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Tricks for Clash Royale: Gems free and other advice

Clash Royale tricks
From its launching, Clash Royale has positioned itself as one of the best games of Android. And he is that little more of a year one has become an addictive game and with more than 100 million active users until these days. Acclimated in the world of Clash Of Clans, he shares with this last some particularitities but, in addition, he adds other so many headings that do it definitively matchless.

Letters: It agrees to you to have best the 8 in each battle

Clash Royale letters

For that they have unloaded app of Clash Royale recently and know little or nothing Clash Of Clans, the operation of the game is based on battles that are gained with the correct combination of best letters to disposition. Therefore, one is a letter and strategy game simultaneously.

To this you must add to him that for each battle you only can include 8 different letters. For that reason, not only you must choose best letters among those than you must and arm your 8 possible ones, but you must try every time to improve your units and to obtain better letters.

The letters of Clash Royale are divided in three different groups: first of all, the calls common Letters. Then, the rare Letters. And finally, the epic Letters. , Also in agreement they are of each type will be his difficulty to obtain them and its power with respect to others.

First letter group: Common letters

When you begin to play Clash Royale, inevitably, your first armies will be conformed total or partially of units that belong to the Common Letter group. Then, one is the letter group that is simpler to obtain and, in colloquial terms, are those that are present in all the letter coffers.

It is of knowledge that is the less powerful letters of the game but they will serve you to win battles in the lowest sands. They are the following.

  1. Gentleman
  2. Unloading
  3. Horde of minions
  4. Minions
  5. Barbarians
  6. Mortar
  7. Pump
  8. You shoot with an arrow
  9. Tesla
  10. Goblins
  11. Goblins with lance
  12. Goalkeepers
  13. Skeletons
  14. Tube

In agreement they pass the levels, you will be able to use letters of this type to combine them with Rare letters and Epic letters. Of that way, you will more and more obtain an army difficult to win. It is the ideal!

Secondly letter group: Rare letters

Although their name is Rare letters, it is not so rare that they appear in the coffers of gold and magical coffers. The units that appear in these letters are not strongest of the game, but with this power of attorney type to be enough to fight in sands until the maximum level, following the successful thing that is your particular strategy.

Some players at world-wide level can be enough with Letters rare to play Clash Royale. They do not do it in vain, but because they are units that infringe more damage to the enemy buildings and the opposite units, also having more bars of life reason why is not so easy to win to them. In addition, they are much less expensive that the epic Letters.

Rare letters they become useful more and more when you raise them of level (or to do Upgrade).

Rare letters they are the following:

  1. Mini P.E.K.K.A
  2. Collector of elixir
  3. Magician
  4. Musketeer
  5. Giant
  6. Valkiria
  7. Rider of pig
  8. Tower pump
  9. Tower hell
  10. Cabin goblin
  11. Tombs
  12. Barbarian cabin
  13. Rocket
  14. Fireball

Third letter group: Epic letters

Its name derives from the sacred term of the epic thing, since it is the strongest units of all the game and in some battles they shine until invincible. But, they also derive its name from the sensation to have a letter of this type.

Epic letters they are only obtained in the magical coffers. But, it is quite difficult that they leave.

Epic letters they are the following:

  1. P.E.K.K.A. Clash Royale
  2. Prince
  3. Golem
  4. Mirror
  5. Dragoon baby
  6. Sorceress
  7. Giant skeleton
  8. X-Bow
  9. Globe
  10. Navy of skeletons
  11. Rage
  12. Goblin in barrel
  13. Ray
  14. Ice

Letter count

With the previous thing, and if you have made the count, we will have a total of 14 letters by category, having totalized the 48 letters that conform Clash Royale.

Nevertheless, a user of this game will not be able to have more than 42 different letters. To this, to add that he will only be able to count on 8 different letters by battle. Strategy in pure state.

In addition to the division by category (common, rare and epic), letters of Clash Royale are divided by the type or the operation. It is as well as we found Letters of troops, Letters of construction and Letters of spell. These last ones can only be used during an only time, reason why it agrees to have them to consideration of which they are the real options to win the battle.

