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Tricks for City Dragoon: As obtaining gems free

Just a short time City Dragoon one has become one of the best games for movable devices. For that reason, it is possible that you already have it installed in your mobile but also is possible – and quite probable that you have the same problem that the majority of the mortals: difficulty to obtain gems of City Dragoon.

In City Dragoon it is fundamental to have gems because they are those that allow to buy things in the store, unique dragoons and until benefits by a time interval that will allow you to improve your level with respect to the other players. If to obtain gems it is your problem, it is hour to know what we have preparation for you.

What is City Dragoon and why important the gems?

The thematic one is simple. You begin with small dragoons and your objectives are to turn them into frightful beasts and teachers dragoons. Its intention will be to win battles that allow to raise him of level. In order to do it, you will have to take care of them, to feed them and to raise them of level as you have the possibilities.

Aside from that, the game gives the possibility of creating whole cities and of fighting of form online against players worldwide. So that all this has sense, they are the gems.

The gems are the virtual currencies of City dragoon. With them purchases any element in the store of the application, and many other things as dragoons, special advantages in mating, raises, feeding or battles, and you will participate in unique events that are realised of frequent form.

If you have already taken your first contact with the game you will notice that first and the main thing of the game is the gems. All tour around them, since their stay or absence conditions much the possibilities of each player. To obtain them, of plane, is not simple. Although of that you will less than realize in 5 minutes after knowing the game.

Although it is possible to obtain gems buying them in the store, you will need to disburse amounts that go from the 2 Euros to the 100 (packages of 25 to 1,700 gems). But, if you are of ours, of which they do not want to pay nor a duro but they want to be the best one in City Dragoon, we have the good news to you. Next you will know some tricks to have gems free.

Gems everywhere: The best tricks of City Dragoon

Many of the tricks to obtain gems in City Dragoon are within the application, reason why it will not be necessary of any way to unload more things. But, if your desire is to have infinite gems to be able to play alive voice, at the end of this article we have a connection of unloading with a program that you will have to know. But, not so fast! Now you will know the best tricks to play in City Dragoon and to obtain gems of slow but safe form.

  • When entering City Dragoon you will begin in level 1. There are 100 levels. By each level that you surpass you will receive 1 gem. That is to say: when you arrive at level 100 you will have 99 safe gems in your salary. For that reason to surpass levels is a form to gain gems.
  • Every week you will receive a reward of 5 gems to maintain to you within the application, competing with the other users. If you have the application installed for 100 weeks, you will have in your salary 500 gems safely. It plays and amuses to you with City Dragoon. It will serve you to gain gems.
  • You can win in the coliseum during 2 times to the day. Whenever you win you will receive 2 gems (4 altogether). To participate in frequent form in the coliseum can bring many benefits to you.
  • Although in principle there are 100 species of dragoons in the application, altogether are more than 500. While more different dragoons you have far better. This is because whenever you complete a page of Libro de Dragones you will receive between 2 and 10 gems. There are many pages that to fill and to many gems that to win.
  • When you begin to play, you will notice that from time to time they will appear islands. You only must be pending, since one is special events in which you can participate. Each event will leave gems you as benefit. Some events consist of meeting challenges – they are small and easy. In other cases, one is events of advertising character, where they invite to you to look at a video or to unload an application and to prove it. They will compensate to you with some gems.

Although it is not a fast method to obtain gems, yes it is possible to be adding units to stock-market and little by little to develop all dragoons. It thinks that he is better to do it so being changed packages of gems by Euros. However, if you are of that prefers the fast short cuts and ways, tricks outside the application exist that also you can apply to your strategy to fill of gems. You want infinite gems? It continues reading.

To obtain infinite gems using external tricks

Something that is not known by all the users of City Dragoon is that some tricks are not within the application. In fact, one of the best forms to gain gratuitous gems is using external tricks that are based on called programs tricks. Of good to first, it seemed a bad idea because they are surpassing to you of an instantaneous form while some of the other players have sweated and phelp to be where they are. But as that romantic version you does not have to concern too much.

Its use is quite simple and it will not take more from some minutes you. Later you will already have sufficient gems as not worrying to you no matter how hard to turn all dragoons into teachers, and to turn you into the great one envied of the application.