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Overwatch: The best tricks of each hero

Overwatch is one of the best games of shooter of the moment. Available for several platforms, it has been strained between most successful of last the 2 years.  To be the best player and to have a always winning equipment, it is necessary to dominate the game with the best abilities of each hero. Here you will find the best advice to be the best one.

Attack, defense, tank and support. These are the four categories of the eligible heroes in Overwatch. For each of them you will receive the best advice not only to make the best tricks, but to know in what moment is better to use them. We began!

Tricks of Reinhardt

To sacrifice itself to avoid Completes to you of D.Va

One of the most lethal attacks of all Overwatch has it D.Va. This character is worth of one of his arms, the self-destruction, to infringe an amount of important damage to all the allies of the rival equipment. To have it to favor is quite good, but when a D.Va is in the opposite equipment the question is not put so favorable.

Nevertheless, one of the ways to resist this damage is using a Reinhardt, one of the best units of tank.

There are several ways to do it, and will depend exclusively on your experience or the urged thing of the situation.

  1. Using the protective field: She is one of the simplest ways, because you will only need to activate the protective field just when D.Va is going to explode near your units. It is important that all allies are behind the protective field that will activate Reinhardt so that the effects of the suicidal attack of the enemy are little.
  2. Passing the hot Pope: The game of the hot Pope is happening of hand in hand until him burning fire to anyone. In this case, being worth of the attack of Reinhardt, which you will do is to anticipate themselves to the explosion and to put to you to D.Va front. Immediately afterwards, you are going to activate the attack and to try to send it next to its own allies. Of that way, not only you repel the attack against but you use to one of his units as your own weapon. Brilliant!

The lethal attack

In order to make this trick you will need two the best abilities of Reinhardt. First, the one that already we presented in the previous trick: the attack. Second, on the other hand, she is the one of Seism, that is not more than to give a hammer blow to the ground with the sufficient force as to throw by the ground to many enemy units.

Although the seism does not destroy them, yes causes damage to them and, in addition, it leaves them in a disadvantage position, since they are in the ground.

What you will do is to try to position to you to many enemy units front. When you are there, you will use Seism in order to demolish them. Right after doing it, without the pulse shakes to you, you are going to use the attack to take you to the greater amount of possible enemies in a species of Indian row, either to damage to its powerful unit the more.

The seism is an ability to be useful when you attack in group. Of that way, you cause a damage to the rival, you leave it at a disadvantage, and can attack of faster and effective form.

Tricks of D.Va: the “diva” of Overwatch

Already in the previous section, when referring us a Reinhardt we spoke of the lethal thing of some of the abilities of D.Va. Although it does not seem it, by his beauty and its youth, this heroin of is equipped technically to win a battle independently.

Here you will learn some tricks to increase his advantageous attributes much more.

The explosion from Mecca to the distance

In order to realise this trick we are worth of two of the abilities of D.Va. First, she is the one of the propulsion, that allows him to take off of a jump with its armor (Mecca) and to glide by on the land of the fight. The second ability is the one of self-destruction, that is when she leaves Mecca and begins a regressive count so that it operates and it infringes a colossal amount of damage to his opponents.

Although the self-destruction is lethal, is occasions in which it is impossible to us to do it because the rival is very far and, as well, turns out dangerous to approach because when initiating the self-destruction D.Va would practically be defenseless.

Then, which we do is to combine both abilities. With first, we impelled ourselves. With second, we sent to Mecca drawing up a parabola that not only allows us that it falls near the enemies, but has time to explode when it already is in the place.

Although it is a complicated trick and it requires of practice, to do it is a guarantee to have average won battle. After this you can easily ask for new Mecca.

To attract your new Mecca

D.Va he is very weak without his robotic housing. Nevertheless, there are occasions in which will on foot and only be supported in his pistol laser of medium reach. If you have many rival units close, but D.Va is protected, you can use this trick.

It consists of asking for new Mecca and calculating the time of arrival of the same. When you know that it is relatively close, to run in direction of any enemy unit. Thus, when Mecca lands causes a damage to the rival by the simple impact. An effect similar to the one of seism of Reinhardt.

Some expert users or with sufficient bravery use this trick but to put in the middle of several enemy units. He is dangerous because to calculate the times badly he can be killed D.Va.

Tricks of Bastion: A robot that seems until friendly

To avoid to be vulnerable when being placed in way tank

If you have used several times a Bastion, you will notice that it has a quite considerable vulnerability: while it is passing to Way Tank, he is completely defenseless. For that reason, that time slice to become to Way Tank can be enough so that any rival removes to us from the game.

In order to eliminate this vulnerability, the ideal is to make the transformations in movement. To send itself from high buildings while beams the conversion in the air is the best alternative.