Track bonus: Legendary letters

Additional to mentioned letters previously, a select letter group exists to which it is very difficult to have access. But, of time in time they appear as by art of magic and cheer to the user who owns them. One is Legendary letters, and as its name indicates it, one is special units to play and to compete against the other users.

In each update of the game it is possible that they add more letters to this section, thus is most expensive and coveted.

Until now, the legendary letters are:

    1. Lava bloodhound
    2. Infernal dragoon
    3. Ice magician
    4. Cemetery
    5. Sparks
    6. Miner
    7. The Trunk
    8. Princess
    9. Electrical magician
    10. Woodcutter
    11. Nocturnal sorceress
    12. Bandit

Until recently, Legendary letters they were 11. Nevertheless, in the last update the nocturnal Sorceress added itself. In personal opinion, one of most difficult to win and of which to defend itself.

To obtain legendary letters: 5 tricks so that happens

legendary letters

Legendary letters of they are coveted of the game, and for a simple reason.

In order to advance in amount and to surpass more and more levels it is necessary to spend much elixir. But, the elixir we know all that is not infinite and its use must in emergency be, as it is shelp in the most usual jargon, “in cases”. For that reason, Legendary letters they are a way assured to make use of the greater strategy all: the superiority with respect to the other players.

However, only there are two forms to find Legendary letters. First it is with real money and second it is that, given many chances, she appears one of these in the magical coffers. Both options, of plane, quite difficult.

But, making case to the following tricks you will be able to make sure at least one greater possibility of counting on Legendary letters in your handful.

  1. Sometimes you will need to move away a little: When you try to find legendary Letters opening coffers, one forgets to you that you are spending one of the resources most difficult to obtain: the gems.  However, some users have verified who when arriving at the legendary sand, instead of playing, retire. For a day, or a whole weekend. When entering Clash Royale they have the opportunity again to buy directly in the Store. Yes. Without spending no gem.
  2. Never to never lower of sand on purpose: Yes. Many of us we fall in the temptation to only happen to a sand of smaller level because we know or we think that there is one of the letters that we want or that we needed. Nevertheless, he is far better to remain in the legendary sand and to look for there same the balance. Thus you will be able to stay with the chance to spend gems in special letters of the Store.
  3. He takes advantage of the moment the arrival: When you arrive for the first time at the legendary sand, you will have the opportunity to buy any letter that you wish, from Common letters until Legendary letters. Yes, as long as they are available and you have the resource to buy them. For that reason, this it is the ideal moment to buy all that you can be allowed.

  1. It is necessary to foment the saving: As we anticipated well, this it is not a game of battles and nothing else. One treats, on the contrary, of a strategy game. For that reason, one of the best strategies to consolidate your success is the saving. To save whichever currency is possible is the best thing than you can do since you install the application in your mobile. As pass the time, and while you arrive at the legendary sand, you will have the currencies sufficient to allow some you Legendary letters.
  2. The probability in tray of “silver”: Yes. Literally it is thus. While more gems you spend opening the coffers of silver, major possibility you have of which they touch to you Legendary letters because you will be letting empty spaces to be occupied by the golden coffers, the giant coffers or until the Magical Super coffer. Sometimes, of as much assiduity opening silver-plated coffers are possible that one legendary letter it is including in the cheapest coffers.

To improve letters: Yes, but the correct ones

One of the keys to gain the greater amount of battles happens through the decision to improve each one of the letters available. Although the ideal would be to be improving of form balanced each of these until arriving to the maximum from each, not always it is possible because the resources are not limitless and because you do not have all along of the world to hope to that your units are the best ones.

For that reason, to improve letters happens through a previous decision, more than to take the action. These advice will help you to decide correctly:

  1. He does not matter which is. All we have a favorite letter in Clash Royale. That that never we left outside the 8 although has better, although we have 47 more from where making use. If you have that letter, you do not doubt it, you must improve it as soon as possible.
  2. He verifies which are the letters that you use with greater regularity. On the basis of it you must realise a strategy to be improving gradually and as the resources arrive. You never take pains in improving the units that you do not use in any battle, because you will be wasting much gold.
  3. He thinks about the future. Although right now he serves to you to always play with the same strategy, this will not be thus for all the life and more able players wait for you in the highest sands. For that reason, you must be knowing each one of the letters available and to improve using them the common sense: Why he can serve this letter to you in the future? If the answer is important, you do not doubt it.

