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The tricks of clash of clans that still you do not know

The game that it summons to us right now is one of the most known for the users movable devices. With versions for Android, iOS and even for Windows Phone, this game is right now in TOP 10 of the best games for intelligent mobiles for all time. That it is not much. Perhaps you know it, or perhaps no, but Clash Of Clans it is a game that deserves all the praises. Although when it goes to us bad within the game, also one is deserved that another insult.

Here you will know the best strategies to enjoy it to the maximum.

Of what of Clans goes Clash?

If you have not been able to deduce it by his name (that is quite suggestive) in Clash Of Clans you will fight to have the village better positioned of all the game. For it, you will have to compete and to fight against other users who also look for the same. As well, and of there the name, you will have to fight by your equipment (the clans) to follow with life within the game, since the equipment characteristic is quite important.

The essential in your village will be to construct it gradually, to develop it more and more, and to protect it of other players who will try to sack it to rob your resources. In fact, it is the only way to secure resources in the game, reason why you also will have to prepare your troops to go to secure resources of the best possible way.

The main resources within the game are the gold, the pink elixir and the dark elixir.

Although you will be able to create a new clan as soon as you install the application in your device, the best thing is to be united to a clan that already exists. To create a clan and to summon players can be quite problematic, unless in your family is average twelfth of members and all feel like enthusiastic Clash Of Clans.

But, beyond that, in the game you will have to fight and to sack frequently. Situations that deserve of much ability, use of the logic and to protect itself from time to time in better tricks for Clash Of Clans. That they accidentally are here. So it continues reading.

Clash Of Clans: the best tricks had and by having

One of the things that we more like of Clash Of Clans is that the game is many different things simultaneously. Not only it is a game in that you will create a village, but also is a game where you will have to use much the strategy. But, in the end, one becomes a game of pitched battles between million players around the world. Everything simultaneously. Everything happening at the same time.

Therefore, to be advancing in the game often requires of long time and numerous attempts bankrupts. But, other ways exist. Like in the majority of the present games, “virtual currencies” exist that they allow us to reach majors levels of fast form. In the case of Clash of Clans, these currencies imagine as gems (difficult to obtain) and the pink elixir, that is fundamental for the creation of troops.

We see how the main tricks work that will help to secure these valuable resources us.

To obtain gems free

More than a trick, it is to take advantage of some lagoons the game in certain aspects. In the principle, you will be able to obtain gems free whenever you complete some profits. By each profit and each obstacle that you are cleaning you will receive an amount of them.

But, if what you want is to receive gems free, which you must do is to go to the store and to buy something. Any thing. Then, you will touch in the plus sign (+) than is next to gems. That is to say, “To add gems”. Iron gate and do it 2 times more. When you have cancelled and you go again to the Store of Clash Of Clans, it touches in gems and you will see that you have free gems.

To obtain elixir free

Although one is a trick that not always leaves, when beams good you guarantee an amount to it of quite important elixir, and free. It will only work if you have 30 seconds or less to finish troops and to update completely your army. What you will do is that when it is that time you will have to update and to verify that your army is complete. If it is thus, when the update finalizes you will have a great amount of elixir totally free.

It looks for villages that are left

Until recently one was something totally unsuspected. Nevertheless, in Clash Of Clans million players exist. But, really do all play of frequent form? The answer is logical, reason why it is possible that you are with left villages and that they have many resources that to sack.

These resources will be almost available for you, since across there will be nobody to the slope to resist your attack.

Although it requires of patience, to look for left villages can be a good strategy to obtain to gold and elixir.

It protects your resources at all costs

In real life, the mines and the extractors and their respective warehouses would have to be remote of the center of the village. In Clash Of Clans, it agrees to have all these buildings just in center, next to the city council. The purpose of this is to come up that, before the smaller attack, the users manage to sack all resources.

The best thing is to make a defense by lines, placing the buildings most important in center and to wall them. Soon to place the rest of the buildings and to return to wall. In the end, to place the less important and economic units of defense.

Between walls they would have to be mortars, since they are a weapon with long reach and great capacity of damage. This, until hoping that you must to update and to have X-Crossbow or Torres of Hell.

The city council is your more important building

At all costs, you will have to take care of your city council. The best way is to block all the accesses with huts of constructor or walls. Thus you will avoid and slow down any arrival of the enemy troops until that point.

In the meantime, the other buildings you will be able to use them to distract the enemies. For that reason, place them remote of the city council and in to each other same remote zones. In this way, you will disperse to the attacking troops while you take care to eliminate them one by one.

The castle also is important

When you have been united to a clan, you will have a castle that will represent the whole clan. In the castle the troops will equip themselves who your allies give to you in donation, which can resolve to you more of a problem when you are in jams. What you must do is to be generous also, and to donate troops to your allies.

She sacks with intelligence

Although from good to first she would turn out simple to attack the warehouses of gold and elixir, you must know that not always it is the best option. In a proportional question, the warehouses are designed to be sacked in less than a 20%. For that reason, once you sack that percentage of its capacity, will not be able to sack more but you will destroy the warehouse completely.

However, if you directly sack in the gold mines and the extractors or drills of elixir, you will be able to sack in regard to a 50% or 75% according to what you choose. You always must choose where to sack, but it is based on amounts, will be suitable the extraction places to you before those of storage.