To use the elements of the surroundings for the way Sentry

The Way Sentry or “turret” is one of rightest attacking the opponents. The disposition of a sight and a quite harmful arsenal would have to be sufficient. Nevertheless, it has a defect and it is that while she is in Way Sentry Bastion is not possible to be moved. That is to say, one becomes a tank of attack determined to a position.

This makes be white of any attack without Bastion can place some opposition.

In order to resist this, nothing better than to take advantage of the movable elements the surroundings. The platforms that move or the explosive charges in case you play that way can be useful. Thus, instead of having left you static, thanks to these elements will have an attack with capacity to favor, and separate enough pendulando thanks to the movable platforms. Something that it will avoid to be imprisoned easy of any enemy attack.

Tricks of Soldier 76: How to harness the abilities of the avenging

Of good to first, Soldier 76 is not a hero with many surprises or abilities. As its biography indicates it, it is an avenging whom it looks for to take revenge the fall of his organization. For it, one is worth of his arsenal and its physical abilities as the bullfights.

However, this does not clear that it has some hidden truquitos.

The trick of the incredible jumps of Soldier 76

In order to realise this trick we will need to combine two of the abilities of this hero. First, the one of Sprint or the quick bullfight of Soldier 76. Second, she is the one of rockets of spiral or helices.

This trick is advisable when you are cornered by the enemies or when you need to escape quickly of some place. First of all, you will use the Sprint stops to make agile the step. Immediately afterwards, and without waiting for long time, you will shoot  rockets of spiral on the own feet. Of that way, the rarefaction wave of the firings will cause that Soldier 76 jumps. If we added the high speed to him that will take, it becomes a perfect escape.

This trick you can use it when some allies have little life, since you can arrive quickly at his position and cure them by means of the Biotic Field.

Tricks of Reaper: the messenger of the death

We finish before it begins!

This trick is lethal and will less than end the game in 1 minute. It is not recommended to use these tricks if you will play against friendly because it will not do any grace to them.

However, to realise we will need it two abilities of Reaper. First, the one of Passage of the darknesses, with that it is possible to be transported to the place that wishes. The second ability is the one of Spiral of the death. That is to say, to put itself to turn without any risk sending firings to all the enemies who are there.

In short, what you must do is, as soon as it is going to begin the game, to transport to you until the exit of the enemy equipment (the base). You hardly arrive, to make the Spiral of the death. It will not be any rival with life, surely!

Tricks of Hanzo: To take advantage of its lineage

The trick of the double blow

He is not nothing that we do not know, but Hanzo is a goalkeeper. For that reason, nothing is better than to take advantage of all the qualities goalkeeper of this great hero of Overwatch.

The best way to remove advantage to him is with the hand-to-hand thanks to the trick of Double blow.

What you will do is, while you are fighting blow to blow with your adversary, to use the arc and to shoot to him shoots with an arrow. As it is so close, it will always aim at the top of the rival, which increases the damage of the attack.

To receive to the rival with a torrential rain

A trick that, like it happened to trick of Reaper, one would not be due to use when you play with some friendly that fall to you very well. When Hanzo shoots shoots with an arrow towards the air, this will fall in the same position from which it sent 14 seconds later.

If, for example, lances 15 you shoot with an arrow to the air, all will fall in the same position and will cause the same damage that they would cause of being sent direct to the rival. Therefore, if before initiating the game and to 14 seconds which your rivals of the base leave you are placed right in the door of its base and lances many you shoot with an arrow to the air, when your opponents leave are received in a torrential rain of you shoot with an arrow.

It is not a trick simple to do and possibly you must practice it. But, once you dominate it you will be able to begin the fight with a sufficiently clear advantage for the rest of the fight.

To take advantage of all the tricks Genji

Genji is cíborg and brother of Hanzo. One is one of the heroes most difficult to win of all Overwatch. Here you will know some tricks this frightful humanoide.

The potential of the Reflection

Without a doubt, one of the feared last abilities more of Overwatch is the one of Hanzo, when it invokes the dragoon that is finishing to its step yet. But, major is the ability of Genji for not only repelling such ability, but to put it to its favor.

Bond to remember that the ability To reflect of Genji has the same original power of the enemy maneuver. Therefore, if Hanzo has sent its lethal dragoon to you and Genji reflects it, in fact it was Genji that sent to the dragoon. This bond for many of the last abilities of its enemies.

Attraction and Dragoons

For this trick you will have to use only pulls out of a scabbard of the sword of the dragoon. As you know, while Genji executes this ability will eliminate any enemy whom it has close or until it keeps his sword again. For that reason, he is indispensable that before using this ability you attract the greater amount of possible enemies.

This you can do it with the intimidation, the provocation thanks to an attack of low damage, and soon take advantage of your mobility to hide to you or to wait for to them in some place of where it is not easy to leave in case they want to escape of your lethal sword.