The coffers: because each battle is important

Like in the films of pirates, the coffers in Clash Royale have a similar meaning: one is a reward. And he is that in each one of the battles there is a coffer in game, and the winner will take it. In some coffers you will be able to obtain your wished letter more. In addition, they are the more regular source of resources of all the game. Therefore, the importance of winning battles is vital and intransferable.

We are going to see which are the types of coffer who exist and how we can remove all the advantage to him.

  1. Wood coffers: Although one is the most frequent coffers and cheap within the game, they are also most important. The wood coffers are the unique ones that contain gems, and all we know that gems are essential to be able to advance of level. The wood coffers recharge every 4 hours (6 coffers per day), but is only possible to accumulate two coffers without opening. For this reason, when you spend long time without playing and without opening the application in fact you are letting lose many opportunities to raise quickly of level.
  2. Coffer of the crown: It is possible that, of time in time, a coffer of the crown has gems. But he is not the usual thing. That yes, is coffers filled with gold and that almost always have a pair of letters that cheer the day to you. The coffers are obtained reuniting a ten of crowns. The crowns, as well, are obtained by each tower destroyed in battle. It does not matter if you lose this confrontation, but by each destroyed tower you will have a crown.
  3. Coffer of silver: Whenever you win a battle you will obtain a coffer of silver. Nevertheless, you will have to wait for up to 3 hours if you want that it is opened without using gems. The coffers of silver contain gold and four letters.
  4. Gold coffer: The gold coffers are quite rare to obtain, and they come as well filled with gold. But, which we perhaps like more is that the gold coffers contain a total of 14 letters, always. Of these 14, at least one is going to be of the category of Rare letters. In some coffers it is possible to obtain more than three.
  5. Magical coffer: The magical coffer is for some grial santo of all the coffers. And he is that within each magical coffer you will secure very many gold units and 41 total letters. Many of them are rare and at least one will belong to the category of Epic letters. The coffers take in opening themselves after them to have won, unless you want to sacrifice a great amount of gems for its instantaneous opening.

It is to indicate that the coffers of wood and the coffers of the crown are the unique ones that are due to win. Some because every 4 hours and of automatic form gain, as those of wood. Others because always it is necessary to gain them in battle, as the coffers of the crown.

In the case of the coffers of silver, of gold and the magical coffer, it is possible to find them in the store of Clash Royale. Nevertheless, it will be called on to disburse up to 400 gems by the most expensive coffer.

In the battlefield: The use of the elixir

to use elixir in clash royale

The central part of the Clash Royale game is the battles. Logically, it is winning battles as any user will be able to obtain everything what needs: coffers, letters, gems and until raising of level. Indeed for this reason, the ideal is to gain the greater amount of battles possible always to have resources to assume more and more complex challenges.

Consequently, you must know that each battle has a cost. That cost is the one that denominates elixir. In Clash Royale, elixir to the energy is denominated that spends each letter in the battle. Whenever you initiate a confrontation, you will have a predetermined level of elixir that will be spent as you are placing letters to the game.

When you select a letter of your mallet, you will be able to notice that in the corner right inferior it has a mulberry drop surrounding to a number. That number is the amount of energy that consumes the used being. amount of elixir necessary to use it to our favor.

The battles begin with a bar of 10 units of elixir. In agreement is spending the time, the bar it is loaded automatically allowing to place new pieces in game. When lack a minute for the conclusion of the confrontation, the bar is multiplying its units. For that reason, it is fundamental to stay in combat until the last moment and for reserving best letters to give “the final thrust” to his rival.

How to win the battles of categorical form and without run out resources

After knowing how it works the elixir and other details on the matter, it is called on to put itself that is to say how it is possible to win the battles of categorical form, without suffering because the elixir does not reach after the final minutes and without putting in risk the crowns of your towers. Next, some advice who you must take.

