the accounts that we have in other platforms, such as services of social networks or stores in line. The privacy and the security of our information must be first.