Tricks of Clash of Clans related to buildings and resources

The buildings of Defense in Clash Of Clans

  • Walls: a basic wall has a cost of 200 gold currencies in Clash Of Clans. They are indispensable to maintain your village out of danger and to maintain remote the enemies.
  • Guns: you will need the level city council 1 and 250 gold currencies to acquire them. They are perhaps the basic element of defense of your village. Although its reach is short, make very many damage to the enemies.
  • Towers of goalkeepers: with a cost of 1,000 gold currencies, they have a greater reach than the guns and can attack flying enemies. Nevertheless, they much less cause damage that the guns.
  • Mortars: mortars are a level superior of the guns. They have major reach that these, and also make very many more damage. When an enemy has many together units, to use mortar can be the best strategy. Its cost is of 8,000 gold currencies and you will need to have the city council in level 3.
  • Air defense: you need the level 4 in the city council and 22,500 currencies gold. The air defense is useful to finish all the flying enemies. Its main defect is that it does not attack enemy ground forceses, reason why is imprisoned easy of the towers of goalkeepers.
  • Trap of jump: it will avoid at all costs that the enemies enter your village. Nevertheless, you will need a level 4 in city council and 2,000 currencies gold to be able to use them.
  • Towers of magicians: unlike the towers of goalkeepers, the towers of magicians have much less defense. But, they are much better in attack. The magicians within the towers realise spells able to neutralize terrestrial and flying elements. You need 180,000 currencies gold and the city council in level 5 to create them.
  • Aerial pump: with the city council in level 5 and 4,000 gold currencies you will be able to use it.
  • Giant pump: its power is extraordinary. It causes a great explosion and in an ample radius. In order to create you will need it a city council in level 6 and 12,500 currencies gold.
  • Hidden tesla: although it seems a normal tower, this defensive element lance electrical unloadings to the enemies when they approach. The damage that it infringes is very high. Its complication is in the cost, since you will need level 7 in city council and 1.000.000 gold currencies before being able to use it.
  • Crossbow X: certainty, destruction and force. All together one. It is a very powerful weapon, although you will need currencies of 3.000.000 gold and a level 9 in city council.
  • Infernal tower: you will need level 10 in city council and 5.000.000 gold currencies. But it is worth the pain. The tower sends a heat that is able to annihilate its enemies immediately.

The resources that you must consider in Clash Of Clans

To buy and to unblock characters within the game. To advance of level and improvements your troops. That is the objective of the resources in Clash Of Clans. Nevertheless, not only the gold and the pink elixir understand the line of the resources, although it is perhaps most important (along with gems). Additional that already you must know, resources within the fantastic game exist that you must consider for your strategy. They are the following:

  • The Huts: one of the most important units of the game is the constructor. After all, he is the one that constructs all the structures of your village. In order to be able to have a constructor you will need to construct a Hut of constructor. One by each constructor that you need.
  • The gold mines: the gold you will be able to use it to improve and to buy everything what you need, reason why is important to have a mine that produces it. The mines can also be improved, increasing their level, so that they produce major amount of gold and in less time. Also you will be able to improve them so that they have a greater capacity of storage. To have gold mines is preponderant to develop to your village and your army.
  • Gold warehouse: all the gold that takes place in the gold mines will stop to your warehouse. In the same way it will happen with gold that you win in the battles and that you sack of rival villages. You will have as much gold as storage capacity has your gold warehouse. For that reason you must improve his level whenever you can so that the storage is greater.
  • The elixir extractors: you will need elixir to construct and to improvements the mines and the warehouses of gold, and the buildings of army. The elixir extractors are constructed on a subterranean reserve that is limitless, although that does not mean that it leaves everything simultaneously. The management of the elixir is important part of the success of a player of Clash of Clans.
  • The elixir warehouses: like it happens with the gold warehouse, in the elixir warehouse you will keep all the elixir that takes place in the extractors and the one that you win in battles. Also they need to be increased of level to be able to store more elixir. If no, by more elixir than you win, if it has already reached the maximum of capacity will not be able to receive more.
  • Drill of dark elixir: as you must know, the dark elixir equal or more is appraised than its pink brother. The drill is the one in charge to remove from limitless the subterranean reserve and to store it until the own player needs it.
  • Warehouse of the dark Elixir: It is here where you will keep your dark elixir collected from the drill or sacked to other users. With him you will buy heroes, improve dark troops and you will harness your village much more.

Clash Of Clans: These are the buildings of Army

  • Quarter: it is the place where you will train your troops. , Whenever as well better the quarter you will unblock new units outposts.
  • Camping: once they finish its training, all the troops go to the camping. There they will be to your orders for when it is necessary to attack a village or to defend the own one.
  • Laboratory: you will have to update the city council at level 3 to be able to unblock it. This without telling that it has a cost of 25,000 of elixir. In the laboratory the troops and the spells update themselves, which will help you in the combat.
  • Factory of the spells: as its name indicates it, it is the place where the spells make that will help to your troops in the battle. It is the home of magicians who create magical arms and advantages per limited time. In order to have the factory you will need a warehouse in level 5 and to disburse 200,000 units of elixir.
  • Dark quarter: No. The difference with the Quarter is not the color of the walls. In the Dark Quarter you will only train the dark troops (they are special troops). You will need a city council in the level 7 and 750,000 units elixir.
  • The Altars: there are two altars in your village. First it is the Altar of Rey Bárbaro, where the mentioned one will recharge its energies. The second is the Altar of the Reina Arquera, who is the place where this special unit will recover its energies.

And you, for which level you go?