  1. You never begin as a whirlwind: Although he turns out quite attractive to coil to the rival from the first moment, he is always better to use the lowest letters in the beginning. Not only you will consume less elixir, but you will be able to discover the strategy that is going to use your rival and to put in front you the consequences of the same. With the planned counterattack, you will be able to benefit from the temporary replacements of elixir and to play higher cards.
  2. One is an equipment game: All the letters have a specific weight in your mallet. The 8 that selections are possibly the best ones than you have for each battle.  But, in addition, all the mallet is an equipment. If you learn that from the beginning, you will know which is the letter that will open each battle, which will enter to rescue themselves if something leaves bad and which are those that close well each combat. Individually they can be very powerful. Altogether, they will be unstoppable.
  3. The energy count: As well as in the chance games some people try to count the letter handfuls of the rival, in Clash Royale he is tremendously useful to be telling to the amount of energy or elixir that has your rival at every moment. Of that way you will be able to use your better letters of right attack when your rival does not have elixir to play more cards. Some tell him to take advantage of the inferiority the rival.
  4. The malcriadez to resist: When we are initiating in the game, and attack some of our towers, the first movement that we took is the one to play a card more powerful than the one of our attacker. Although he would be something logical, in fact we are putting the defeat in silver tray, since we are spending more elixir of the necessary one and we are not fulfilling really our objective to protect the tower. For that reason, the best thing is to leave the rival approaches the sufficient thing and to use letters of low cost.
  5. You do not participate in battles that you know that already they are lost: An advice applicable to any situation. In agreement you are advancing of level, you will be participating more and more in more complicated battles, with more able rivals. But, it will arrive a little while in which the rival has the same capacity immensely that is superior. There the best thing always will be not to play and to hope to that all the pending coffers are opened and they show better letters to you to use. In its defect, to raise a defensive super strategy to tie the fight at least.
  6. Every time better letters in your mallet: To have better letters in your mallet not necessarily means to buy or to obtain new letters. Also it can mean to be improving each one of that already you have. That is to say, to increase to its health or resistance and to increase its capacity to infringe damage to the opponents. To do it is possible thanks to the letters that also appear in your coffers and in the store.

Advice to leave always victorious

To leave always victorious is the eagerness in which they participate in this addictive game. However, Clash Royale is complicated to win, even for the best ones of all the ranking. For that reason, he is not of more remembering some of the general advice who will be to you of utility in any occasion.

  1. The towers can: It is not necessary to spend elixir in an element that defends your towers of a rival attack. The own towers can defend once the enemy is within their rank. For that reason, always he is better to hope to than the towers do their work instead of to spend energy playing a letter that, in the long run, would be unnecessary.
  2. The elixir is not infinite: He is always better to hope to than the rival places the first letter. But that does not mean that you will remain all day hoping to that is the opponent the one that imposes the rules of the battle. The elixir has a maximum of load in each battle, and for that reason, if you have the maximum level, you must play some card. When it beams and the bar are not full, in fact you are losing the opportunity to gain more elixir.
  3. More with the elixir gains: It does not matter which are the letters of each rival in the fight. The battle will be decided by the administration of the elixir throughout the battle. For that reason, it agrees not to squander it and to leave the rival is the one that wastes the most valuable resource.
  4. It takes care of your weaker tower: If an enemy has begun to attack your tower, the best way to defend is also attacking it the tower that is located in the same side. Of that way, you are attacking and defending simultaneously.
  1. It uses letters with sense: You never use letters by simple desire. It does not have sense, for example, to squander in a Giant a letter of You shoot with an arrow, when all we know that little it is going to be the damage that will do to him and it will not be able to end him. That is to say, without a doubt, to squander elixir.
  2. Beam of common letters your allies: Not only they are cheapest in terms of elixir, but they also are easiest to raise of level. To have a mallet with sufficient common letters ensures success in the strategies enough the battle.
  3. It uses TV Royale to your favor: Previously it already spoke of some benefit of TV Royale to raise of level. But, concretely, TV Royale is the best way to instruct themselves and to learn strategies from the best players of Clash Royale.
  4. There are letters that are better in combination: With time you will learn that letters in your mallet or your collection exist that is used little for or anything when they gamble single, but that in combination can get to be lethal or indestructible. The test and error are the best way to discover the letters that better take it as equipment.
  5. You do not spend all the gems: The temptation to open all the coffers always will be latent. Nevertheless, it is possible that you do not need new letters to confront the next battles, and so you could be saving gems for those moments at which not only they are necessary, but soon you must to them be thankful to save to you.
  6. Mantente next to the updates: The updates of the game are important part of your own strategy, although you create the opposite. And it is that with each update it is possible that some letters have changed their value, its force or its life. For that reason, you must be first in updating. The players whom they do not update often usually suffer clear defeats in the battles because their opponents already have their up-to-date mallet, and, much more hard.
  7. Clash Royale is not a wild battle: In fact, it looks oneself more like a strategic and tense game of chess. For this reason, although the battle goes to a vertiginous rate, never you must lose the track of the next movement, your next element to play or your form to distract the opponent. Don't mention it they are worth the advice and best letters if a strategy is not used.