Roadhog: the owner of the scrap iron

To use the hook to interrupt all the attacks

He does not matter of which enemy one treats, Roadhog will be able to stop anyone of its attacks. Thanks to the Hook that it owns in his right hand, Roadhog can interrupt any ability of the rival. It is only enough with being front to the enemy unit.

Accompany me in the other life

As it could not be of another way, the ability stars in this trick is the Hook. This trick is only used when you go, inevitably, to die because you are in an abyss, cliff, emptiness.

What you will do is, when already you know the destiny that hopes to him to your Roadhog, to send the hook to any enemy who is within your reach. Thus, you will not be saved, but you will take an enemy and you will not leave your equipment at a disadvantage. Brilliant!

The owner of the eternity?

Thanks to the inhaler of Roadhog, it is possible to recover always 300 points of life. The inhaler is available every 9 seconds. For that reason, if you know to use well this resource, your life could be eternal with this player and to take advantage of its advantages in the battles short-range to attack and to heal without no type of pause.

Tricks of Tracer: the mistress and lady of the time

The mistress and lady of geography, also

As you must well know, Tracer can use the ability of the Transfering by 3 followed times. Thanks to this ability, it is possible to jump any type of unevenness, to strain themselves enters buildings, to raise inaccessible balconies, and until being saved to fall in precipices. This can be obtained using the 3 followed effects of Transfering.

In addition, it is possible to jump the limits of the map and to appear right behind the enemies. This way it is possible to take off guard to his defensive elements.

Attack surprise and Regression

Another one of the obtained abilities more of Tracer is the Regression. That is to say, to back down until the place where one was 8 seconds ago, with the same standard of life.

In order to begin this trick, you must be in an inaccessible place for your enemies. For example, a roof of any building. Later, you must deal with which many enemy units are close for being able to attack of way surprise and to damage the greater possible amount of opposites.

What you will do then is to send themselves until the site where are they and to attack. This you can do it by means of the transfering, since he will be faster. You will mount an equal attack of fast and will use the ability of Regression. What will happen? You will be again on the roof, but your enemies already will be damaged.

Attack surprise and Regression: God level

The use of this technique is not any newness. In fact, the majority of the players whom they select to Tracer executes it. But never it is of remembering the trick more in case just you are beginning in Overwatch.

First, you will use Transfering in order to arrive at the place where they are your enemies. Later, you will place one Pump of pulse – the lethal weapon of Tracer-. Third party, you will use Regression in order to return to the starting point. The pulse pump is able to completely destroy some units that have little life. To that they are healthy can leave the checkmate on the brink of madness them.

Tricks of Symmetra

To put your attack in autopilot

One of the abilities better conceived of Symmetra is the possibility of to arm and to place attack turrets. These turrets are placed in the entrances/exits of any construction and work in the same way that a tower of conventional defense.

In case you did not consider it, Symmetra can place simultaneously up to 6 turrets. The sufficient thing as for one and up to three whole buildings covering all the entrances. This way, you can establish points where to even reunite to the allies so that they cure or they plan the strategy well, and so that the adversaries are themselves attracted towards a mortal trap.

Tricks of Mercy: in order to be thankful in French

Mercy resisting the pumps of gravity of Zarya

The last ability of Zarya is gravity pump. When the lance, all the enemies who are in that radius are attracted until the point where Zarya has sent this element. For your rivals, it will be an opportunity sea bream to have to all the enemies in the same point, reason why they will never fail to take advantage of the supply and they will spend everything what they must to disposition to end your allies.

And it is there where it conducts battle ability of Mercy. Its better ability at issue, the one of Resurrection, it allows him to relive to all the allies that are in a same point. Since Zarya drops a gravity pump, all allies will be right in the same point product of the effect of the pump. The perfect occasion to let them die on purpose and soon to revive them.

When reviving them, you will notice that your enemies will not have any type of argument already to defend themselves of the attack.

Junkrat: To use tricks on the brink of madness madness

The chaos of the imminent death

According to the experts in the game, only a category hero tank could be saved of this attack. And, in addition, one would be saved if he has the total of his life in the bar. If no, also danger runs. We called the imminent death to him because another alternative for the enemies practically does not exist of Junkrat that they fall in his ruthless trap.

What you will make to realise this trick is to place a trap in some place where the enemies inevitably fall. It can be a corner or the exit of some building. Immediately afterwards, you will place one Pump of commotion within the own trap. The result is that you will receive an alert when an enemy falls in the trap – and is immovable. What you will do, simply, is to activate the commotion pump.

And boom! Only chaos and destruction.