To take to the elixir as advantage

In order to win in Clash Royale easily an encyclopedia of all the possible strategies and the movements could be realised more appellants of the experienced users more. And this would be well. Nevertheless, the majority of these commentaries would go directed in a direction: the management of the elixir, our fundamental assets in the battle.

And it is that the elixir is necessary to be able to place any unit in the fight, without mattering what letter category is or which is their specific weight in cost of energy. It will always be necessary to use these mulberry drops.

To win or to lose a battle in Clash Royale happens to be leaving neglected each one of the towers. For that reason, he is always advisable to administer our elixir until the final moments and, that surely your opponent will have an unguarded place, to mount your final attack with your better letters there.

Next you will see some of the most common tricks that you can use in all this of the elixir.

Which are the tricks of the elixir?

  1. The count of the elixir: Although with this you will not ensure the victory, yes that you will have enough of the gained battle. And it is that we know that the elixir at the most has 10 units at the beginning and throughout the combat. Therefore, to take a count of how much elixir has your opponent will allow you to use its shortage to your favor. When it has little or nothing – and you know that it will not be able to create a letter to be against to your strategy you will be able to play your better and more powerful unit.
  2. Not to forget the initial objective: The initial objective of the battle is to arrive at the tower of the opposite and to begin to attack it. For it, it is better always to use the letters that have an average or low cost and that can arrive until from fast form and attacking there with enough efficiency. One of the best ones in this line is the one of Mini Dragón.
  3. The demolishing advantage: When the end of the combat approaches, he is recommendable that you have an advantage of more than 4 points in the elixir with respect to your opponent. This way, in case some complexity in your con still appeared, you will be able to use the rapidity of charge of the elixir bar and to create your more powerful units to attack by the uncovered zones of your rival. The victory would be ensured with this strategy.

To be kind to the changes in each one of the letters of Clash Royale

new Clash Royale letters

Although in fact one is not a trick, but rather of a suggestion, he is something that affects positive or negatively to all the players of Clash Royale. Therefore, it is of knowledge that Supercell, the company that has developed the game, announces of form extended in the time all the updates that will take to end. Sometimes, it warns which would be the main changes, and in others it only anticipates which will be the date to have ready this update.

Before nothing, agrees to be kind and to be of first in updating. In one of the last updates, there were changes as the following:

  1. Bombástico globe. This he was one of the sounded changes more. And it is that the damage that makes its rivals was increased in more of the double, and the radius of its explosion multiplies in a 1,50 factor. That is to say, a 50% of increase. Thus, not only it has happened to be one of best letters, but now he is determining for a closing battle.
  2. Infernal dragoon. Now it turns out infernaler than ever, since it will attack faster his new rivals, being able to change between 3 rivals in a second. In addition, it increased his standard of life in a 5%.

With this information playing your favor, you have average battles won in Clash Royale. And you must point out the other half of the battle with the experience, the own talent, the common sense and the rest of tricks that we have commented you this extensive material throughout. Clash Royale is one of the best games for movable devices Android and iOS of the present time. And you can be of the best players of the platform if you follow these advice.