Junkrat jumping until the unimaginable thing

Like it happens to Soldier 76, Junkrat can also valerse of an anarchical system of propulsion to fly. What must do is to be placed a pump of commotion in the feet. When this detonates sends it by the airs in the direction that you have chosen.

This trick can even be made of followed form to execute a double jump or until triple. Although for these last cases it is required of very many practice.


While Tracer is the mistress and lady of the time, we can say that Mei is the mistress and lady of the climate. This defensive element is quite interesting and here you will know some his abilities more purified.

More than a trick; an obviousness

ice wall of Mei is of the most multifunctional abilities of all Overwatch. Thanks to this Mei wall and the allies that are close they can raise very high positions. It will only be enough to shoot it to the feet. Also it can maintain remote his enemies leaving them of the gigantic wall across. Finally, it can serve to protect his companions in case to some it has left very little life. The ice wall is a trick that can make gain some valuable seconds.

To stop the lethal offensives of the opposite

Another utility of the wall. The certain thing is that when you listen to the sound characteristic of each hero when executing his last ability the only thing that you must do is to send the right wall in front of him. Thus it will execute his ability in vain, since the wall will stop to him.

Work in equipment

A creative form to leave to the rivals without chances is to take advantage of the total freezing Mei added to the attack of any other allied unit. Thus, while Mei freezes the enemies, the other unit will have to use any basic attack to eliminate to them. It will be enough with always aiming at his head.

The person in charge of the arsenal of Overwatch: Torbjorn

The movement of the Turret

As it passed with other heroes as for example the robot Bastion, Torbjorn is an old fox of the armament that can also to construct turrets. That is to say, a submachine gun that pays attention to a position and from her can attack any enemy to its step, even with automatic change of election of enemy.

But, it has a problem: she is fixed and he is vulnerable to any rival attack. If you do not want to spend your Nuclear fusion defending the turret, an interesting form to do it less fragile is to mount it on movable platforms as they can be the explosive charges.

As well, Torbjorn cannot only construct a turret, but many. It can be pure madness what they can make several turrets moving by the battlefield.

The best tricks of Pharah

Pursuing the tile roofs

One of the abilities of Pharah is to fly thanks to its driven suit. But, its fuel is run out easily and needed a time slice to recharge itself automatically. In order to stay always in the high positions and to be never in risk, the best thing is to lean in the tile roofs.

While it walks by the tile roofs, the fuel will be recharged to follow the flight. From the high positions Pharah it can plan his last ability.

The Flight of Commotion

During the confrontation with the enemies, for whatever reason, the abilities of Pharah could not be available. In that case, it is possible to use one that yes is it always: the commotion firing. If you cannot escape of an imminent ambush or you sufficiently do not have strong arms as dissuading your enemies, to shoot a rocket of commotion to the feet will be enough for to remove to you from the place. It is to flee, yes, but it will give time to that they recharge the rest of the abilities.

The best tricks of Jesse McCree

To interrupt all attempt of ruthless attack

As well as the Hook of Roadhog acted as a entorpecedor of the last abilities of its opponents, the atontador firing of McCree will work for the same aim. When the enemies are mounting their more lethal attack, with only shooting this ability to him he will be enough to stop in dry all intentions.

Tricks of Lucio: Music for our ears

To give the grace push to any enemy

All player whom he has to Lucio in his power knows that he is one of the most dynamic elements of all Overwatch. In addition, thanks to his passive ability Lucio is able to walk almost by any surface.

If you have phelp attention, in each world of Overwatch there are limits to which no longer it is possible to be happened because there are emptinesses, cliffs. In short, places in which anyone could die to only fall. Indeed, one of the sonic abilities of Lucio allows that, after attracting the enemies to this place, it can directly push them the emptiness, removing them from the game.

To be a whole land

As it anticipated, one of the best qualities of Lucio is his passive ability. This allows him to climb and to run almost by any surface. Applying it, in combination with the correct speed, you will be able to escape of the death how many times you only want with jumping walls, to escape of cliffs and until drawing for enemy assault lines.

Tricks of Zarya: beyond the super force

The work in equipment

One of the best news to have to Zarya in the equipment is that we will have an opportunity to end all the enemies in one go. For this, it is only needed to coordinate the attack with anyone of the other elements that conform your own equipment.

The last ability of Zarya is the gravity pump. When the lance, this pump attracts all the enemies towards the point of the explosion while it infringes damage to them. It is the perfect occasion so that the other allies shoot all their arsenal and end the adversaries.

Widowmaker: Tricks of one assassinate cold and calculator

More than a hook, a catapult

Although the hook of Widowmaker is used to change of position of fast form, we can use it to turn it into a catapult. For this, it will be necessary to activate it when looking some surface and when it is sent towards her to deactivate the hook. What will do is to leave shot without pausing in the first point.

Something tremendously useful when it seems that you do not have escape with respect to your enemies.